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5 Blogging Pet Peeves Of Mine

Number 1: Not responding to comments 🤩.

Hey Pals 🤩!! Today, I’m bringing you a post in which I share some of my blogging pet peeves! 🤩

I don’t know why I used that star-eyes emoji, it’s not like I’m overjoyed at the concept of some unpopular opinions that will probably be frowned upon and make me come across as condescending, now am I? 🙂 So anyways, enough stupidity, let’s get started!!

Note: What follows are personal opinions. I don’t mean to insult or hurt anyone’s feelings.

1: Overuse of words like- honestly, personally, seriously, definitely, absolutely, literally etc.

I literally have no idea how I can explain this point enough. This is one that definitely annoys me the most, and personally, I think we would honestly be so much better off without it absolutely ruining our lives.

Ahem, ahem, now wasn’t that a very pleasant sentence to read? 🙂✨

I understand when people use these words to emphasize, but sometimes I see them being used more than twice in a sentence! I’m so annoyed! Like I can’t understand why people have to emphasize these words, I mean, we get you’re being as honest as a…um, as a…uh…as an…apple (?), you don’t have to shove it in my face 😵. Not just book bloggers, I see this in so many of my favorite booktubers as well. It’s not even that it’s a bad thing, it’s just very overwhelming. I seriously don’t know how I can make people understand this well enough.

2: People going on unannounced hiatus’

I am pretty sure this shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but I have this weird theory in my mind that when people go on unannounced hiatus, they just want attention 😒, which I know is not true. If I, all of a sudden, realize a said someone has not been posting much since a long time, I usually go and comment on their post to see if they’re alright. But you know, you can save me the trouble by just posting a blog about how you have exams going on and hence won’t be much active, just how hard is that?! It clears up all the confusion and worry, and most importantly, iT gIvEs Us hOpE tHaT tHeRe iS a poSsIBiLiTy tHaT yOu mIgHt dRaG yOuR ButT bAcK iNtO bLoGgInG aT sOME pOiNt In tHe fUtUrE !!

3: The WordPress Reader not showing enough blogs

This is the worst! I follow over a hundred bloggers and my WordPress Reader doesn’t even show me like half of their latest blogs! I mean, why!? Why would you do that, what did I ever do to you 😭?! It’s so annoying when I realize I have missed so many bloggers’ posts just because my stupid Reader didn’t do the courtesy of showing them! You had one job, you abominable betrayer! One freaking job!!

So if anyone was wondering why I don’t read their blogs, here’s thine reason.

4: People not using enough dividers in their post

By dividers, I do not necessarily mean separators. I mean headings, bold text, or any other similar thing that distinguishes a part of your post from the rest. You probably do not know this about me, but I have a phobia- longpostophobia 😔. I cannot read a long post without being hopelessly bored. I have lot of trouble reading a long post written in that tiny font that WordPress offers. I really appreciate it when people divide such a post into various sections so that I know which one is interesting enough for me to read. And not only does that help the reader, but it also makes the post look so much better in itself!

5: Using too many strikethroughs in a post

You need to calm down, girl~

I think strikethroughs are awesome! They are so good when you want to emphasize a point in that weird way that makes it seem like a secret. But then there are people who use it too much, like more than 10 strikethroughs in a single post. It takes away the purpose of a strikethrough. And it is frustrating! Some people use it at places where it is totally unnecessary. I mean, are you really just using it for the sake of using it? Because I sure as hell am not reading your post just for the sake of reading it, so you better appreciate that and sToP!

I literally hope you enjoyed this post, because I honestly worked so hard at making this, you know… absolutely good! 😇

Lol, that was all! I hope you enjoyed it! Do you relate to any of these? Let me know a blogging pet peeve of yours, down in the comments 😀.

Ps- It’s my pal- Riddhi @ Whispering Stories‘ birthday today 🤩. Happy birthday lah, hope you have the awesomest day ever!! 🎉🎆✨

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