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3 Things To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day

Hey Pals!! So recently, the increasing Covid cases in my country, as well as in several others, and with the incoming news of close family members’ deaths, I’ve noticed that it’s having a really bad impact on the mental health of so many people worldwide. Despite that, the negative air that seems to have engulfed the whole world is shoving itself upon us in ways I didn’t know were possible (oh, I know the COVID cases have reduced in India now, I wrote this intro long ago when they were still high).

That’s me, wiping your tears, if you’re sad.

You’ve probably lost someone recently, you’ve probably just fought with a friend, you’ve probably just said things to someone and regret it now, you’re probably hurting within and nobody knows. This post is my way of trying to make you feel better. If in any way, it helps you, nothing can make me happier.

So, here are: 3 things you can do to feel happier.

Note: I’m not a professional. I’m just sharing stuff that I find a little useful, in the hope that maybe it ends up helping someone.

1: Take a bath and then wear your best clothes:

This may sound very trivial and insignificant, but my experience has led me to the conclusion that what we wear and how we dress, can have a big impact on our moods. Looking good makes you feel good, and it can be a big motivator on a bad day.

Now, I know we don’t look like this after having a bath, I personally look like I just had a hair experiment that went wrong, but well…🙂

Especially on a day when you wake up with a sour mood, I highly recommend taking a pleasing bath, and dressing in not just the random clothes you wear daily, but spicing things up a little. How about taking out your denim cutoffs and putting them on with your favourite white minion’s shirt that your mom does not let you wear because you will “stain” it 🙄, but come on, she can give you one day’s freedom now, can’t she!? Comb your hair, and though I’m not one for makeup, if it suits you, go apply some mascara and eye shadow and top it off with your favourite lip gloss and bam! When you look in the mirror, you will see the new you!

2: Instead of screaming and shouting, let it out by singing…or as close to singing as it gets:

Go somewhere where you are alone, like your house’s rooftop, or just shut the door of your bedroom and switch on the fan of your room so the voice drowns out any other sounds. Then put your headphones/earphones on, play your favourite song, one that always gets you to lip-sync or one that always makes you want to dance. Then do what!? Sing it! Yes, that’s a command. Believe me, nobody cares if you sound like a drowning duck, plus nobody can hear you. And if they do, who cares!? Scream your lungs out 🤩. Dance your butt off 🤩. Break a leg 🤩. Break both legs 🤩. Honestly, sometimes when I’m in a bad mood, I start jumping up and down on my bed at an upbeat song, shouting at the top of my voice, doing something that can be associated as the grandmother of crazy dancing (okay, that only happened two times, but that’s because I’m kinda shy when it comes to singing, hehe). It might help!

3: Get out of the house:

Oh yeah, not ignoring the fact that we got our favourite uncle- Uncle COVID governing our lives, but if your parents allow you, you can go to your park for evening strolls, you can even play badminton with your siblings or any friends who live nearby. You can go cycling, or drive/learn an activa or any other two-wheeler or even a car if you’re old enough. You can even legit just go to your rooftop, anywhere, just get out of your FREAKING HOUSE I DON’T CARE HOW! JUST DO IT! You need a change of scenery, sometimes going through the same, dull routine every day can be a reason for feeling empty. Maybe you’re feeling down because nothing is happening in your life, you need to spice things up, bring a change to your usual routine. Even looking outside the window can act as a relief from your own life when you see so many people going about their day.

That’s all I have. I was going to make this post about 5 points, but apart from these three I couldn’t think of anything different, just the usual stuff like, you know, distract yourself, do something you love, etc etc. So I decided to just share three.

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any more suggestions on what one can do to feel better on a bad day, down in the comments 😀.