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A Question for You (Yes, YOU)

To whoever reads this, you must give an answer to my question down below in the comments. This is meant for anyone who comes across this article.

Here is my question: If, by some miracle, each and every person in the entire world has been stripped off of whatever bothers them, whatever makes them sad, every single feeling that causes them pain has been taken away from them, leaving them happy and grief-free, every person except you, would you feel happy for them or sad for yourself??

Think about it and be honest when you let me know your answer. We are humans. We can’t always act selflessly. The courage lies in bravely accepting what you feel and not being afraid to express it. I, for one, am sure I will happy to see my friends and family so happy, but there would be this hollow ache too that would make me feel envious of them.

Waiting for your replies…