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The Functions Book Tag |where we talk about ✨math✨|

I’m doing a tag in so long yayyyy…!!

Hey Pals!! So, today I’m doing The Functions Book Tag! I was tagged for this by the evi amazing Naemi, who also happens to be the creator, probably the first person to bring Maths in relation to books, which I think is pretty awesome! So anyway, let’s get started!!


  • Thank the person who nominated you!
  • Ping-back to the original creator, Naemi @ A Book Owl’s Corner, so that she can sneakily read your answers and be thrilled at how much attention math is getting within the bookish community!
  • Answer all the prompts while appreciating the mathematical beauty contained in them! (You’re more than welcome to use the original graphics so that all the canva and GeoGebra work the creator put into them will be worth it…)
  • Tag some people! Five would be best, since five is obviously the coolest natural number out there, but any other quantity works, too.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

Whether this book is good or bad will remain a never ending debate. Personally, I found it meh. The ending was terrifying though it was a cheap shot because it was very unrelated to anything that was happening and just seemed to be there to shock everybody. Still, it grabbed my attention. But apart from that, the rest of the book was boring.

I guess Divergent by Veronica Roth…and yeah, I have an unpopular opinion where I say I loved the ending. People hate it but I think that it was a nice little twist.

The first book is my favourite in the entire trilogy, but Insurgent and the majority of Allegiant didn’t have much happening. Had it not been for the characters and the amazing narration I would have been bored out of my mind.

Secret Seven by Enid Blyton. This was the first book that got me into reading novels. But I had started reading other stuff since long before then. Like there are these Hindi comic book things like Champak, Billu, Pinki, Chacha Chaudhary…I used to read them from a very young age too 😂. Aah, those were the days *cries*

I will choose A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’engle.

This book is just so freaking weird, I can’t believe it’s gotten so hyped because it is just dumb. Sure, it’s great if you’re reading it as a beginner and have no idea whatsoever about the greatness of actual sci-fi books. But apart from that, it was very all over the place and the characters were all one dimensional. And the plot, what was that 😭?! The book had so much potential but it just didn’t work.

Can we first just appreciate the fact how I’m actually answering a trigonometric prompt instead of evilly not using it even though trigonometry almost managed to be the death of me?! Can we, can we?!!

Yep, we can.

I choose The House of Hades by Rick Riordan.

I’ll never be over the amazingness of this book. How it made me laugh so bad and then also tore my heart at so many places. From having some of the best moments of all characters in the entire series, to having the darkest moments as well as the best humor, this book just tops all of Rick Riordan’s other writings.

Bold of you to assume I would read such a book, much less allow it to pollute my memory 🙂.

However, if you’re talking about pie as in the one we eat and not the one that has a monstrously large number of terms after the decimal point, then I can choose…

Nope, still dunno any book that has pies in it, edible or not.

Like Naemi, I’m not a fan of footnotes either. Thankfully, I haven’t read too many books that had footnotes in them.

The one that I have read is Whichwood by Taherah Mafi.

But that was a pretty great book, so no worries there. It’s not as famous as her other books but it really should be since it’s really nice…I realise this is the point where you might expect me to go on to describe the greatness of the book and what struck me as the crucial thing for it be so good, but you’ll have to cut me some slack here because my therapist here (aka my ghost) thinks I should hurry and get back to more important tasks like you know, ideally lying down and wasting time.

Hehe, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix probably. Also, since I’ve read The Kite Runner I guess that’s pretty close too but I feel like I owe Harry Potter more than The Kite Runner. So yup, there’s that.

I hate logs 😭. Mainly because I feel like I haven’t mastered them properly. But anyway, you don’t need to hear my sorry tales.

A book featuring journal entries is ahem, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 😂.

Yup, count on me to go from talking about intense books like The House of Hades to talking about Wimpy Kid. But I mean…it’s a great series okay? Not all its books are good but most of them are, and they provide a nice change from reading high fantasy and the like.

Oh, like every single classic out there? Lol.

I’ll be choosing The Well of Ascension for this one, the second book in the Mistborn trilogy. You see, I devoured the first book and fell head over heels 👠 in love with it. But it was just so freaking huge, and so so intense. And I bet the next two books are gonna be even more intense. I really wanna read it but it’s the kind of story that really impacts how my mood is and I’m not ready for it to do that yet. I don’t think I’ll be able to study at all once I start reading it.

I’ll just be rereading the final book in the Magnus Chase trilogy- The Ship of the Dead, as of now. I’ve already read it twice but I’m not looking for something too addicting, and these books are my comfort reads. So, I’ll read this hehe.

I tag (no pressure, guys):

Ps- Evil me skipped one of the prompts. Naemi, I hope you don’t mind 👀. I didn’t have an answer for that one so I had to.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading it. What are your thoughts on the subject Maths? Do you despise it, or do you love it? Or are you like me, dangling somewhere in the middle, not fully aware of your own delicate feelings? Lemme know in the comments 😀.



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36 thoughts on “The Functions Book Tag |where we talk about ✨math✨|

  1. Such a fun tag!!!!!

    Enid Blyton was the author that got me into reading as well but I started with the O’Clock Tales when I was 7-8 years old. And then Secret Seven and Famous Five soon became favourites!

    Harry Potter will always be my favourite too.. Although my favourite book from the series is Prisoner of Azkaban cause we meet Sirius!

    Books featuring journals/logs – Gone Girl? A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder?

    Next read – Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeaah it is!

      I still adore Secret Seven and famous five, I’ve also read Naughtiest Girl. Not O’ Clock Tales though.

      Omg yes, i love the third book too, and Sirius 🥺.

      Yeaaah, I could have used a good girl’s guide to murder, idk why I chose this 🤣.

      Oooh, lemme know how you like good omens. It’s in my tbr. Everything by Neil Gaiman is!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. AAAAHHHHHH, NEHAL, YOU DID MY TAG!!! 🤗🤗🤗 I FORGIVE THEE FOR ALL THY PAST MISDEEDS! 🥰 MAYBE THOU AREN’T THAT EVIL AFTER ALL!! (Although how dare you leave out the identity map, interrupting the carefully constructed inner-mathematical logic up this tag’s structure?! 😭) I think your previous evilness must have migrated to WordPress, though, because not only did I not get a pingback from this, I didn’t even get a notification that you’d posted! RUDE! 😤

    Anyway, we agree on so many things! Order of the Phoenix first and foremost, obviously, but also on Allegiant’s ending being one of the better parts of that book! 😁 I mean, I still wouldn’t go as far to say it was great or anything, but compared to the rest of the book, it WAS kinda epic!

    And Enid Blyton! 🥰 Obviously, she was a childhood staple of mine, too. Although, personally, I loved the Five Find-Outers, the Famous Five, and all of her school stories a lot more than the Secret Seven 😁

    Also, I read A Wrinkle in Time so long ago I’ve forgotten almost everything about it, but I remember being weirded out by it, too. Hence, to this day, it has never been reread 🤣

    You need to read The Well of Ascension, though! @ Nehal’s ghost – use those therapeutic persuasion skills of yours! 👻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wait what identity map, i don’t remember any such thing. 😳 Did i miss out something ?!!
      🤣🤣 Ohhh i was wondering why you hadn’t popped up in the comments earlier and now I know why. Dunno why it didn’t give a pingback though.

      Yeah, order of the phenix supremacy forever. And the ending was Allegiant was indeed good.

      I enjoyed famous five more too. I’ve only read three secret Seven novels but tons of famous five and they were a true delight! 🤩

      And good job you didn’t reread it because it’s totally not worth it 🙃.

      *You’ll be sad to know my ghost is conveniently on vacation and can’t take your side right now*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pff, the identity map was very important! I wanted some good generic loveable recs! 😜

        And don’t ask me about the pingback – that would entail me understanding how WordPress works 🤣 What I have been able to figure out is that the link in your post somehow doesn’t link back to mine, but to my website in general, but I have no idea why. I mean, I assume you took the lazy option and copied the rules from me, and the link there works fine… 🤔 Like I said, WordPress things 🤣

        Tell Nehal’s ghost I expect it to back me when it comes back from vacation, though! 👻

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, you mean that question i skipped. I’m sorry, i really couldn’t think of anything 😂😭.

        Yeah, I did just copy paste the rules 🙃. But hey, everyone does that! You probably created the rules wrong hehe 🤣.

        Sure, will do so 🙃.

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  3. hello, I haven’t been around in forever but I must pop in to say.
    ENID BLYTON!!! there’s this one shelf in my bookshelf filled with her books, with a lot of shameful double-stacking. I used to love her books s o m u c h

    Liked by 1 person

  4. HOUSE OF HADES IS AMAZING, it has to be one of my favorite rick riordan books so far! and i remember devouring all of enid blyton’s books ,especially the boarding school ones, when i was younger!!😂 love this!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wow😂

        Anti hero is amazing, yessssss. Also the mv is so cool! I love the album, hear sweet nothing, maroon, vigilange shit, paris and bigger than the whole sky..those are my personal favs

        Liked by 1 person

  5. NEHAL I LOVE THIS!!!!!!
    apart from the obvious fact that naemi’s a genius (WHICH THE TAG JUST FURTHER PROVES) YOUR ANSWERS ARE SO MUCH FUN TO READ?!?!?!?!?!?

    One of the Enid blyton short story collections is the first book I EVER BORROWED FROM A LIBRARY and its so so special like that?? Also was obsessed with all her secret seven series a couple years ago AND WISHED TO LIVE ON ISLANDS. I had smol obsessions.

    I should possibly be crying over betrayals currently like the we were liars fan I make myself out to be, BUT THERES THE SMOL PROBLEM that I actually completely see your side of it?? Like there’s actually so so much to hate about it too. EXCUSE ME. If anyone asks, I NEVER SAID THAT. Ahem.


    I’ve never read the wrinkle in time books although I watched the movie wheb it was released, and don’t remember much anymore BUT I WASNT EXACTLY THE MOST IMPRESSED?? although I strongly wish to read the books now BECAUSE IM CURIOUS ABOUT THE ‘IMMATURE SCI FI THAT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER’ ASPECT OF IT.


    Liked by 1 person

      As much as my evil self would love to disagree, i can’t possibly deny Naemi is a genius 😂. And lollll, glad you liked them!
      I wanted to go to kirrin island too 😭. All the love for her books has faded but it used to be so good aah!
      😂 It’s okay, good to know we’re not alone in the we were liars opinion. It’s a popular opinion anyway. Many people dislike it.
      What?? You haven’t read house of Olympus yet?!!! What are you doing, read it!!!
      (Though it was a bit of a letdown after house of Hades NGL).
      I have also only read the first book in a Wrinkle in time and yeah, you’re definitely not missing out on anything. The book as well as the movie were pathetically uneventful. But sure, give it a go 😂. I would love a rant!
      🥺 Thanks so much dude. I’ll try to write more, i really wanna. It’s just getting so hectic 🤧😅😂.


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