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Here’s another question for ya!

Hey Pals!! So, I realized my previous question post turned out to be good because people seemed to have fun sharing something they found weird. So, here’s another question that I want you to answer!

So far how old would you say you were when you had the best year of your life? And why?

Lemme know in the comments 😀.



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38 thoughts on “Here’s another question for ya!

  1. Believe it or not 2020 was an amazing “home life” year for me…being 16 at the time…but so has this year getting to see all of my siblings together for my oldest sister’s wedding. But I try and keep a positive outlook on all my life and try to find good things in every year.

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  2. Gosh, I have no idea, Nehal – maybe eleven? Fifth grade was honestly pretty great, even though I never ended up getting my Hogwarts letter and the unrealistically hopeful part of me was severely disappointed **sniffs** 🤣 I was involved in a bunch of fun stuff at school, had plenty of free time that I spent writing, reading, playing outside with friends (my neighbor had a tree house where we would spend hours pretending we had super powers and were orphans running from an evil villain), and going to the beach (I still lived in Florida at the time) 🏝 And Deathly Hallows came out that summer!

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    1. 🤣🤣 wow omg. Fifth grade has to be the worst one for me then lmao. Not getting the Hogwarts letter would easily overshadow everything good about that year.
      And that sounds so cool honestly, so glad to know you had all this fun!

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  3. this one is actually pretty easy
    grade 7 so that would be (waitz i’m mathing) so 2016 cuz my class was amazing i was not a teen yet so that was fun and honestly life was simple and easy, i went to school i did my work i read i hung out with friends (all without a phone btw kiddos and wi-fi and netflix, i didn’t even have music so i used to download mp3 on my ipod) damnnn 7th grade was soooo long ago

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    1. Okay i honestly feel you here. Finally someone who relates with me, seventh was the best grade seriously 😭🤩. We were so close to being teens yet we weren’t there yet so we managed to have so much fun aah!

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  4. It would be 2018 for me when I was in 9th grade. Really I had such a great time being part of the most chaotic and fun class in the school. 2021 was also super fun since I got my perfect friend circle but it was just stressful bcuz of school.

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  5. definitely 11 for me!! i was in sixth grade AND HONESTLY SCHOOL WAS SOOO GOOD, i ended up in the same class as my best friend AND IT WAS FUN OK?? also was the year i got scolded in school the most for talking between lessons and laughing when we should have been paying attention at the board and accidentally doing dumb stuff in breaks and ignoring food because exploring the school for secret passageways and creating a marauder’s map sounded waayyyyyy better,, BUT IT WAS ALL DEFINITELY WORTH IT THOUGH!! and i also remember this one time we ate pav bhaji between chemistry class AND I DONT REMEMBER FOOD EVER TASTING SO GOOD?? gosh nehal i miss everything 😭


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    1. Sixth grade was amazing for me too! Even I somehow ended up with my best friend and that’s been the best experience so far.
      Doing forbidden stuff between classes was honestly the best! This one time we played Uno while our teacher was making rounds and I’ve never had that much amount of fun in playing Uno anytime again 😂😭😭.

      Mine was seventh standard, and I did pretty much the same stuff as you 🤩.


  6. Yeah so , 7th std. , When i was 13 , was undoubtedly the bestttt year for me. School was literally sooo fun. Our class was the talk of the teachers , and one of them told us to improve cuz every day a teacher has sth new to share in the staffroom. We had a replacement teacher , who was veryyy weird I’ll say, we troubled her too much🤓. We always ate during classes., Troubled every teacher toooo much. once it was raining, assembly took place in the class and our coordinator saw in the camera that we weren’t standing, instead it was a chaos in the class, so she legit announced in the intercom , that 7C should maintain discipline and stand up
    The whole school was talking abt us that day ,
    We had the best time of our lives back then 🐊
    Duhh , i miss those days soo much

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