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An escape into dreams

It’s one of those times when you decide that you’re finally gonna do it. You’re gonna write it all down, all your thoughts and feelings, all the pent-up emotion that’s simmering just inside you, everything that’s going on in that freaking head of yours. It doesn’t matter if it turns out good or bad. What matters is that you’re willing to do it. Not to show it to anyone, just to read it yourself, and maybe feel relief when it helps you to figure out your own heart.

And well, you can’t deny that there’s always a possibility that it turns out just good enough for you to post it on your social media passing it off as “poignant fiction written on a blue day”.

So you do what? You take a pen and a piece of paper, make sure the rifle is working, take a deep breath, and start writing…

Only to realize that you just can’t do it.

It’s okay though. You’re probably still in a slump. It’s not like it’s the first time this has happened- you trying to write something only to not know where to begin.

Maybe you’re just tired, burned out with all the assignments and projects you have to do every day that you are barely able to cope with yet still somehow don’t care about one way or another. Maybe, as people say, the time isn’t right. You’ll probably try some other day, in a better mood perhaps.

Or maybe it’s one of those times when you realize that some things are better left unsaid, one of those times when the thought of seeing those words on a paper terrifies you more than the fear of what might happen if you let them choke you from within, one of those times when pushing something deep down seems a much easier option than letting it out.

Maybe, deep down, you know that it’s just too hard.

So, you put the pen down, tear the barely filled page from your diary, crumple it in your fist, and hurl it at the wall. Then, you slump against the headrest of your bed and close your eyes, breathing heavily. All of a sudden you feel this huge, terrible ache in your whole body, your mind, and you know it’s nowhere related to physical exhaustion. You feel tired. So so tired. Too tired to brush your teeth even, or switch off the lights. And before you realize it, your damp eyes shut on their own, and sleep, mercifully, puts an end to your train of thoughts.

You wake up the next day, not remembering for a moment how you slept in the first place, your untouched glass of milk still lying on the bedside table, cold now, sweat sticking your hair to your neck because you forgot to turn on the AC.

But at first, you don’t notice all this. You don’t look around so you don’t see what’s wrong, or think about all the homework pending, the open books lying on your study table. You don’t notice all the heat and all the bright light. For it’s that blissful moment when you’re barely conscious, your mind teetering somewhere between dream and reality. Your eyes are half closed and at that moment, it’s easy to forget everything, to ignore the sound of somebody shouting in the kitchen, the nagging of your brain as it tries to remind you, “wake up, it’s getting late!” It’s easy to shut it all out and focus instead on the sounds of daily morning traffic drifting up through your balcony, or the dream you just had…what was it again? Something about books and space and time travel, and the possibility of a bigger world, and at this moment, you can still trick your brain into believing that it’s all real.

But you know that if you open your eyes, it’ll all be gone. It’ll vanish, just like that.

So, you don’t. You lie there, a half smile forming on your lips.

But the sounds from the kitchen are getting louder, the light coming from your window becoming too harsh, the nagging in your brain becoming more insistent. And before you know it, you’re blinking rapidly, holding up a hand to your eyes to block out the sun.

It’s a new day. A new beginning. Yet your diary still lies untouched beside you, and your homework is still pending. Your heart still feels heavy with the things you’ll never say. You glance at the clock- 10:30 am. This would be the time to fling yourself out of bed, rush to the bathroom, take a quick bath and start finishing up all your work, while at the same time trying to get a few slices of bread in your roaring stomach.

As the heavy reality of all this starts sinking in, another thought enters your head- It’s Saturday… And you only get a weekend once a week… And it’s only 10:30 am… And studies and life can wait another hour but sleep…aah, there was just something so sweet about that dream you just had, it even had robots and cyborgs!

So, instead of getting up, you groan, grab a pillow and shove it on top of your eyes to block out the light, stretch a hand towards the remote to turn on the AC, and fall right back into bed, into dreams of androids and books, and a life that is worth dying for.

Or, in this case, sleeping for.


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5 Weird and Embarrassing Moments I’ve Been a Part Of β˜ οΈ

Like the one time I somehow ended up mistyping sec as…

Set. Obviously. What did you think?! Dirty minded people πŸ‘€.

Hey Pals!! So, we’ve all been part of weird incidents. I, for instance, have been part of several of them, and that’s caused me to be severely humiliated. While these aren’t things I’m necessarily proud of, they still make for a good laugh and so I decided to share with you a not-so-small dose of my weirdness (as if you need more of it). Without further ado, let’s get started!

1: Drinking Water in Class is Not Good for your Reputation

There’s this really intelligent guy in my new coaching, and at one point he kind of became like a source for jokes in our group. Every time one of my friends had a doubt in a subject, we would be like- “go ask him, that way we can be friends with him.” Lol yeah. So I was really hoping I could be friends with him even though it seemed pretty unlikely. So what happened was this one day he was sitting on the bench next to mine and I was like- omg yay 🀩.

Until clumsy stupid me somehow ended up spilling water from my bottle all over him πŸ™‚.

It πŸ™‚ was πŸ™‚ so πŸ™‚ embarrassing πŸ™‚, I πŸ™‚ can’t πŸ™‚ even πŸ™‚-

To be fair, it spilled more over me than over him, but I’m pretty sure that it didn’t make a very good first impression. You know you didn’t exactly have a great first moment with somebody if it begins with- I’m sorry πŸ˜‘.

At least the worst didn’t happen. I thought he would forever try to sit as far away from me as possible but suprisingly, that didn’t happen. Hopefully he’s forgotten the whole thing. I choose to consider it a bad dream ✌️.

2: Stalking People on Instagram can be Hazardous

This one time I was scrolling through some old posts of this guy friend of mine…and yeah, that sounds creepy and stalkery but I was bored and it was the holidays. Everything was fine until…I ended up accidentally liking one of his year old pictures ☺️.

And while it already is a big deal in itself, it’s even more humiliating when the said guy loves to flaunt about how much girls love him, and he was already under the impression that I had a crush on him (I TOTALLY DIDN’T!). I figured if he had gotten the notification he would waste no time in telling people- “heyyy, see this girl is in love me, bwahaha!!”

I disliked the post as quickly as I could but I have no idea if he saw it or not.

3: Growing Plants Becomes a Disaster

This one time in seventh standard, me and my best friend did something pretty reckless and stupid. Our school had put up plants all around the statue of Jesus Christ and they looked pretty good. One day when the school got over, we were walking past it and one of us randomly joked to go to the Principal and ask if there’s a chance we would be allowed to take one home. The weird thing was even though it was a joke, both of us somehow agreed and ended up knocking at the door to the Principal’s office πŸ’€.

I’m thinking if there’s a possibility somebody had slipped some wine in our bottles or something because that was, for sure, the dumbest thing we’ve ever done. And that says a lot because we do dumb stuff like every single day. Thankfully, some other teacher answered us and we were saved from embarrassing ourselves in front of the Principal. Instead we ended up telling her we wished to talk to the Principal to take home a plant πŸ™‚. She ushered us away looking like she thought we had lost our braincells.

The next day she told our class teacher what had happened…who didn’t exactly scold us, but it was obvious from the way she talked to us that she clearly thought that we had lost our senses as well. Yeah, that was pretty weird. I mean we did act like total dorks! I can’t believe how juvenile I was back then! Good thing I’m beyond that stupidity now. *says the person who’s still kinda upset that on top of getting scolded she also didn’t manage to get any plant, but you don’t need to know that*

So, these are all I can think of right now. I was hoping to make this list to five but I have to study πŸ€“…

On second thoughts, who cares about studies anyway? Moving on…

4: I have Trust Issues Because I Used to Believe in the Power of Autocorrect

A veryyyy long time ago, I was reading somebody’s blog. I wasn’t exactly friends with them. I was just exploring. So, I enjoyed the post and was commenting something. In the comment I also said- nice post. Without cross checking if there were any typos in the comment, I posted it. Only later did I realise that I had typed “piss” instead of “post” 😳.

I was so scaredddd!! And the fact that you can’t even delete a comment on somebody else’s post 😭. I ended up posting two other comments saying how sorry I was and how it was just a very bad typo while at the same time, googling the definition of the word in the hope of magically finding a meaning that I had previously not known (there, obviously, wasn’t one). But either she never saw my comments, chose to purposesfully ignore them, or even better, trashed them thinking of me as a total freak, because she never responded and I never got to know.

Or maybe she blocked me πŸ™‚. Can you even do that on WordPress!? I don’t know, I never saw her active much, maybe she had quit blogging and never saw the comment.

Though I would’ve prefered if she had seen it and just wrote back- “haha, happens” instead of giving me what was pretty close to a myocardial infarction (which btw, is just me flaunting that even though I haven’t taken biology in 11th, I know the technical term for heart attack, heh).

5: Trying to Get Teachers Removed Is Fun but Risky

This one too happened back in seventh standard. That was pretty much the favourite year of my life so far. We had this new teacher whom everybody disliked- Poonam Ma’am. She didn’t teach all that great, and she was always scolding children. At that time, our school used to have a Suggestion Box, where students were apparently allowed to put suggestion after writing them on a slip of paper. Me and two of my other friends were bold enough to sit on the front seat in Maths class and make chits about how we want to get Poonam Ma’am removed 😢.

And we were having so much fun omg (I know that sounds purely evil, but it is what it is πŸ˜‚). I mean, we wouldn’t have actually submitted the slips but it was fun to write all that. We were chuckling and giggling when the teacher, as is obvious, caught us.

I quickly tore the piece of paper I was writing on. She called us to see what we had written and my other two friends hadn’t torn their slips so damn, that was a disaster for sure! I thought we were done for! I was on the verge of thinking how many people would attend my funeral when somehow, miraculously…she released us?

Not that she was holding us hostage or anything, but she didn’t give us a good scolding, she just told us not to do such kind of stuff in class and focus on studies. The best thing, however, was that next day, the Cabinet members of our school actually came in our class and asked us to submit feedbacks and complaints regarding anything by writing them on a slip of paper. And I, to this date, believe that it was because of our outstanding stupidity that we were able to get that privilege 😎.

Haha πŸ™‚.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. I hope people don’t start looking at me as if I’m an alien now. I mean, being an alien would be cool but still πŸ‘€. Anyway, let me know something weird and embarrassing that’s happened to you, down in the comments! πŸ˜€

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