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Magnus Chase Trilogy by Rick Riordan- Spoiler-Free Review (Plus a Riddle for all its fans)

Hey Pals!! Today, I am doing a spoiler-free book series review of The Magnus Chase trilogy by Rick Riordan. I read this pretty recently and here are all my thoughts on it. Keep reading for a riddle in the end πŸ˜‰.


Magnus Chase is a homeless guy who is living rough on the streets of Boston when one day he is reunited with his unpleasant uncle who informs him that he is the son of a Norse god. Just the typical Rick Riordan stuff, but wait! In this book, Magnus dies fighting a fire giant and wakes up in Valhalla (this isn’t a spoiler, don’t worry) where thousands of fallen warriors prepare for Ragnarok. Magnus must go on a quest to find his father’s long lost sword or there will be…. you guessed right, DOOM!


I absolutely loved the characters of this series. I love Magnus and his sense of humor. Blitzen and Hearth are just as fabulous and I obviously really like Sam and Alex.


Each book has its own different plot but I seriously thought that the conclusion of this book series was a little less impactful. After all that the trouble that the characters had to go through, the ending was sort of too straight-forward, the characters were easily able to complete the task they set their journey for and there weren’t many memorable consequences.


Of course, Uncle Rick’s writing was again to-the-point and just enough to make me visualize what was happening. It was way too hilarious too. I guess that for me this was his most humorous series.

What I Loved:

The books are super hilarious. This author should be given an award for never-ending humor. Also, I really liked reading about these Gods as I have a good background on Norse myths, so it was fun to read about the stuff that I actually already liked. At times, I felt that a few facts were a bit altered but that could be just various perspectives on the myths.

Another thing that I really liked is the diversity of the characters. We have Sam who is a Muslim and takes part in the fasting during Ramadan. Then we have Alex who is a transgender, and the way that character is written is just mind-blowing. This author has done an incredible job in portraying various things and making them suitable for a wide audience and that’s something I really adore.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The ending of the final book could’ve been a lot better but I still enjoyed these books a lot.

My Rating

4.5/5 Stars

Suggestion to those not well-versed in Norse Mythology

This series has a lot of characters from the Norse myths so if you don’t know a lot of them or you know them through the movies, I suggest a book named Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.

This is a great book to start with and it will really help you understand what is going on in the series without having trouble with memorizing new characters. This book provides a number of tales of the gods and frost giants. It would help in better understanding of the story.

As promised, here’s the riddle πŸ‘‡:

Jokes aside, I do indeed have a riddle for you all (is that what I should call it, a riddle?), here it is then:

What’s the name of the fire giant whom Magnus fought in the first few chapters of The Sword of Summer and which of the Nine Worlds is he associated with? The comment section awaits your answer πŸ˜€.

That’s it. Thanks for reading. Let me know in the comments if you have read this trilogy and what were your thoughts on it. And if you haven’t, do let me know if my review helped you. Stay safe. AdiΓ³s!!

PS: I have decided to refer to you guys as “Warlocks” instead of what I usually use which is “Pals”. What do you think about that? Let me know in the comments πŸ€—.



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40 thoughts on “Magnus Chase Trilogy by Rick Riordan- Spoiler-Free Review (Plus a Riddle for all its fans)

  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve readPercy Jackson only but Rick Riordan’s writing is so engaging and funny. Glad that Magnus Chase is hilarious, hope I can get into this series!

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    1. Oops, that unfortunately isn’t correct. But no problem, I see, it has a lot of characters so it may be easy to forget. Nice try and thanks for taking part πŸ˜€. I’ll tell you the answer after some other people try

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Great review! I have yet to read any of Riordan’s books, but I’m hoping to start the Percy Jackson series soon and then move on to his other series from there. I only this year read my first Gaiman book, but I enjoyed it. I’m hoping to read Norse Mythology soon, too.

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  3. Hmm. It’s been a bit since I’ve read it so I’m trying to remember it well enough. I listened to the audiobook and I remember it being so packed with little tidbits that I felt that I could have listened to it ten times and not pick up all of the little nuances. It’s a book making fun of the apocalypse. Some of the stuff is what I’d call adult humor, but I would have felt comfortable letting my 13 yr old daughter read it. I’m not so sure she would enjoy it, though. It could be a little dry.

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