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The Just Some Bibliophilic Things Tag

Hey Pals!! Today, I am doing The Just Some Bibliophilic Things Tag. This used to be a weekly tag hosted by Riddhi @ Whispering Stories. She then converted it into a one time tag. I’m sad to see it go, nevertheless this is going to be just as fun. Thanks to Riddhi herself for tagging me. Do check out her post through the above link. Let’s begin (I wrote this intro months ago, when it had only been like a day since she had tagged me)!!

The Rules:

  1. Link to original creator of the tag here: Riddhi @ Whispering Stories ,so that I get a pingback every time someone does the tag.
  2. Use the header image I used in doing the tag, display the rules in your post and use the tag JSBT in your post.
  3. Answer the bookish questions given below and add an original bonus bookish question
  4. Add a random fact to the post
  5. Tag 5 or more book blogger friends of yours
  6. Have Fun!!

1: How many books do you think should there be in one series? Which book series is your favourite in that particular format?

I am just not a fan of series in general. But I’ve read a good number of them and well…I still think people shouldn’t write series πŸ˜‚. It’s always intimidating for me start a series, especially when authors write all these big, ginormous books. But if done well, three books is enough, and even sounds nice.

My favourite series in that format would be The Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfeld, which is a scifi dytopian. The author added on an extra novella, but I still consider it a trilogy. This series was super cool, I really loved it. I loved all the twists and turns. This was the book that made me realize that dystopian is one of my favourite genres.

2: Which book format do you prefer: Paperbacks, eBooks or audiobooks?

I prefer physical books! Audiobooks have really helped me, but they aren’t the same as physical books, really. And e-books are just meh.

3: Organized bookshelves or outrageous bookshelves? If outrageous, then do you feel like organizing them but are too lazy to do so?

Organized bookshelves, please! I see all these booktubers having color-coded bookshelves, or shelves arranged according to authors…aah, they’re so pretty! I don’t have that many shelves honestly, but the ones I do have are kind of arranged.

4: Which Rick Riordan series do you like the most? The original Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus or Magnus Chase?

Okay, this is hard! I love all the three series, but I prefer Heroes of Olympus and Magnus Chase over Percy Jackson. I can’t get over the humor of the latter, and I can’t get over Leo from the former one, so this is like really hard! I will just go ahead and choose Magnus Chase because that really made me laugh. I STILL LOVE HoO THOUGH!

5: Which bookish fictional land you would want to travel to? Why?

Hogwarts, for sure! It’s the most amazing place ever, magical and away from our horrible reality! I am still waiting for my Hogwarts letter…I mean I have finally got the Platform 9 3/4 ticket, but without the letter it’s really no good, is it?

6: One book related memory that you love.


Okay so, when I was like 12 years old or something, I only used to read books that were age-appropriate. I would look the age ratings on Common Sense Media before reading a book. So my 12-year-old brain was always fed-up as to why I couldn’t read the same books as my sister. It was the time when my bookshelf was filled with her books- Twilight and Chetan Bhagat stuff, lol. So, when I was really bored, I would go to her shelf and pick out books like that and flip through the pages to find something…adulty (if you know what I mean). Okay, I mean stuff related to romance (but hey! I was 12!). And the few times that I did come across such stuff, those would be like the glorious, victorious moments of the day. Hehe πŸ˜›.

7: Which genre do you not read? Why? Would you like to read any book from that genre?

I don’t read much of paranormal and horror. I am not a fan of paranormal, I easily get bored of stuff like monsters, poltergeists, variations of known mythical creatures. I like them in mythology, but not otherwise. As for horror, I am just a big scaredy-cat, so…

8: Which genre is your absolute favourite? What draws you to it? If demanded, would you be able to stick to it for the rest of your life?

Right now, I would say historical fiction. I find comfort in books that are historical fiction, there is something so wonderful about reading about people’s lives in our own worlds, except in a twisted version of our reality. Though I would not stick to it for the rest of my life, because I know I will get bored by it.

9: Who is your favourite author? Why? Which book is an absolute favourite of yours written by that particular author?

I would say Neil Gaiman, even though I have only read three books by him, but I loved 2 of them with all my heart. My favourite book by him would be Norse Mythology. I have legit listened to the audiobook of it five times now! It is that good! I know the title sounds pretty meh, but give it a shot, you will not regret it! You will fall for the characters, the writing style, Loki, the world-building, Loki, oh and also…Loki!

10: Which fictional character (s) would you like to date? Why?

Leo Valdez! He is such a caring friend 🀩.

You know, over time I have started to think my crush for Leo has reduced to just I-want-to-be-your-best-friend thingy. I hope it’s not true though. Let’s just think that it’s because I haven’t read the heroes of Olympus series in a long time now.

AND ALSO… Nate Macauley!

He is so hot gorgeous and has the bad-boy vibes 🀩.

11: What are your views on Read-a-thons? Have you ever participated in one? If yes, then which one? And if no, then do you wish to?

I think Read-a-thons are fun! I have only participated in one, that was the Taylor Swift Read-a-thon, and I took part in it last year, and it was lots of fun! They can be stressful and stuff, but I think they are great ways to read more books.

I tag:

To all those I’ve tagged, there’s no pressure, only do the tag if you can, and if you want to. And if you’ve already done this tag, that’s fine too. And yeah, anybody else who wants to do the tag can feel free to do it.

That was all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post, I know I did the tag late, but I loved doing it anyways. Let me know what are your thoughts on organized and messy bookshelves, in the comments πŸ˜€.

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Just Some Bibliophilic Things #2 |Favorite Author|and Lost in Translation #1

First of all pals, thank you so so much for the 200 followers 😍!! I am beyond grateful to you all. I would’ve made a post earlier, but I only post on Wednesdays and Sundays. But you all are so wonderful, I love you pals!! Thanks to each one of you for making me reach this milestone πŸ’–.


Now, for the two tags, here we go:

Just Some Bibliophilic Things

Hey Pals!! Today, I am participating in another Just Some Bibliophilic Things. This is a weekly tag hosted by Riddhi @ Whispering Stories.

This Week’s Question: Who is your favourite author? Why? Which book is an absolute favourite of yours written by that particular author?

My favorite author for now is definitely Neil Gaiman. I haven’t read many books by him, just three, but I surely will read many more. There is just something unique about Gaiman’s writing style that I haven’t seen in any other author. He writes as one would use magic. His words have a lot of power and he always creates a dark, quiet, beautiful atmosphere in his books.

And that’s not the only thing. He’s a remarkable storyteller. I listened to Norse Mythology by him and though it took me a little while to get used to it, I was hooked to Gaiman’s voice. It is just spellbinding!! Absolutely incredible.

My favorite Neil Gaiman book is probably Norse Mythology or The Graveyard Book.

I loved this book so much that I have actually listened to it 3 times and since I don’t usually reread audiobooks, that says a lot.

I read it this one quite a good while ago and I emerged out of it being absolutely stunned. I can’t choose between the two, both are awesome.

Lost in Translation #1

This is tag created byΒ Eryn @ Love Your Shelf. I was tagged by the creator herself. Thanks for tagging me Eryn. Basically, we take our last reads and use Google Translate to translate them into 3 different languages and then back to the original language to see how messy the results can be.

The Rules:

  1. Pick the last book you read.
  2. Put that book in Google Translate and translate it into 3 different languages, then back to English. (Please put which languages you used to translate them!)
  3. See how close (or how far) it is to the original book title.
  4. Lastly, put the original book title at the bottom and talk about your last read!

Translated Title (English-Kazakh-Portuguese-Serbian-English): Glass Odd

Any guesses? Which book could it be? Haha, time to roast Google Translate!!

Actual Title: Throne of Glass

Wow, what a roast, isn’t it!? I don’t think this book was “odd” in any way, so the translated title comes out as weird πŸ˜‚.

I Tag:

I had a lot of fun doing both of these tags, you should check them out too, they are really interesting. Also, there is no pressure in doing the tag if you don’t want to for any reason.

That’s all. Thanks for reading. Let me know who your favorite author is down in the comments. Stay safe. Ciao!!

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Just Some Bibliophilic Things #1- Fictional Lands I Would Love To Visit

Hey Pals!! Today, I am participating in Just Some Bibliophilic Things hosted by Riddhi @ Whispering Stories. I usually used to post a comment but today, I decided to actually make a blog.

This is a really cool weekly tag and each week you have to answer a certain question related to books, tell your own opinions about it. For more details, click here.

Question for this Week: Which bookish fictional land you would want to travel to? Why?

Hogwarts Hogwarts, Hoggy Worty Howgarts!! I would love to go there and learn wizardry, imagine just being able to eat those delicious treacle tarts 🀀. I would love to shop at Hogsmeade and sneak off to the kitchens from time to time. Won’t it be just great to meet fellow students like us. The problem is: My Hogwarts Letter hasn’t arrived 😫.

I would also love to go to The Shire. It’s just such a calm and peaceful place, I bet I would feel so elated being in the company of nature. Bilbo Baggins’ house would be such a comfortable place to be in 😌. And I could read novels all day long in all the peace and quiet.

Next stop is Camp Half Blood. Even though I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to survive in the world of monsters for more than two hours, I just wanna go there and have a look at everything.

Yeah, I would like to visit Valhalla for once, get a good chat with Alex, Sam and Magnus, and get to watch all the fighting, resurrection and feasting with my own eyes. I wouldn’t wanna stay long there, but I would love to see it all with my own eyes πŸ‘€.

I don’t remember the exact location of this graveyard but yeah, I really want to visit it. Well, as creepy as it may sound but I would just love to visit every place in this graveyard. I would love to explore the home of Bod and see all the sites where he had his crazy adventures.

That’s all for me. Let me know a fictional land you would want to visit in the comments. And don’t forget to participate in JSBT. Thanks for reading. Stay safe and…