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Am I the only one whose NOT bothered about how fast 2021 slipped by? 🤓

Yo children, adults, humans, lizards and chameleons!!

‘Tis new year people 😎. Happy new year 😎. How was 2021, sucked didn’t it 😎? Well, instead of having an existential crisis about how I productively managed to waste 2021 😎, I’ve decided to just …

chill 😎

I am reaaaally not in the mood to do a wrap-up post right now. I opened my Reader, and there were literally so many freaking 2021 wrap up posts that my mind was blown off just staring at the titles, and I ended up not reading any of those. Talk about overwhelming 😳.

I realized there’s no point freaking out about what’s gonna happen now because as long as I don’t know, I can always hope things will be good. Plus, I’m with my cousins right now, and it’s been a really long time since I’ve felt this happy.

Okay, maybe I sound…bad? But I’m just trying to say that I know 2021 sucked. I know it. But I’ve decided to have a little hope that the next year can be better.

So, that’s all I wanted to say…wishing you a very happy new year, guys! I hope 2022 is way better than 2021. Have a great time ahead. And just try not to feel too bad about new year coming. Let go of 2021. And hope that next year is better.