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7 Words I Don’t Like At All

Tip: Do NOT use these words when I am in a foul mood, or I’ll end up drowning in the puddle of exasperation. 

Hey Pals!! Today, I’ll be sharing with you my most hated words, because apparently, I have way too much time on my hands what with pre-boards coming and my sister’s wedding next week 🙂. I’m starting to realize my intros are very weird~

So anyways, no need to say anything else then, let’s get started!!

1: Aww

Don’t you just hate it when people aww you?! Because I sure as hell do. It feels like the kind of word elders would use on little kids to condescend them or something. Here I’ll be ranting about how I haven’t read a book in 20 days, and people would be all- Awwwwwww, and I’m like- dood vot da hel 🙂.

2: Eh/meh/bleh

These words are fine but sometimes, they come across as straight-up rude. When I ask somebody how’s life and they say “eh”, it’s fine a few times, I get it. But when they do it every single time I ask them, that drives me crazy. If you don’t wanna talk just tell me, no need be so bland 😭.

3: Maths 🙂

This word. Scares. The hell. Out of me. This, and when combined with physics, chemistry and biology, are enough to give me an existential crisis. It’s not even that I’m bad at Maths, but I’m just so scared of it that I would not be able to do half of the exam just because I would be too busy freaking out about the fact that it’s a Maths exam. #lifeishard #butmathsisharder. I still get fine marks though.

4: Beautiful

I have nothing against this word except for the fact that I find it boring. I mean, “you look beautiful”, sounds so bland. And the word in itself is just so big and it doesn’t even feel nice when you pronounce it, it is a very boring word for something with a nice meaning. It is so one-dimensional. I mean there are better words! Nice, pretty, lovely, charming, etc etc. Anything is better than beautiful! 🙄

5: Chill

First off, people need to learn that someone can’t “chill” just because you tell them to “chill” 🙂.

This is such a nice word 😞. But Leigh Bardugo has ruined it for me. This and the phrase- a chill ran down her spine, I cannot stand them anymore. She legit used this phrase like 8 times in Shadow and Bone 🤯 (yes, I counted!) and now I can’t stand this word. Neither can I stand shudders, shivers or tremors passing through someone’s spine when they are scared. They are so overused and they feel like a very obvious and common way for the author to show that a character is scared. 

6: Nerd

It’s fine if you call a nerd a nerd. It’s not fine when you call a totally non-nerd and aWeSoMe, aMaZiNg, cOoL, sMaRt and fAnTaStIc pErSoN such as ME a nerd! Hmph.

7: Baby/Sweetie

These two words are kinda similar in meaning when you think of them from the romantic point-of-view. Baby is actually kinda cute but it sounds so senseless, it kinda makes me cringe! I mean, babe for instance sounds cool, but bay-bee sounds so backward. As for sweetie, that word is just ridiculous. Try saying it in the Indian accent, emphasize on the “t” in sweetie. It sounds so weird. In American accent, I have to say this word sounds kinda nice, but I’m Indian, so…heh.

Those are for me. I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know down below in the comments a word that you find annoying 😀.