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5 Popular Hilarious YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

Hey Pals!! Today, I am here to tell you about 5 of my favourite YouTube Channels that you shouldn’t miss. I am here to recommend you some amazing channels that you’ll instantly fall in love with. Let’s go!!

1: Make Joke Of:

I still can’t get over the fact that these people have heads so round it seems as if they’re made from a compass 🧐.

If you are an Indian, this is the perfect haven to go to get those full-minute long stomach aches from laughing way too hard. There is not even much abusive language like in many other channels. If you haven’t ever watched a single video of MJO, I’ll say three things: a) I kinda find it hard to believe, b) these videos are just fab, and c) What are you even doing, go watch some of their videos now!

2: Charles The French

Before you ask, I don’t know if he’s French or not but you absolutely need to respeccct him. rEsPeCKt!! Anybody got the reference?

The thing with Charles is that the moment you watch one of his videos, you’ll want to watch another one, and then you’ll watch that one and then you’ll watch another one, and another and BOOM!! You’re addicted! He has super short humorous videos that’ll make you keep coming back to his channel. From telling us about the different types of students during an exam to what happens on a breakup anniversary, he misses out nothing. And you should definitely give him a try.

3: Lilly Singh

Hi, I am Manjeet Singh, Chandigarh, Sector 17. And you, you are “bloody joosless.” This is what you’ll probably hear in like every one of her videos, heh.

Okay, do I even need to tell you about her!? The girl’s got her own show, you obviously know her!

This person is amazing. Now, I can’t promise that you’ll like all of her videos, but what I can say is that she’s got that interesting voice that when once says something, you just have to listen because it’ll keep you hooked. Honestly, her parents’ videos are hilarious and that I can promise will surely give you a good laugh. Here’s one of my favs-

4: Daniel LaBelle

Just to get a glimpse of how awesome his videos are, check out this one-

Ooh Daniel’s videos are always so unrealistic yet so relatable at the same time. The first video I ever watched by him made me laugh sooo hard and I kept watching his videos and forgot I had a class…aah, that was a good day *starts reminiscing*. Ooh I was also sick that day so not that good of a day, how did I forget 🙄?

5: Triggered Insaan

Does anybody remember the kanauledgey joke? 😂

So this is another one for my Indian friends only. Nischay makes hilarious react videos, from roasting Indian ads to roasting people who roast other stuff, he always has something or the other to react to, and even other stuff that is funny enough to lighten your mood on a bad day. If you haven’t watched his videos yet, check out the one where he reacts to some really weird English pronunciation errors people make online.

That’s it for today! I hope you had fun reading this! What’s one of your favourite YouTube channel? Lemme know in the comments 😀.