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5 Ways My Blogging Self is Different from My Real Life One

Let’s ignore the fact that half of you have probably already read this before when it got published by accident 🤧.

Hey Pals! Today, I’ll be sharing with you 5 Ways in which My Blogging Self is Different from My IRL One. I just thought it would be a fun little post, you know? So, let’s start then!

1: My sense of humour is very different in real life

In fact, I’m pretty sure the way my humour takes shape in public, it can’t even be called sense of humour in the first place..

My humour here, as I’ve been told by my readers, is often sarcastic. I also think it’s dry humour. And I don’t know if you’ll believe this, but face to face with somebody, I am never this sarcastic. Sure, there are times, but very less as compared to when I’m texting or blogging. It’s like sarcasm only suits the text version of me. I don’t go around cracking jokes in public. I mostly tell weird stuff that has happened to me in a funny tone.

In real life, usually when I’m with my best friend and we’re in a good mood, our humour revolves around finding every little thing in a room to be so funny that the teacher herself notices and thinks we’re probably cracked in the head. This one time we laughed just because we were trying to imagine how a girl in our class would like if she were pencil 🧐…so um yeah, our humour makes no sense.

3: I am a lot less intolerant towards people in real life

As much as my blogging self is very chaotic, I also think it’s very polite when it has to be. Like when interacting with people and stuff. Even if I don’t like a particular blogger, I don’t go around making a big deal outta it or just insulting them and stuff (I mean, obviously who would do that?). That’s really not the case in real life though.

If there’s somebody I don’t like, I would most probably stay away from them as much as possible simply because they annoy me so much that I can’t stand them. There have even been times when I’ve straight-up called out people when I think they’re being annoying…which yeah, I think I need to work on it lol. Like you know those toppers who say they don’t study then get the best marks? I don’t like such people, so I don’t talk to them because I don’t think they’re genuine. I mean, what’s so wrong about owning the fact that you did study to get such results?! I mean I own it too and it’s not a big deal! It’s a little thing but it easily irritates me.

3: I tend to keep my real life away from my blogging one

By this I mean that I don’t let what’s happening in my real life, be it happy or sad, affect my blog unless it absolutely has to. It’s a small thing really, I don’t think people would have even noticed but I barely talk about my life aside from my blog If I start doing that I just think I’ll start overthinking stuff and it’ll be better to not mix the two lives up and keep them separate. It helps me look at my blog as a break from reality, and while most people find pleasure in telling their readers about what’s happening in their lives, I’m just a little uncomfortable with that.

*uncomfortable me*

And I guess I probably shouldn’t be because it would make me come across as a robot with no actual life but I think it’s fine considering y’all know my personality pretty well to consider me to be human enough. You guys know the little things in my life but not the big ones. Like this year I had a post scheduled on the day of my real sister’s wedding. The post went out when I was too busy dancing my butt off at the sangeet ceremony 💃.

4: I overthink way more in real life than I do regarding my blog

I mean, there’s really not much to overthink when it comes to my blog because well, it’s going pretty well and I consider it a success. Besides, many people enjoy what I write, so that builds up my confidence! And I think things are just easy here. My blog brings out the best version of me.

But in real life, I worry more about stuff and get upset easily, which is usually not evident until I actually tell somebody and that does not happen often. I mean, when you are this typical 15 year old living in absolutely luxury, what’s not to overthink about, huh 🙂?

5: I don’t speak in English with anybody in real life

Not unless it is absolutely necessary! I feel so weird having conversations with people I’ve been calling “naalayak” and “besharam” my whole life (which are mild slang-ish Hindi terms), because English feels so sophisticated and friends are not supposed to be sophisticated with each other, it is against the very rules of friendship!

But wait- I do have English conversations with myself when I’m alone or in a public place but not surrounded with anybody and feeling very awkward. It’s this bad habit that I have and I’ll begin babbling to myself, having conversations in a weird American accent, before I realise people could actually be looking at my mouth and thinking I’ve gone crazy lol.

Hmm…looking back on this post I think this was supposed to be more thoughtful and self-satisfying than interesting. If you did like it though, do lemme know!

So, that’s it then. If you are a blogger, did you relate to any of these? What’s one aspect of you blog life in which you are different than how you are in real life? Let me down in the comments 😀.

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Lemme know Various Types of Teenagers You All Know and I’ll React!

I need help 😭. All my posts get posted without my permission 😭. I don’t even know how they get posted until I realize that they are 😭. And they’re always incomplete drafts 😭😭. Just last night an incomplete post got posted 😭. Has some alien hacked my WordPress account or is my ghost dominating me 😭?

Okay, I’m sorry about that, I’m done crying. But I’m so mad 😭😭😭. Moving on…

Hey Pals!! So, Riddhi @ Whispering Stories does a lot of “Types of…” posts and I think it’s a very trending idea both in blogs and YouTube and people tend to enjoy it. So, I thought I could give this a shot too!

What I’ll do is a bit different though. Instead of listing down the types of teenagers I know, I want you all to suggest some particular types of teenager that you think are interesting enough to share. Thanks to Devang @ Fat Guy Workout for suggesting this idea, and in this way I could get others to share their views.

For example, the one I personally really want to talk about is the “double-minded teenager” aka the one who somehow manages to make every normal statement into a dirty one 🙃. These people are just weird, but fun too.

So, basically you can suggest various kinds of teenagers you know down in the comments! From ones that come right out of a typical romcom to ones who break all stereotypes, leave off nothing! And then later, I’ll make a post where I’ll react to all of them!

I hope not too many get repeated though because then it might get dull. And since you’re all very interactive and awesome people, do send in some interesting stuff because we wanna have some fun 😈.

Eagerly waiting for your responses!

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My Relationship with School Subjects in One Sentence

Hey Pals!! So, today I’m gonna be attempting to describe my thoughts on a few subjects we’re taught in school, using only a single sentence 😀.

Maths– My relationship with Maths is similar to that of- cot2a(seca-1)/1+sina-(tan4a+sin3a)*(1-sina/1+seca)

In other words- it’s complicated.

English– It is my belief that I have long since established the fact that I have paramount devotion, engrossment as well as a spiritual understanding of this subject and it resonates with me on a level that surpasses all boundaries of reason ☺️.

Hindi– मुझे यह विषय बिल्कुल पसंद नहीं है, इस से दूर रहना ही मेरी सेहत के लिए लाभदायक है!

(if you’re wondering what that meant, let google translator be your guide because I’m lazy ehe)

Geography– It’s kind of like a barren land of boredom with seasonal rainfall of enjoyment but mostly it’s an irregular slope with lots of bumps, cracks and crevices on the surface and no means of survival.

Me after making that many puns in a single sentence 😏

History– With my World War 2 fascination, I suppose it’s safe to say this is the one subject in which case even the number of dates can’t make me not enjoy it.

Physics– If I were a magnet and my Physics book were another magnet, I suppose both my brain and the book’s front page would have similar poles on them because WE REPEL!

Chemistry– All my equations of love for chemistry are imbalanced, and I ain’t got the required amount of heat energy or catalysts to balance them.

Biology– I don’t think my brain cells or their cytoplasm or their mitochondria or even their nucleus are mature enough to understand why we are being taught about them.

Some of these were not fully true but when your humor is dead it’s just “desperate times call for desperate measures” and you exaggerate everything in the hope that maybe one of it makes the audience laugh 👀.

So, those were all! I hope you enjoyed it! All criticism and feedback are more than welcome.

Let me know what’s your favourite subject and why you like it using one sentence, down in the comments 😀.

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The Black Cat Blue Sea Award (Round 2)


Hey Pals!! I am really pleased to announce that I have been nominated for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award for the second time. A massive thanks to Tess @ Unbound Library for nominating me (she doesn’t blog anymore).

So well, I was tagged for this last year. And ahem, I accidentally stumbled across this post while scrolling through my drafts folder and it was completed and I thought that since I have nothing else to post right now and too much stress of exams, I might just post this. So well…telling you this is kind of embarrassing so let’s move on!

What is The Blue Cat Sea Award?

This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose deserves it, and it doesn’t mean that they must have hundreds of followers and likes.”

The Rules:

  • Anybody nominated can nominate seven (lucky number) other bloggers.
  • Anybody nominated answers three questions.
  • The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions.
  • If any of the questions asked are offending or the nominee simply does not want to answer them, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.

Answer’s to Tess’ Questions:

Is there any book/series that has had an impact on your life? If there’s one, how?

Why did I use this-

Being the really obvious girl I can sometimes be, my super obvious answer is Harry Potter. These books kind of opened up the vastness of the world of reading to me. I loved them very much the first time I read them and it was like I had found a haven to escape to when things are going tough.

What would you do if reading or books became banned or if they never existed?

I would…um…die, I guess (but that would be pointless because my ghost will make sure to annoy me enough that I would come back to life 🙄). Well, I suppose if reading gets banned I’ll resort to other hobbies and hopefully turn at least one of them into a passion, because I would need some sort of replacement, some other thing that invests me as much as reading does or I swear I’ll go crazy.

If you could trade lives with a fictional character, would you do it? And if you had to, whom would you choose?

So, I am very lazy person so I’ll just copy paste my answer from my previous post of this award. I’m sorry for the lack of unoriginality. But anyways, here you go pals: I would happily trade places with George Weasley so I could be Fred’s twin (disregarding the tragedy) or I’d be Annabeth because that way, I would be able to date Percy 😍. I would also enjoy living the life of Adèlaïde from The Doldrums as I would have fun time with Archer and Oliver and would get to eat those delicious croissants (the egg less ones, of course).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-1602258446095.gif
And since I am very lazy person as I said, I’ll even add the same GIF, it’s good nobody would even remember since it’s been so long when I did this

I Nominate: You!! You are the most awesome blogger I have come across and You totally deserve this award. So, I nominate You!! Notify me if you do the post.

My Questions to You:

  1. What do you make of the title of this award?
  2. Share some guilty pleasures.
  3. Give a book/movie recommendation to keep us engrossed.

That’s all for me. Lemme know down in the comments what you would do if your passion somehow gets banned, be it reading or some other hobby 😀.

Ps- To all the bloggers out there, who used to follow Pannaga, it’s her birthday today!! Happy birthday, Panna, I hope you have the best day ever 🤩🥳🎉.

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Your Singles’ Guide to Valentine’s Day ðŸ™‚✨

Single? Valentine’s day around the corner? Don’t know how to survive around your best friend who is suddenly being super mushy-gushy with her boyfriend? Hop on, my friend. Nehal Jain is here to save the day! 😎

Hey Pals!! So, today’s post is exclusively written for all my single friends out there. Since I consider myself to be an expert at how to live a single life, I’m gonna be your guide here and plan the whole day of the obnoxious, utterly devastating 14th February for you! Let’s get started 🙂.

Step 1: Wake up as late as possible

So what if it is Monday? Don’t tell me you have school because we all know how much you study in online classes 🙄. And besides, the whole point of this post is for you to make as little contact as possible with 14th February, and what better way to set that into motion than waking your sleepy butt at 1 pm?

Too hard? What I recommend is not sleeping the previous night at all 🤓. What was that TV series you mentioned that you always wanted to start but never got the time? Well, now’s the perfect time to watch it all night with sleep-deprived eyes because sleeping before 5 am is going to prove hazardous to our plan of waking up late. To accomplish this, you can also try:

  • lots of coffee
  • a stable network connection
  • if you’re a reader, well, just pick up the final book in your favourite series
  • if you’re not a reader, use cloth pins to hold your eyelids open if they’re feeling too exhausted

Necessary precaution to be taken while performing this step: While you are attaching those cloth pins to your eyelids, make sure that the surface area of your eyebrows provides enough grip for the pins to stay in place. And even though putting them on for a long period of time can cause an extreme amount of discomfort, it’s non-negotiable 🤷‍♀️.

What? Do you think I’m kidding? I’ve never been more serious in my entire life! Seriously, I think the word “serious” should take a lesson from me. Anyways, moving forward ☺️:

Step 2: Do not respond to the texts of anybody you know who is in a relationship

Believe me, that’s the last thing you want to do

I mean, the point of this schedule is to cause as little damage to your already deteriorating mental health, right? In that case, even sending a simple hi to a friend of yours can prove to be very dangerous, because it won’t take long for your friend to transform that hi into, “omggggg you won’t believe this, the v-neck dress I ordered has arrived early and I’ve decided to wear it today on my date with Jake omggggggg aaaahhhh, today’s the best day of my laifeeee”.

Exposing yourself to such attitudes is not advisable as it can lead to at least two of the following:

  • an existential crisis about your love life
  • an existential crisis about your friend life
  • an existential crisis about your life
  • procrastination and melancholy
  • low self-esteem
  • and, in severe cases, death ☺️

If you successfully manage to ignore such people, here’s the next step.

Step 3: Bond with happy, self-loving single people

Keyword: happy

You see, bonding with sad single people whose mental state is very similar to yours can prove to be a bad idea because then you both will start rambling about the insecurities you feel and how lonely life is. So, what’s advisable is to specifically find happy, self-loving single people to talk to.

Now, what you absolutely need to make sure is that you don’t let their happiness make you feel jealous, because you’re already sad and you don’t need somebody else’s happiness to make you feel bad about your pathetically boring life. So, you need to share your miserableness with them and make them feel miserable too, because we all know that sharing is caring 🤗. For this, here are some things you can do:

  • ramble on and on about your miserable life
  • get into long debates with the other person as to why single life is miserable
  • make sure you don’t stop rambling till the other person’s happiness successfully gets replaced by hopelessness and miserableness
  • prevent your sadist smile from showing and once finished, move on to another happy single
  • repeat the above four steps

Do not let quotes like “I don’t need somebody to make me feel special” fool you because your goal is not to be misled by nonsense talk like this. Your goal is to get through this disgusting day in one piece.

Step 4: Eat and sleep.

Assuming you began your day at 1 pm and assuming it took you about three hours to accomplish making people miserable, it is 5 pm now (since we all know 1+3 is equal to 5). This means you have successfully gone through half of your day! You can allow yourself a few claps at this point 👏👏.

We’re also not forgetting the fact that you slept at 5 am and woke up at 1 pm, and according to my calculations that means that you only got 6 hours of sleep, and you must be feeling tired. Hence, a very light snack that includes one cheeseburger, 6 fried momos, 2 large fries, and a pizza with extra cheese along with an Oreo shake is advised to prepare yourself for a good long sleep of two hours.

Considering it took you an hour to eat all that food, another hour in which you watched TV or scrolled through your Instagram to gawk at pictures of insanely happy couples (which is not advisable by the way), and since you also slept for two hours, it will be 10 pm now (because we know that 5+4 is equal to 10, duh). Now, the final and most important step of your schedule must be followed! Read ahead 😁.

Step 5: Repeat the previous step.

Yes, my dear friend. Since only two hours are left for this dreadful day to end, you are supposed to repeat what you did in step 4 because:

  • as is the case with any teenager, you must be feeling tired after waking up
  • is the case with any teenager, you must be feeling hungry after waking up
  • is the case with any teenager, you must be feeling annoyed for absolutely no reason after waking up
  • as is the case with every teenager, you have nothing better to do with your time than laze around

Necessary precaution to be taken while performing this step: Do not open your mobile because your friend would’ve been back from her date at this time and would have sent you a gazillion texts about how breathless she felt when Jake kissed her under the mistletoe. Reading those texts is not advisable at this stage in your day when you are so close to success.

Hence, eat a very light snack that consists of two doughnuts, Manchurian and rice, 5 spring rolls, the leftover fries from your last meal, a brownie, oh and I almost forgot, an extra tall glass of banana shake. Then, simply put your troubled head to sleep. 😇

And we’re done! If you manage to accomplish all these tasks, I am pleased to inform you that the next time you open your eyes will be on the beautiful dawn morning, or as is the case with teenagers- afternoon of 15th February.

A hearty congratulations, my friend. You have managed to do the impossible 😀🎉.

And with this, I conclude today’s post 🙂.

I sincerely hope my guide to surviving Valentine’s Day as a single helped you out. Let me know how your Valentine’s Day is going so far, unless you’re someone who is in a serious relationship or is a sad single because in that case, according to the above guide, I’m supposed to stay away from you…

Just kidding. Lemme know if you enjoyed this post regardless of whether or not you’re single, down in the comments! 😀

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Types Of Riddhis We All Know|ft. Riddhi @ Whispering Stories|

The title might have confused you. But believe me, it’s very straightforward and fun, as you’ll soon realize.

Hey Pals!! Today, I am doing a collab with our very own Riddhi @ Whispering Stories!

Hey doggo, how’s it going? 🤓

R- Don’t call me doggo so publicly, Nehal. It’s going fine, and I’m very excited for our collab!

N- So am I. Aanya @ Soaring Firebolt actually gave us this idea. You all might know Riddhi from any of the three blogs that she owns. So basically, she started a “Types of…” series on her blog which was quite a hit, and so the two of us decided to do a collab where we ask 7 people to tell us a particular type of “Riddhi” and “Nehal” that they know. Basically, we just came to know about the various opinions some of our friends have of us. And we are going to be sharing them with you, so let’s get started 😀.

From Naemi @ A Book Owl’s Corner:

The Über-Overachiever Riddhi: The one who has so many blogs we’ve almost lost count, manages to post more regularly on all of them than we do on our own, is a published poetry author with a novel in the making, reads around 100 books a year, and somehow still finds the time to interact with her community and churn out one creative idea after another. Seriously, Riddhi, how do you do all of this while also juggling exams? We need your secret! Did you make a pact with an evil spirit, signing away your love for cats in exchange for a Taylor Swift obsession and incredible superpowers? I suppose we will never know… 

N- Indeed, I suppose we will never know…

Rabhya @ Rab’s Bookish Planet

The *Asterix Action* Riddhi:
She will pour her actions by using asterix while writing posts! Emojis is a big no-no for Asterix Action Riddhi, she shows her pure actions only through words! I love it since it is very humorous and relatable!

N- Yeah, I can’t remember the last time Riddhi used an emoji 🧐.

Simran @ Far From Perfect

First a context- this a a word Riddhi made up at 2 am one day, it means Supremacy (I think it sounds like a Company which sells pads but moving on).
SUPERMAXCY Ridh is when Ridh become smol baccha and goes completely talli, tis one of my favourite Riddhis. Hre is le example- this type of Riddhi is now rare and pops up her head once in a while and the poofs away.
My advice: Go along with this type of Riddhi and encourage her craziness it makes for some good (read- embarrassing) stories and memories.

N- I have experienced this kind of Riddhi too 🤣. She gets like this sometimes when she’s really happy, I suppose. It’s kinda weird but funny, and yes- extremely rare.

Anjali @ Studio AD

The Animal Fonder:
A while ago, I was reading one of her “types of…” posts and she said to not search for the photo of a star-nosed mole, and yep, I googled it. It made me scream…but the point is, she always makes me happy when I read her types of posts. Like she is obsessed with animals! She uses the animal names for categories and I am sure so many people love it!! Riddhi has a lot of blogs and I can just imagine the amount of work she does! She works so hard for us and writes her posts with dedication, that it should be our job to comment on her posts and like her posts. She deserves so much better!

N- Uh oh.

The amount of praise in this one, I hope you don’t get too proud now, Riddhi 😏.

Pannaga (doesn’t blog anymore)

The-i-love-myself-sometimes-i-am-shit-too-tho Riddhi: So, this Riddhi, we cannot see on her blog. The Riddhi i know is full of paradoxes. Sometimes too optimistic. Sometimes the best mood ruiner (sorta) Sometimes, she can conquer the world, sometimes, just nope, she is real hard to open up. So I’m not really sure if I’m right. I may not be. But this is how I see her. Always the two extremes. No middle ground. Which is cool. People ARE like that. Sometimes, it can get hard though? Because I am like her too. In these types of situations at least (total opposites otherwise).

N- Oh, this is like really true! Especially the part where sometimes she can be too optimistic and on others, just an absolute mood ruiner.

Phoenix @ Books With Wings

The Golden Retriever Riddhi:
Riddhi is absolutely like a golden retriever. These dogs are known for being smart, as well as friendly, reliable and kind, all of which Riddhi is. All the posts that Riddhi makes are insanely unique, a clear tell of her ingenuity, and the way that she is able to continue keeping up around the blogosphere, despite the number of followers she has, number of blogs she follows and extremely busy posting schedule is amazing. Riddhi is reliable in her advice as well as her ability to keep the attention of her readers as she continually posts very fascinating reads. Overall, Riddhi has a lot of the same qualities of a golden retriever that make her such an awesome person!

N- We have another comment praising Riddhi! That’s not acceptable, I need to spice things up a bit…wait and watch 😈.

And the last one’s from me!

The I-wanna-call-you-to-talk-but-I’ll-just-get-awkward-and-make-an-excuse-and-end-the-call-before-two-minutes Riddhi: Ahem, ahem. This is a very annoying type of Riddhi. So see, what happens when you make online friends? I’ll tell you what happens.

You think it’s all chill and fun until you realize dang, you’re actually pretty good friends now. Then comes the part where you start trusting the person enough to show them your picture.

Slowly, that evolves to exchanging phone numbers (your excuse- we won’t need to call anyways, they’re just there for emergency). Until your curiosity gets the better of you and you end up deciding to call.

Now that’s a big step forward for an online friendship because calling will make the person seem “real”, and until now you were just imagining them like a character from a fantasy who exists in another world. So calling requires a lot of guts.

And after hours and days of procrastinating (slightly exaggerating), you just…do it.

And you can’t find words because you’re like- OMG I’M ACTUALLY TALKING TO YOU AND YOU’RE REAL AND NOT JUST A FIGMENT OF MY IMAGINATION (this is the part where all your fears that this person might have been an alien get vanished).

Until the other person (aka Riddhi freaking Bhargava) realizes it feels very awkward, makes an excuse, and ends the call.

And all the while you’re just sitting there like- 🙂🙃

Click here to check out our other collab post- “Types of Nehal we all know” on Riddhi’s blog.

Thanks to everybody who contributed! It means a lot to us and you all are the reason this post was such a success!

That’s all, I hope you enjoyed our little collab! We had an awesome time doing it, didn’t we doggo (R- Absolutely, it was greaaat!)? Now, let us know what you thought of people’s responses, whether you agreed or not, down in the comments 😀.

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The Reading Habits Book Tag

Hey Pals!! Today, I am gonna be doing The Reading Habits Tag! Now, when I read I might look like a typical bookworm, with nothing special, just trying to find a comfortable position to sit and making weird faces from time to time when the characters make dumb decisions, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do a tag to analyse my reading habits!

I was tagged by Rabhya @ Rab’s Bookish Planet. She has an amazing book blog and she posts almost daily which is so cool, go check it out! Now, let’s get started with the tag!!

1: Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

No, anywhere the lighting is maximum is my place to read, but I usually prefer reading on my bed. As for audiobooks, I read them anywhere…except of the bathroom of course, but I would read them in the bathroom too though I don’t think my mom would be too fond of that idea 👀.

2: Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Bookmarks all the way 🤩! I have this really huge collection of both DIY and readymade bookmarks and I treasure it so much, so bookmarks it is!

3: Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/ a certain amount of pages?

90% of the time I have to stop at the end of a chapter. It just feels right, you know? But sometimes I don’t mind stopping in the middle of a long chapter at the end of a scene break.

4: Do you eat or drink while reading?

Um, I can do both while reading but I usually don’t eat while reading a physical book. I sometimes eat my lunch/dinner while listening to an audiobook though 😁.

5: Multitasking- Music or TV while reading?

No way! I can’t focus if something else is playing around me. I don’t mind if somebody else is watching TV but I can’t do it myself.

6: One book at a time or several at once?

I can’t even play one Scrabble game online, I need to have more than one. So, you can very well imagine that it is not in me to read only one book at a time. For instance, I need to have an audiobook started even when I am reading a physical book because audiobooks provide good breaks from physical books. And I have one physical book on hold at almost all times so I read more than one book at a time.

7: Reading at home or everywhere?

Everywhere baby! This one time I literally downloaded the epub of a book on my cousin’s phone while we were standing inside a shop just because I was bored. And I literally read standing there while she bought her clothes. Later, she did do a very good job of making sure I understand just how much of a psychopath she thinks I am 🙄, but what do these non-readers know about the struggles of us readers?

8: Reading out loud or silently in your head?

In my head. Until two years ago, I used to lip sync to whatever I was reading and people always looked at me weird but I got rid of the habit, thankfully.

9: Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

Y–yes, I do that 😶. But it’s only when the author has started to ramble on and on about the scenery or some other stupid stuff that I couldn’t care less about. And yes, I have skipped pages too, but that happened in only one or two books.

10: Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

Until a few months back, breaking a book’s spine used to bother me like my life depended on it. But then sense was knocked into my head somehow and I realized eh, who cares? A book will still be a book no matter if the spine is broken or not. So, it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

11: Do you write in your books?

But it’s there…

I’m gonna assume this question is not supposed to refer to textbooks because ahem, my textbooks have notes scribbled in them like craaazy. My novels though don’t have anything written on them, except of The Final Empire which I have scribbled a little bit on…I kinda regret it now but well, can’t do anything about it now.

I Tag:

That’s all for me. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know if you’ve ever skim read a book or not, down in the comments 😀.

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5 Annoying Habits of Readers I Can’t Stand

You know, I never thought to consider this, but ranting on WordPress is a great way to let out a lot of typical teen angst 😃.

Hey Pals!! Today, I am going to be sharing with y’all 5 Annoying Habits of Readers I Can’t Stand. And yes, I may have had a very weird day because this post is gonna be a little aggressive, but I can’t help myself, I think this is going to be so much fun! So, let’s get started with the full-on rant!

1: Readers judging other readers who annotate their books

I am going to be very honest here- if you lowkey have the time to make an entire freaking blog post about how you find those who dog-ear books to be worse than Satan, I think that it’s time you start worrying about possible career choices after 12th standard because girl, you’ve got way too much free time on your hands.

This is the meme that readers seem to absolutely love. Another thing they seem to love is to condescend people who scribble in notebooks or highlight stuff. And ahem…according to my imaginary therapist, coming across such people on social media is not very good for my mental health ☺️.

According to these people, the readers who annotate their books are hurting them because books are supposed to be “loved” and “caressed” and “treasured”. Well, just so you know, “treasuring” something doesn’t mean keeping it in pristine condition all the time. Sometimes “treasuring” something can extend to loving it so much that you can’t help but want to experience the feeling of having read a book again so you annotate it to remember all the memories you made while reading it! Get that in your head and stop judging people who annotate or dog-ear books! It’s their book, it’s their wish. 😡

2: Readers recommending me books and saying I’ll love them without giving me any insight as to why I’ll love them

This probably should not bother me as much as it does but I hate it when people are like- “omggGG this book is like soooooo good, you just have to read this book. Like just *closes eyes and sighs in exaggeration* I can’t even tell you how great it is, you just HAVE to read this book. Like just haaaveeEEE to read it.”

And I am like 🙂-

I’m sorry, but there are lots of books that I know I just have to read, like my Maths textbook for instance, and I am not going to read the book you are recommending just because you think I just haveeee to read it.

Just because you love a book doesn’t mean I’m going to love the book too. There is a difference between recommending me something and forcing me to read it just because you love it. I mean, at least tell me what was so good about it! If you don’t know this about me, I am too much of a critique for my good. I can point out something negative about a book without even having to blink. That’s why I have so much pent-up anger and unpopular opinions all the time. So yeah, your choice is probably very different from mine. And unless you give me some good points as to why the said book is the absolute best in the entire galaxy, do not shove it down my nose every time we talk!

3: Booktubers pronouncing every “the” in a book title as “thee”

See, by now y’all probably know that I also have way too much free time on my hands if I have the energy to complain about trivial stuff like this. But forgive me, nothing can stop me right now.

I do not know how many people are aware of this, but there’s a very specific grammar rule regarding the pronunciation of “the” and “thee”. “The” is only pronounced as “thee” when it is followed by a word that begins with a vowel sound. For example- thee apple instead of the apple is preferred. But thee book is never grammatically correct.

So, you see, it kind of bothers me when Booktubers pronounce every single the in a book title as thee, because it’s just not grammatically correct!!! Apparently, The Language of Thorns is now Thee Language of Thorns. And it’s also not The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it’s Thee Girl with Thee Dragon Tattoo *waves air quotes*.

You are ruining the names of perfectly good books just because you think “the” is so replaceable that you can change it to “thee” anywhere you like! I am no Shakespeare but I know for a fact that even he did not use as many thees in the entire Merchant of Venice as you do in a single video! This is just so not acceptable and I am absolutely offended! 😤

4: Book bloggers using short forms for every book

Recently, I read a blog in which somebody casually mentioned how they read a book. What was the name of the book, you might ask? Oh, it’s called TATBILB 🙂.

Now, that took me about two minutes to figure out. Two freaking minutes! To be honest, it was not that hard. It stands for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, which is a pretty basic book so 🙄. The point is using short forms as pronouns is becoming so common that people don’t even bother using the actual book name once to let us know what book they are going to be shortening later!

Of course it does!

Let me try explaining this calmly. Imagine TATBILB as a pronoun for the actual book name (you do know what are nouns and pronouns, right?). Now the wise thing to do would be to mention the actual noun, which in this case is To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and then use its short form wherever you’re too lazy to type the whole thing. Some people however are under the impression that their audience will understand their weird short form even when they do not use the actual book name anywhere in their post.

Not to mention, the number of short forms for books these days is insane! You do realize that 80 percent of your audience will still think of The Vampire Diaries every time you use TVD as a substitute for These Violent Delights? Why? Because that’s just the way most of the population think 😩! As long as the short form is not of a book like The Fault in our Stars or A Court of Thorns and Roses (both of which have very popular short forms) nobody will ever guess what book you’re talking about because short forms for books just aren’t that common or widely-used. So please learn to use them wisely!

5: Readers judging subtly condescending people for reading certain stuff

Now, this one does not happen that often, but it has happened a few times. Usually, when I’m reading a blog, I see people referring to certain genres like they might be some disgusting piece of trash. For instance- erotica. And like I said, this hasn’t happened a lot of times but it has happened, and it has been very infuriating because you’re not even judging the person who reads erotica, you’re straight-up looking down on them! The way people say- “I do not get the point behind reading meaningless smut,” they may not realize it but it does sound offensive to those who do read that stuff. And before you get your minds thinking 👀, I am not trying to imply that I read erotica, I am just saying in general. Not only erotica, sometimes I see readers being embarrassed for reading too much middle grade or romance, and I just want to ask- who made you feel this way?! You’re allowed to read literally whatever you want without bothering about what people think.

Now that I think about it, I want to ask- why do people even think!? I swear most of the problems in this world are because people “think”. If only people stopped trying to use their hay-filled brains all the dang time to “think” stupid stuff and put their heads to rest instead, more than half the people in this world would be way less depressed than they are.

Now, that was totally irrelevant and according to my imaginary therapist (which, did I mention, is my ghost?) it’s time for me to take some rest. So, I am gonna back away now.

Aah, the feeling of contentment after ranting so much for absolutely no reason 😌.

I’m done and now it’s your turn. Let me know if you relate to any of the points I mentioned above. Also let me know something you don’t like about readers, down in the comments 😀.

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See you again…

It’s been a long day,
And it never seems to end,
When will you be back?

Don’t you feel the same?
Don’t you want to come back too?
Don’t you want me too?

I want not more than
A glimpse, perhaps a whisper,
Of my name, from you.

But something tells me
That you’ve moved on, left me here,
Alone and broken.

All I’m doing now
Is trying to be okay,
But my heart’s a mess.

I miss you, and yet,
I’m glad you’re happier now.
Glad for your success.

I’ll be okay too,
Not now, but some other day.
And I’ll still love you.

I wish you good luck,
I hope we cross paths again,
Hope it’s not the end…


This was my first ever attempt at a haiku, and I wrote an entire poem using them 😂. I hope I didn’t do any mistakes though, lol. I’m so glad to finally have written a haiku(s). Hope you liked the poem. I personally found it awful but I don’t have anything else to post anyways so well. All criticism and feedback are more than welcome!