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Not my battle…

Running, shivering, panting, I chased you. You were my last battle. I came to you, crawling, did everything I could to have you. Only now do I realize that I destroyed myself in fighting for you.

For ’twas not my battle to fight. Loss or victory? I got neither. You were someone else’s, already fought for, already won. And all I was doing was trying to hold on
to a broken string. I was a house made of glass, I broke when I was invincible, broke after having hurt everything in my path. You didn’t break me by throwing stones, you broke me after adorning me with flowers.

Now I’m shattered, my heart doesn’t thud. Every day is longer than the last. Every second alone is a reminder of what I could never have. I’m trying to swim my way out of this black hole, trying to find solace in the fact that you’re with someone you want. But it still hurts. If only I could rewind all this, go back in time and change it…

Except I know I wouldn’t be able to do it, even if I could. Wouldn’t be able to stop myself from loving you, even if I knew it would hurt.


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Six Word Story #17

Hey Pals!! It’s been a while, hasn’t it 🤩?! Let’s start off with a six word story!

I’m back. Not really, but kinda.

So, I took a hiatus a while back. And I’ve really missed chatting with you all 😭. And I hated seeing the “goodbye forever” post on the top of my blog because it just felt morbid. I don’t take hiatuses often and I was kind of scared I might just disappear. So, I decided it’s time I try posting again!

But I’m not exactly gonna be as active as I was before because well, time is still pretty limited and I’m still kind of in a slump. Not to mention my eyesight is getting terrible, which is nothing new, but it’s still scary 🥴.

My pre boards went well though, if you’re wondering. Also, I hope you missed me just a bit 😗. I’ve been reading a few blogs here and there but it’s either that y’all haven’t been that active either or that my Reader just sucks because there’s not enough content on there. Weird.

Anyways, that’s it for today! I hope you liked it. Lemme know your response to my story down in the comments 😀.