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Demon in me

So here is something different. This is a poem on a very serious issue in society. It is fiction and not inspired by real events. I would have put a trigger warning but I do not want to spoil what the poem is about. Instead, I will say that the intended audience for this post is 14+.

He knows they canโ€™t take it anymore,
And yet, heโ€™s still torturing them.
When he speaks again, his words cut deep into her flesh,
Sending a jolt through her heart,
As her head snaps to attention.

A cold smile lingers on his face,
As he contemplates his next victim.
His eyes roam hungrily over them all,
Trying to locate the weakest.
She shifts in her seat,
Dread seeping through every pore of her body.

She can feel the waves of collective terror,
Radiating from each of them,
As they inwardly pray to be spared from his wrath.
And just when it gets hard to breathe,
He says her name,
A smug look flashing across his face,
At the panic in her eyes.

She swallows hard, knowing the worst has come,
Wishing so badly for it to be a dream.
She rises slowly,
Trembling from head to foot.
He drags her, then he pushes her,
Into the dirty, cramped room.

Her breathing quickens,
Till the air seems to be squeezed out of her lungs,
And she desperately tries to push him away,
But it doesn’t work.
He slams her down hard against the cold floor.
She’s gasping, wailing, she’s close to fainting,
But he doesn’t care.
They never do.

And then he does it.
The moment he enters her,
He has unleashed all the demonic cruelty
Anyone can ever possess.
She doesn’t gasp now, doesn’t say a word anymore,
For something inside of her breaks,
Shattering into tiny pieces she can’t put together.

She breaks, in a way she’s never broken before.
She lies there, hurt and shivering in the dark,
The sound of his maniacal laughter,
Burning itself into her memory.
She closes her eyes, and waits,
The only freedom that she is allowed.

And when it’s over, she walks out,
Into the same group who are still holding their breaths,
Dreading the inevitable, dreading what she had just faced.
They notice the lack of tears on her face,
The lack of emotion on her face.
She does not cry, not yet.

But there will be nights,
When she would muffle the howls that escape her throat with her blanket.
There will be days,
When she won’t see the sun and feel its heat,
But feel the dark closing in on her.
There will be times,
When she won’t recognize who she is anymore,
Used and twisted by a monster, lost whatever she used to be.

Lost her essence,
Lost her laughter,
Lost herself.
She thought she knew how to handle pain,
But it turns out,
That numbness is a worse feeling.

Some wounds are just too deep to be healed.


This poem depicts a group of girls who have somehow been trapped by a rapist. The girls are powerless to prevent what the man intends to do them. The poem is inspired by a similar event that I read in- All The Light We Cannot See.

Rape is an issue I never thought I would ever write on, or have the guts to publish, but looking back on the poem I wrote- The Cold Wait, I realized I can twist the ending and it would be a great way to make a poem to address this issue. If I have a blog and a voice, if I have content that people read, and if I have the power of being heard, it would be a shame to not use it to create awareness. THIS CRIME MUST STOP! Rape isn’t just physical torture, it is something that ruins a girl forever in ways I don’t ever want to imagine. So please, spread awareness, show support! This crime just has to stop!!

I don’t have much else to say, but I’ll link a blog post. Rape- A henious crime by Riddhi @ Whispering Stories. Please read this!! Also, thanks to Tiction @ Fictionally Crazy for coming up with such a great title.


Welcome to my site where I talk about all things bookish and from time to time, put my writing skills to test.

45 thoughts on “Demon in me

  1. Nehal, this poem was very well written so good job for that. And I’m so glad that you are using this platform to spread awareness. It was so hard to read a poem about that crime then I can only say how hard it is to experience this. It is so disheartening to know how this crime happens everyday, every hour, every minute, every second, worldwide but there are still no strict rules against it, no strict punishments, either. Everywhere, instead of talking about what a girl should wear and what she should not, can our leaders please talk about what they can do to stop this crime. We can hang a person for murder but why does it take so many years to punish a person accused of rape when it’s hundred times worse than death?

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    1. Thanks a lot, Roshni! And you’re right! I’ve just written this and it’s so painful, people should be aware of how much this act can hurt someone. The society shames women for their clothes and their body and there are people who do this brutal act not caring about the clothes, so what’s the point? Thanks so much for reading and sharing your views! You’re so right!

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  2. I’m so glad you decided to publish this poem, Nehal – I got goosebumps reading it! I think it’s wonderful that you’re using your platform to spread awareness for something as grave as rape, and I think you handled it in a way that does the issue justice. Keep writing and making your voice heard!

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  3. This is something which every woman, every girl dreads upon. On setting foot in the outside world, I’m tired of always having to be on alert for creeps like these. Some, very unfortunate souls, are also not safe in their own house and that troubles me alot. Everytime I see a news of a girl raped somewhere, I’m sure it gives chills to every other woman as it does to me. But, it is a fault in us, that we only rasie our voices once the harm is done. If only voices were raised earlier, the lives of nearly many souls could be saved from being broken. But the society gives the power to those demons…… Wonderful poem, Nehal. It reached to the depths of my heart. I wish to write on this topic as well someday, however I’m not sure I’m just ready yet.

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    1. It’s fine, I know it’s hard to write on topics like this. I mean, I shared it and I’m still not confident about it. And you’re absolutely right! Better late than never. The more awareness created at an earlier stage, the better.

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  4. This is a wonderful piece, Nehal! And actually matched a lot of my feelings I too wanted to write something about the topic but the strength this topics need is just beyond any thing, but you did it, buddy! I’m so proud of you. Powerful piece!!๐Ÿ’–

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  5. “Some wounds are just too deep to be healed.”
    This was heartbreaking nehal. I don’t even know what more to say except the fact that I am so proud that you decided to do it.
    I have written poems on this issue too but i always hold back before publishing it, and i don’t even know why. This was very deep.

    PS: Don’t mind me, I just had one suggestion. I think we should limit this crime to just a particular sex. It can happen to anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation and it does happen.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Akshita! And yeah, I know it feels hard posting such stuff. I hope you do publish them sometimes, we would love to read them!
      And yes. You’re right! The fact that this crime happens to both the genders is another portrayal of how low humanity has seeped. I should have remembered that while writing this, uff. Thanksss!


  6. So proud of you for posting this!
    I could feel every word of this poem – I think as girls in India – rape is such a deep seated fear in all women’s minds.
    “Some wounds are just too deep to be healed.” – ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I still remember how scared I was to go to college after the Nirbhaya case. I used to take the same bus route that she took to college and I was so scared to take the bus after that. And it’s been almost 10 years and it is so sad that the situation is still the same. :/ I hope things change soon!

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  7. In India, this will keep on happening as men know that there is no stringent law against this. I have also seen many cases, where a girl gets pregnant and the judge asks the rapist to marry her. Men will keep on doing such heinous crimes and the government will do nothing about it. Some people will burn candles for the person, the media will talk about it for a few days and nothing will be done against it. I read in today’s newspaper that a 13-year-old girl was abducted and raped by 16 men. I felt helpless while reading it, because I know I cannot do anything for it and shit, no one will do anything about it, but the life of that girl and countless other girls is completely destroyed.
    I have so much more respect for you after reading this beautiful poem, You have proved that you can write on a vast variety of topics.
    You have done such a fantabulous job, this poem gave me chills and I was in horror while reading it. If a reader is bound with the piece of creation, that means the writer succeeded.

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    1. Ugh, I know right! Rules are made, but people still go at it and there’s literally no stopping. These news headlines just shake us, they’re so bad! And like, we don’t even know our efforts will ever be enough.
      We can always have hope though, I guess..
      Your comment made my day! Thanks so much, good to know that you enjoyed the poem and it made you feel something.


  8. This poem was written very well. Your writing style reminds me of my own. I donโ€™t write poems to rhyme or to be fluffy but instead to express deep emotion or stories. Iโ€™ve never met anyone else who writes like I do without necessarily rhyming or having a clear rhyme scheme, but seeing that you write similarly to myself, it reassured me in my own works. Also, thank you for addressing this issue. So many people are scared to talk about things like this, and it becomes even more frustrating when those issues are becoming more and more prevalent.

    Also, this is a bit off topic, but this poem really reminded me of Law and Order: SVU. Iโ€™m not sure if youโ€™ve heard of it, but Iโ€™ve been marathoning all 23 seasons of it the past few months, and this poem reminded me of it.

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    1. You’ll actually find that lots of people here on WordPress write poems that don’t rhyme but ones that convey just raw emotions and feelings. And I’m so glad you liked the poem! ๐Ÿฅฐ
      Oh, i indeed haven’t heard of Law and Order: SVU ๐Ÿ˜…. I don’t watch long tv series that much haha.

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