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5 Ways My Blogging Self is Different from My Real Life One

Let’s ignore the fact that half of you have probably already read this before when it got published by accident 🀧.

Hey Pals! Today, I’ll be sharing with you 5 Ways in which My Blogging Self is Different from My IRL One. I just thought it would be a fun little post, you know? So, let’s start then!

1: My sense of humour is very different in real life

In fact, I’m pretty sure the way my humour takes shape in public, it can’t even be called sense of humour in the first place..

My humour here, as I’ve been told by my readers, is often sarcastic. I also think it’s dry humour. And I don’t know if you’ll believe this, but face to face with somebody, I am never this sarcastic. Sure, there are times, but very less as compared to when I’m texting or blogging. It’s like sarcasm only suits the text version of me. I don’t go around cracking jokes in public. I mostly tell weird stuff that has happened to me in a funny tone.

In real life, usually when I’m with my best friend and we’re in a good mood, our humour revolves around finding every little thing in a room to be so funny that the teacher herself notices and thinks we’re probably cracked in the head. This one time we laughed just because we were trying to imagine how a girl in our class would like if she were pencil 🧐…so um yeah, our humour makes no sense.

3: I am a lot less intolerant towards people in real life

As much as my blogging self is very chaotic, I also think it’s very polite when it has to be. Like when interacting with people and stuff. Even if I don’t like a particular blogger, I don’t go around making a big deal outta it or just insulting them and stuff (I mean, obviously who would do that?). That’s really not the case in real life though.

If there’s somebody I don’t like, I would most probably stay away from them as much as possible simply because they annoy me so much that I can’t stand them. There have even been times when I’ve straight-up called out people when I think they’re being annoying…which yeah, I think I need to work on it lol. Like you know those toppers who say they don’t study then get the best marks? I don’t like such people, so I don’t talk to them because I don’t think they’re genuine. I mean, what’s so wrong about owning the fact that you did study to get such results?! I mean I own it too and it’s not a big deal! It’s a little thing but it easily irritates me.

3: I tend to keep my real life away from my blogging one

By this I mean that I don’t let what’s happening in my real life, be it happy or sad, affect my blog unless it absolutely has to. It’s a small thing really, I don’t think people would have even noticed but I barely talk about my life aside from my blog If I start doing that I just think I’ll start overthinking stuff and it’ll be better to not mix the two lives up and keep them separate. It helps me look at my blog as a break from reality, and while most people find pleasure in telling their readers about what’s happening in their lives, I’m just a little uncomfortable with that.

*uncomfortable me*

And I guess I probably shouldn’t be because it would make me come across as a robot with no actual life but I think it’s fine considering y’all know my personality pretty well to consider me to be human enough. You guys know the little things in my life but not the big ones. Like this year I had a post scheduled on the day of my real sister’s wedding. The post went out when I was too busy dancing my butt off at the sangeet ceremony πŸ’ƒ.

4: I overthink way more in real life than I do regarding my blog

I mean, there’s really not much to overthink when it comes to my blog because well, it’s going pretty well and I consider it a success. Besides, many people enjoy what I write, so that builds up my confidence! And I think things are just easy here. My blog brings out the best version of me.

But in real life, I worry more about stuff and get upset easily, which is usually not evident until I actually tell somebody and that does not happen often. I mean, when you are this typical 15 year old living in absolutely luxury, what’s not to overthink about, huh πŸ™‚?

5: I don’t speak in English with anybody in real life

Not unless it is absolutely necessary! I feel so weird having conversations with people I’ve been calling “naalayak” and “besharam” my whole life (which are mild slang-ish Hindi terms), because English feels so sophisticated and friends are not supposed to be sophisticated with each other, it is against the very rules of friendship!

But wait- I do have English conversations with myself when I’m alone or in a public place but not surrounded with anybody and feeling very awkward. It’s this bad habit that I have and I’ll begin babbling to myself, having conversations in a weird American accent, before I realise people could actually be looking at my mouth and thinking I’ve gone crazy lol.

Hmm…looking back on this post I think this was supposed to be more thoughtful and self-satisfying than interesting. If you did like it though, do lemme know!

So, that’s it then. If you are a blogger, did you relate to any of these? What’s one aspect of you blog life in which you are different than how you are in real life? Let me down in the comments πŸ˜€.



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36 thoughts on “5 Ways My Blogging Self is Different from My Real Life One

  1. Blogging life has to be different from real life!!
    I’m more talkative here and people might assume I’m an extrovert, but in reality, I’m an ambivert. Here I am keeping things related to blogs and stuff and not interested to know about anything outside that.
    In blogging or on social media, I don’t expect anything from anyone!!
    Btw, Great blog Quirky pages, you bring the good stuff always!!!
    Kudos and keep growing!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. #3 talk about bloggers that you don’t like. Now, I wonder which blogger/bloggers that would be? or at least tell who are your favourite bloggers?? Cause this all gave me another cool idea for a blog you can create. πŸ™‚

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  2. I am less tolerant too! Infact most of the bloggers who reach out to me offline would also vouch for how ‘less friendly’ I am offline with random bloggers. And with people in real life toh my resting bitch face takes care of any unwanted conversations. πŸ˜›
    When I read the title for point 3 I was like – hell yeah, sameee. But in actual we are the exact opposite. I keep all the REAL people in my life away from my blog so that I can be me and share stuff that I wouldn’t want to share with a larger offline audience. πŸ™‚
    My parents (my mum is an English teacher) and Convent education actually made it hard for me to communicate in HINDI (big words and numbers are a problem). A vendor called me yesterday and quoted some big number in hindi and I had to call my dad to ask what it meant!!! πŸ˜₯

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    1. Oops sorry for the late reply, WordPress has a habit of marking any random comment as spam πŸ˜’.
      And ooh, I can’t believe you would ever be called less friendly because you always seem so nice here πŸ˜‚. Everybody has their hidden sides though.
      And you know i get the appeal of not sharing your thoughts with people you know. It feels easy to talk when there’s a high chance you’re never gonna even meet these people lol.
      Omg i know so many people who don’t Hindi counting, poor you. 🀣


  3. Hmmm I dont think I am that different but I do relate to the english usage one cuz I dont use English AT ALL in normal convos but idk when I am thinking I think in english cuz then I sound more sophisticated and smart somehow (not that speaking hindi makes me dumb ugghhh idk how to explain this but yeah)

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  4. I maintain two personas honestly, but then it gets weird when my irl friends read my blog and ask me things like “did you hide this incident from us” or “you’re totally not an ambivert you’re a total extrovert” and sometimes imply that I’m a liar on the blog. I relate to you about being so straightforward irl! I’m a total meanie but I don’t go telling people online that they suck. On the other hand, I’m very funny irl and yes, “Naalayak” slang supremacy!
    This post was so interesting to read~~

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    1. Ooh that’s a quick way to judge 😢. And i know right! Not even people sometimes little things can just be annoying.
      “Naalayak” slang supremacy omg πŸ˜‚.
      Thanks a lot, Divi!


  5. Wow, this is so relatable! I don’t speak in English IRL too, unless it’s an official situation or something. Only thing is I overthink the same about on my blog and in my real life! Someone in my life finding out about my blog would be my biggest nightmare though.

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  6. I mean, honestly, you’d probably hate me IRL, lol because I am the person who says I am gonna fail to prep myself lol
    And my IRL life and blogging life are like worlds apart- I am the COMPLETE opposite IRL
    And like I have certain people to talk in English and some in Hindi it’s just weird lol
    Great post!

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  7. Yay, finally the full post came out. I already read the first 3 points so I didn’t read that part.
    You call your friends β€œbesharam” and β€œnalayaak” I call my bff silly and she calls me sill-sill cause I am supposedly double silly. And I completely relate to not being intolerant irl. I am really hot headed in real life. If anyone says anything to me. I roast them 😈, say bad words πŸ‘€ and yell. So..well luckily the blogging community hasn’t seen that side of me

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  8. ahhh I’m such an over-thinker too! You can always find me worrying about the stupidest thing ahaha ✌️✌️
    And wow it’s cool to hear that you don’t speak a lot of English in real life! It’s the only language i use with my friends πŸ˜‚
    Loved reading this post!!

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  9. Ok i relate to like almost everything here..
    Irl i dont talk to 45 people in a day but here i respond to comments to like sooo manyy people almost daily..lets just irl people are just a bit insufferable πŸ˜ΆπŸ™‚ the people here tho are much kore welcoming so that cud be a reason

    I ALWAYS have convos with myself in english and if I am too unhinged its Shakespearean πŸ™ƒ

    Cool post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right! People here seem so much more human lmao πŸ˜‚.
      And wow, I’ve never talked to myself in Shakespeare but that sounds cool 🀣🀣.
      Thanks a lot!


  10. I can sort of relate to the last one. English is my first language, but I took four years of Spanish in school, and a lot of the time, I’ll either talk to myself or someone in my family in Spanish out of nowhere. I don’t remember much Spanish, but I remember the basics. My family thinks I’m so weird for it. I also do the same with Korean occasionally, as I listen to K-Pop, so I’ve picked up on a few words and phrases in Korean. I always thought I was the only one who talked to myself in a different languageπŸ˜‚

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  11. NEHAL I LOVED THIS AND RELATE WITH THE FIRST POINT SO MUCH!! I’m two completely different people blogging and IRL and no one from the two different worlds would ever recognise me in the other world (umm CAN WE PLS PRETEND THAT MADE SENSE?)

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I did already read half of this earlier (**heehee, yes, I’m evil** 😈) BUT OF COURSE, WORDPRESS DID NOT NOTIFY ME WHEN YOU ACTUALLY POSTED THE WHOLE THING!! 😀😑 HOW DARE YOU, WORDPRESS?!?

    Anyway, I loved this post, Nehal, and I relate to a lot of the stuff you said here! I’m also a humongous overthinker, I don’t speak English to anyone in my real life, unless I’m teaching it or skyping with friends who live abroad, and while I share quite a few personal things on my blog, you only get to see the small portion of my life that I want you to see. There’s a whole lot more that I’m just not comfortable with sharing, so I completely get where you’re coming from!

    My sense of humor is actually similarly sarcastic in real life, though 😁 It just doesn’t usually occur in as much of a concentrated form as on my blog, where I’ll often dedicate a whole post to being sarcastic πŸ₯° Which means that, in my real life, my sarcastic remarks are often so short that people won’t understand I’m being sarcastic 😭😭😭 So then I’ll have to spell it out for them, which absolutely ruins the humor of the situation! Understand sarcasm already, people!! 😫

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    1. Lots of people read it earlier so your evilness is spreading, Neigh-me control yourself. πŸ‘€
      And yessss, how dare u WordPress 🀯😀?!

      Wait, you teach English? Did I not know that or is my memory just bad? Andddd ohhhh you don’t share much, now I’m very intrigued πŸ‘€.

      Yes but your whole sarcastic posts are always so awesome 😎. And omg I knowwww, i mean it doesn’t happen to me that often but i hateeee telling people that im sarcastic, it just ruins the purpose πŸ˜‚.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Noooooo, how dare you call me Neigh-me?! 😑 Thou hast no right to call me evil when thou art a million times more evil thyself!! 😀

        And well, what else would I be teaching when math and English are obviously the best subjects ever? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‡

        And yes, sarcastic posts all the way!! πŸ₯° (Is this a subtle hint that I’m already dying to read your next one? Maybe 😁)

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