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Six Word Story #16

Hey Pals!! So, I am back with another story, yayy! Here it is:

Blogging slump. Ugh! What to do?!

Yup, that’s me right now. I have not been in the mood to write blogs these days and there are various factors which make me feel this way so yeah ☹️.

Hope you enjoyed it! And yes, tips are very welcome on this slump struggle. Also don’t forget to leave your six word story replies in the comments! πŸ˜€



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56 thoughts on “Six Word Story #16

  1. The only reason you are still posting is- in order to keep your site active!!
    If you don’t post for 1 year, you will still get views. Blogging should be done only when you really are invested in certain content. It should not be done just for the sake of blogging!
    If you want to provide a valuable/memorable content write only when you are invested to it.
    Like it or not, your true followers and appreciators will still love your content even after 1 year, if you are giving them valuable content.

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    1. Omg that means a lot, thank you! I know you’re right but at the same time I’m sure I’ll be busy next year because of studies and right now seems like the only time I can get stuff out on my blog somehow. And mostly it’s good i just don’t have enough time sometimes haha.


      1. Hey, never meant to make it sound harsh πŸ˜…
        I am just stating the truth.
        Her and few others are only few content creator/curator with whom I interact on a regular basis and I know she understand that I’m not trying to denigrate her or her work. πŸ™‚

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  2. I made a six word story at a high school youth conference called Winterlight (the best part of the high school years). Yes, it happened a while back—–as in the years 2010 and 2011 (I created the story in 2010, I believe)

    “Life is an adventure, have fun”

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    1. I like reading your blogs! But I guess a break is good!
      Also you are definitely busy in your real life, so this time off will be good for you.
      Although your last post came 2 days ago and you have written 2 blogs within 7 days 😁

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      1. You play the guitar? I always wanted to learn but never could just cause life ✨
        I wanna hear you sing😈
        I know the basics of driving a scooter. My mom taught me pretty early. But I can’t drive alone. I NeED someone to sit behind me. Cause well, I am pretty sure someone would DiE.
        Chatting πŸ˜‚

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      2. Yeaaah, I do play the guitar hehe
        And no, my singing will remain a secret from you forever πŸ₯°
        Oh well you’re too young to drive alone so makes sense lol.
        And yup, chatting da best !

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