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Discussion Post: 5 of My Favourite Kind of Scenes in a Novel

Hey Pals!! So today, I’ll be sharing with you 5 of My Favourite Kind of Scenes in a Novel! These are the kind of scenes that I crave for, that I devour once I get my hands on them, that make their way into my little heart and refuse to leave. These are the most amazing scenes and today, we’ll see how many you find relatable too. Let’s start!

1: The main character who has gone through a lot finally breaks downs

“I lean my arms heavily against the table and press my palms to my eyes.

“Help me,” I whisper desperately to the empty room. “I can’t do this.” I want to, I love her, but I can’t bear it. It’s been almost a year. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just move on?
My throat chokes up. The tears come in a rush. I don’t bother to stop them, because I know it’s impossible.”

Champion: A Legend Novel, Lu, Marie

This is one of the best breakdown scenes I have read so far 🥺. There have been others, like the one towards the end of The Order of the Phoenix. There is just something so freaking heartbreaking about a character who finally has a breakdown that it just touches me so much!

2: A main character who is not brave and refuses to do what is right

For example- Lia from An Ember in the Ashes instead of helping her brother ran away terrified. Werner in All The Light We Cannot See realized that what he was doing might be wrong, especially when the people he was working for were hurting his friend, but at the same time he could not back away because he was finally doing what he wanted and he was scared to return to his old life. This kind of stuff makes such flawed characters and shows the complexity of emotions. Not everyone is destined to be a hero or do good, and that’s okay.

3: Hurt and Comfort Scenes

I don’t remember any hurt/comfort scenes worth mentioning that I read in a book, but I do love the Hurt Comfort scenes that Dramione fans write in fanfictions, I devour them!

Oh my god, these scenes are so freaking angsty! The main character is a girl who is probably not on very good terms with the male love interest and they either keep bitching about each other or one of them ends up hurting the other one somehow. It could also be that the girl gets injured in a fight or something (in the case of a fantasy novel) and the only person who can help is that particular guy and then he tends to her wounds and things get ✨ intimate ✨.

4: The main female lead blacks out for days and when she wakes up, her friends tell her how the love interest was so worried about her but the love interest acts like he does not care

KAZ AND INEJ from The Six of Crows!

Is this not awesome?! It makes me wanna scream because the girl is dumb enough to believe the ignorance of the guy and the guy is dumb enough to let her believe it! Idiots they are, but I love them.

5: A bittersweet ending

This sounds very normal but imagine this- It’s been three years since the major events in the novel, and all the main character has been doing is trying to survive, every day is a struggle. Until finally, somehow something changes. A tiny change and yet it’s a sliver of hope, hope that finally, things might change for the better. And it’s so satisfying yet marred by all the terrible stuff that has happened in the novel, it feels more bittersweet than happy.

Novels with bittersweet endings, on the top of my head, are The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson, The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, and The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

So, those were all for me! What are some of your favourite types of scenes in a novel? Lemme know in the comments! 😀



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44 thoughts on “Discussion Post: 5 of My Favourite Kind of Scenes in a Novel

  1. I love the breakdown scenes, too, even though they usually hurt my heart lol. I’m also a sucker for romance, so any scene of professing love or something gets me, too.

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  2. I love breakdown scenes alot!!!
    They hurt my heart and I cry like it’s happening to me
    And the number 4 you described!!!!!!!
    I love those
    I can go back and read them over and over lol 😂

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  3. My favourite scene is:
    “I can’t let you do that!”
    “I… just can’t, okay? Listen to me this once.”
    “Tell me why.”
    “Because I love you, okay?!”
    “You… what?”
    “I love you.”

    ….and scene

    And yes, all those others are amazing as well!
    Great post!

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  4. Thou goest accusing me of reading too many deep books in February, and then thou literally mentionst all of the tropes that make me love deep books so much!! Like, oh my god, the breakdown scenes!! 😭😭😭 They hit me in the feels every time! And also the scenes where a character desperately tries not to break down – like when both them and a family member/friend/love interest are going through enormous emotional trauma, then the family member/friend/love interest gets super upset about something random, yells at character, and character just stands there pretending to take it and not showing how hurt they actually are… It is literally the saddest type of scene ever, especially when it is followed by a mental breakdown one! 😭😭😭

    And the love interest acting indifferent one when the friend already said how much they cared!! 🥰😭 I just can’t! It’s so good! Also, while I usually absolutely hate the memory loss trope, there is one way an author can twist it so that I suddenly adore it, and it’s kind of related to this… You know when a protagonist loses their memory, is super weak, and can’t even recall their significant other and maybe even hates them at first? And then the love interest takes care of them but gives them a ton of space, never mentioning how deep their relationship actually went because they don’t want to pressure the person into loving them back when they no longer have those memories? And then the love interest just quietly suffers? 😭 I LOVE IT!!! 😍😍😍 (Yes, I know. We’ve already established that I’m evil 😈)

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    1. Breakdown scenes are the ultimate best! They make me feel so sad from within but like…the feels are everything! 😍
      And omg that scene you mentioned is so good!! Like i don’t remember when it happened in any book but it just sounds so good and saddd!

      And the love interest forgetting their memory aah! It shows so much on the part of the love interest who doesn’t burden their partner while silently suffering 🥺.
      😂😂 Evil u tho

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      1. Ooooh, it happens in a lot of books! I think two of my favorites are in The Penderwicks in Spring (you’d have to read the other Penderwick books first, though 😁) and Second Chance Summer, if you need recommendations 😉

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  5. For point 2 i can also recall Amir running away from Aseef-Hassan scene

    I looveee all the ones you have stated too. Also, its kinda satisfying when those YA books get a sweet sweet ending, like to all the boys

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  6. Never really thought much of this (sometimes those particular scenes aren’t that great in certain books as opposed to others)

    1. that awesome cliffhanger that left you wanting to read more, hanging on the edge of your seat- as in “I need to read the next book”

    2. any incredible Winter scene- particularly Christmas (they seem to stand out in fantasy books)

    3. etc—-saying all of the best type of scenes might take a while

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  7. I CAN RELATE SO MUCH TO ALL OF THESE!! Except… The last one. I HATE bittersweet endings because… tbh, I do not know, but I either want the author to break my heart or give the characters the happiness they deserve, I CANNOT TAKE HOPE THAT MAY BE NOTHING MORE.

    I LOVE the first one – I now need to finish the Legend series especially after the snippet you shared, THANK YOU FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT! ALSO YES THE FOURTH ONE WE LIVE FOR THAT AHHHHH

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    1. Aah, I understand! Sometimes the events of the book are so sad you just wish for a happy ever after.

      And yess, finish the legend series and lemme know how you like it 😍.


    And ahh yes I love the second trope too! Laia is such a perfect example, she’s one of my favourite characters ever ahhhh
    OKAY FOURTH ONE THAT IS PROBABLY THE BEST ONE, and yesss kaz and inej are so stupid about their love for each other sometimes but I love them with all my heart 😭

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