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Six Word Story #18

Keeping with the theme of 15th August, here’s a six word story:

Cheers to India’s freedom and glory!

A very Happy Independence Day to my fellow Indians 🇮🇳🤩. It’s been 75 years of independence for our nation, and I feel so lucky to be a part of this country. I hope India gets all kinds of success in the coming years, and its citizens bloom and bring pride to our motherland!



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38 thoughts on “Six Word Story #18

      1. नमस्ते, सड़े आम सस्ते 😛
        हिंदी लिखना पेपर पे काफी मुस्किल है।
        मेरे 12th me हिंदी थी , बोर्ड्स में 87 आए थे। पर उसके बाद हिंदी कम हो गई।

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