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One Of Us Is Lying- Book Review |Want a Swoon-worthy Fictional Crush? Nate Macauley to the Rescue|

Hey Pals!! Today, after 126 years (don’t ask me why I chose that specific number, I don’t know), I will be doing a book review! This is a spoiler-free book review of the one and only- One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. Mcmanus! Without much ado, let’s get started!!

Note: This is a spoiler-free review, however, there might be minor spoilers regarding the romance of the book in the Nate Macauley and the romance section. If you really don’t want to be spoiled for anything just skip that, but I still think it’s not that major so you can read those sections too.

GoodReads Synopsis:

Pay close attention and you might solve this.
On Monday afternoon, five students at Bayview High walk into detention.
Bronwyn, the brain, is Yale-bound and never breaks a rule.
Addy, the beauty, is the picture-perfect homecoming princess.
Nate, the criminal, is already on probation for dealing.
Cooper, the athlete, is the all-star baseball pitcher.
And Simon, the outcast, is the creator of Bayview High’s notorious gossip app.

Only, Simon never makes it out of that classroom. Before the end of detention Simon’s dead. And according to investigators, his death wasn’t an accident. On Monday, he died. But on Tuesday, he’d planned to post juicy reveals about all four of his high-profile classmates, which makes all four of them suspects in his murder. Or are they the perfect patsies for a killer who’s still on the loose?

Everyone has secrets, right? What really matters is how far you would go to protect them.

The Plot:

The plot was the second-best thing about this book. The plot was intriguing enough to get me hooked. It addicted me to the book to a level that when I wasn’t reading it, I just wanted to go pick it up, even when nothing much was happening. There was this twist at the end that I hadn’t predicted, that caught me off guard. At first, I thought it was a little weird, but I still liked how it wrapped up the entire mystery thing in a decent way.

Also, one thing you need to know, many people consider that the way this book depicted mental illness was problematic, which may not be true, because the book did not promote it, but if you do find something disturbing, don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Just check the trigger warnings once to be sure, if you want. I’m not including them because…I don’t want to.

The Writing:

The writing was cool. I mean, at some parts you might feel that the book is dragging a little bit when we get a lot of the background of each of the characters, so that’s one thing you might want to look out for you. But it’s also fun because all the time you’re wondering- who did it?!

The Characters:

This, this!! This is the best part of the book! People could argue the characters were clichΓ©, but that was the purpose of the story, wasn’t it? To make the characters clichΓ©. You have the pretty princess, the brainy beauty, the baseball boy, and the dangerous drug dealer. And believe me, the characters were done well. Each of them had depth. The story was written from each of the four characters’ perspectives, and I think the author did a good job at making each of them fairly interesting.Β 

The one thing I didn’t like about one of the main characters was the major secret that Cooper was hiding…it was just too clichΓ©. Same with Nate, a clichΓ© trope was involved with his story too. So if you’re a person who can’t handle too much clichΓ©, this might tick you off, but the rest of the book is still good enough to maybe dull the impact.

And don’t even get me started on the side characters! One of them, I’m not gonna name which one so as not to ruin the fun for you, was written really well, with just enough foreshadowing about their role later in the story to make that ending make sense…did I make sense?

Nate Macauley!

And now for my most favourite character- NATE MACAULEY! 😭 I can’t get over him, I need help! That guy, I mean that guy is just…😍 You wanted to swoon, right? If you’re a typical, weird teenager like me who can’t get enough drama in their own boring life, you will love-with-a-capital-L Nate, because he is freaking hot! Okay? Nobody can deny that 😀, I have my image of him in my mind and he’s damn hot! Not just hot, he’s an awesome boyfriend too!

If you’re looking for me to tell you why I find him so hot, I have absolutely no idea how I can do that in a spoiler-free review. But I’ll try. So here goes: 

As is pretty obvious by now, Nate is pretty much the bad guy in the story.Β He used to be friends with Bronwyn, but then they drifted apart, but now they’re getting closer again due to the murder thingy that they are involved in. It’s not just about the bad-boy vibe that comes along with Nate that makes me like him, you know? There are lots of bad boys. It’s about how he’s got lots more to him, and the author has written it in a very balanced manner. She hasn’t made him bad exactly, she’s just given him a dark vibe. Usually, authors write bad boys who have a soft spot for a girl and hate everybody else or bad boys who aren’t bad blah blah. Nate is kind of a mix of both but in a good way. As I said, he’s just got a dark vibe to him, he’s not bad.

The Romance:

Nate and Bronwyn make such an amazing pair. I mean, the person he is to Bronwyn is basically what makes me love him so much! He’s sweet, but at the same time when it comes to romance, aah the scenes will leave you wanting for more! The fact that Bronwyn, despite being a brainy girl doesn’t think of herself as ugly or whatever is another thing that makes the romance worth it- Bronwyn feels realistic! And the late movie nights these two have are to die for! So the romance was one of the best aspects of the story.

The Epilogue:

Yes, the epilogue deserves a section of its own. That epilogue touched my heart and I’m not okay πŸ˜”. It was sweet! I’m not even gonna tell you what it is about, but if you were shipping the same characters that I was throughout the whole story, you will love it!


4.5/5 stars…or maybe just 4? I do recommend this if you’re looking for a fun murder mystery and an, ahem, jaw-dropping, heart-wrenching, amazingly gorgeous character…I’ll stop.

So, that was all for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope my review helped you in some way. Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on it? Is it on your TBR pile? Let me know down below in the comments πŸ˜€.

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Reacting to your assumptions about me! Part 1

Hey Pals!! So, I did an assumptions post as a 600 follower special. If you missed it, and still want to comment, check it out here, you can obviously still comment. So I received a ton of assumptions, which ahem, I can’t even tell you how happy it made me 😭❀. So today, I’ll be reacting to them. Without much ado, let’s get started!!

Note: Since I got a really fine number of assumptions, this post would have been too long if I did them all at once. So, I will be doing half today, and half in another post.

Riya @ Riya’s World

You are a girl with specs, black top, medium length hair, and u live in an apple, and u r waving at me.

You just described my bitmoji, Riya, how clever πŸ˜‘. Also no, those are short hair. Thanks though! πŸ˜‚

Dhriti @ Girl Power

You are popular- The amount of thought that I had to give this question is embarrassing πŸ˜‚. In the blogging world? Duh, sure I am. In the real world though? Um, no idea.

You like the colour blue- Indeed! It even suits me.

You are a potterhead- Yup!

You are super funny- Oh no, I know nothing about humor, I am a dumbo πŸ™‚.

You have many friends- Yes actually πŸ˜…. I didn’t until last year though, but blogging has been an influence for some reason.

You are a teen– No, I am a 51-year-old divorced housewife who knits sweaters in her free-time and waits for her only son to come home from work, drinking and yelling πŸ˜”.

That being said, I’m a teen indeed.

Roshni @ It’s The Little Things

– your favourite fruit is an apple- YES, IT IS! I can eat apples all day! In fact, I do eat apples all day 🀩.

– you are the funniest person in your group- It’s um…complicated. Yeah maybe? Ask my friends?

– you love love love fantasy- I used to. Lately, the genre just intimidates me. I prefer books set in our own world in either the past or the future. I feel more connected to them.

– you love Taylor Swift- Yes, she is one of my favourite singers πŸ˜.

– your favourite subject is science- yup, favourite subject it is. Science is my favourite subject… from the bottom though πŸ™‚.

–your favourite ice-cream flavour is chocolate- No, it is butterscotch, but I love chocolate too!

– you like to sing when you’re alone– No truer words have ever been said, how did you know that 🀩?!

Sam di @ Diary of a Dreamer

My assumptions about you: A nerd, (not necessarily academically), spectacles, bathroom singer, average height.

I don’t like being called a nerd, of any kind πŸ˜’. But I totally don’t get what you mean. I do wear spectacles, though I hate to! I am not a bathroom singer though, it’s a pain to sing while cold water is beating down on you. And my height is around 5 feet 3 inches only, so it isn’t that tall. Girls in India are apparently considered to be of good-height at such a height. I don’t agree though.

Blue @ Territory Of The Blueberry

You like teasing everyone a lot- Believe me, that’s like a part-time hobby of mine 😎.

You are that person in your friend group who cares about everyone, and you are there for them all the time… (Ayy, mom friend)– I mean, technically it would be wrong for me to respond to that, so you should ask my friends, but since you don’t know them, I think they would probably agree anyways, hehe.

You love pranking everyone (though people might not suspect this), and you like to smile like ze grinch when you do something mischievous…(evil rebel kid, you must be)- Okay, how is this so accurate?! I mean, I’ve done some really weird pranks. I’ve pranked my friends, my family, my online friends, hell I’ve even pranked my ex-crush twice πŸ™‚. And I do smile the wicked Grinch smile when I’m doing something evil.

If people insult your fandoms, you murder those pansycakes when they are asleep- So much violence in this comment, my sensitive heart can’t take it πŸ˜”βœ‹. Lol, no though. I don’t mind people doing that as long as they’re not specifically doing it to condescend me.

You hate lizards- Um, I don’t hate them, but I don’t like to go near them either, I mean who does? They do make me feel disgusted, but only sometimes, no offense…did I really say no offense to lizards?

When someone tells you β€˜you are awesome’, you reply with β€˜I know”- Yes, I do actually, because hey! I am awesome!! πŸ™„

When your friends don’t reply to your texts, you spam them- See for yourself:

English translation- uff, ask and tell

You praise yourself, but you don’t actually mean it… aka. You are modest- Yeah true. When I am in a narcisstic mood, I keep praising myself for fun, but when people give me genuine praise, I don’t say- “I know I write awesome, thanks”, because that is rude, lol.

And you are a banana :)- What does that even mean πŸ˜‚?

Silver Stone @ The Bored Side Of The Phone

1. You dislike maths and physics, but like literature and biology– I dislike maths, physics and biology, but I do like literature. It’s interesting!

2. You’re seemingly average heighted or slightly tall– True that. I’m around 5 3′, which is pretty average in our country for girls. I mean, 5 4′ is considered tall for girls here, so…

3. You see yourself as a cat lady with a huge book collection in about 10 years– I definitely see myself owning a huge book collection in 10 years 🀩, but I won’t have any cats, I don’t really like cats…I probably won’t have any kind of pet or maybe I would have a dog. Doggos are cute!

4. You like playing the electric guitar more than the acoustic guitar and you know how to play at least 2 pop songs- I um, don’t even know how to play an electric guitar. I know how to play the acoustic guitar though, and I really enjoy it!

Mokshba Di @ Happy Panda

  • You are a nerd who pretends to not be one- I am not πŸ˜’.
  • You trouble your sibling a lot- I don’t, I am a good bacha πŸ˜’.
  • You love eating chocolate- Oh yeah, I do! πŸ˜’
  • I’m your favourite blogger- What can I say, you seem to know the answer yourself πŸ˜’.

Terrible assumptions, di πŸ˜’.

Okay, I am only kidding, I liked the assumptions, and I’ll stop the weird emojis~

Shweta Di @ My Random Ramblings

1. You are a bibliophile- Yup
2. You are a Potterhead- Yup
3. You love food but you’re not a big fan of cooking– Yup

That was a lot of yups~

Riddhi @ Whispering Stories

1. The day you are copying this on your post, that day is a better day than the others you have had in a while– Not really. But I’m typing this post on two different days so the second one is pretty much a good day, so yeah. Nice assumption!

2. You are sleepy when you are typing the post– No, wide awake! I just gave an exam and have another one in two days so sleep is a word that crept out of my dictionary without my notice 😴.

3. Your ultimate fictional crush is Leo Valdez- I guess yeah, I mean I hope so. But since Nate Macaulay, I’m not so sure…

4. You don’t like cats- Indeed! I mean, in movies and TV shows they look so cute and tiny. But in my neighborhood, there’s this one cat that literally glares at me like she wants nothing better than to scratch my whole face 😳! So yeah, cats are a no for me.

5. You like eating and trying new kinds of foods– Oh yeah, totally!

Naemi @ A Book Owl’s Corner

1. Sometimes your friends won’t clue in on the fact that you’re being sarcastic and end up giving you these really weird looks, which you just contemptuously ignore. Because what’s the point in using sarcasm if you have to explain it to other people?– I freaking know right! I mean, I don’t like explaining my sarcasm to anyone, it takes the feel away. It happens to me a lot but luckily not that much. My friends think that apparently everything that I say is sarcastic πŸ™‚. They even think when I say “thanks” or praise them, that it is sarcastic.


2. You prefer speaking in Hindi, but writing in English- Yes! I do! If I am talking to anyone face-to-face, I can’t bear to have a conversation in English, it feels super weird, because being an Indian, I’m used to conversing in Hindi, especially slang-ish, dehati types Hindi πŸ˜‚. The only person I do have full-on English conversations with is myself when I pretend to be someone else and talk to myself, but you don’t need to know that.

3. You actually used to love math, but some horrible teacher ruined the subject for you. You will return to your love eventually, though!- Bwahahaha, don’t worry, Naemi, I will never return to my love, considering I never had it in the first place πŸ˜‡. Maths was always my most hated subject. The only times I have liked it are in 6th standard when I managed to score well because of tuition, and in 8th-9th standard, I had a love-hate relationship with it. Currently, I still don’t like it, but 10th Maths is easier than I would’ve expected and I kinda enjoy it, so at least that’s something you can be happy about, hehe. Also yeah, my current Maths teacher hates me πŸ˜ƒ and called me “good for nothing” πŸ˜ƒ and even threw my copy on the floor πŸ˜ƒ. So yeah πŸ˜ƒ, life’s good πŸ˜ƒ.

4. The Sorting Hat wanted to put you in Slytherin, but you wormed your way into Gryffindor instead– Okay, how in the name of Merlin’s pants do you happen to know that 😳? It is true. When I took the quiz on Pottermore, the Sorting Hat did put me in Slytherin, and I was kinda young then and thought Slytherin was bad, so I referred to the results of a bunch of other quizzes that I had taken earlier and convinced myself that I am not an evil person and am indeed a Gryffindor. Lol. Now though, I love Slytherin more.

Hermione @ Portable Magic

1. You are a very sarcastic person and always answer with sarcasm when you are angry– Look, here’s the thing. A very sarcastic would never say that they are very sarcastic, it defies the rules of sarcasm so πŸ˜—.

I honestly can’t figure out why this girl is so weirdly hilarious 🀣

2. You rarely scream at people but give them the ”look” and they find it very creepy– Depends upon the person, really. If I don’t like them at all, I try to ignore them. But sometimes I lose it and end up saying something rude. Mostly, I just ignore them instead of fighting with them and then they feel guilty and try to get me to talk to them… it’s so much fun 🀀😈.

3. Before you speak you measure your words, think them over and then tell them to that other person– It really depends upon the person, my mood and the person’s mood.

4. You probably spend time doing other things rather than studying but you never fail any test– Yeah, I don’t like studying, but uff, I still have to. I haven’t failed any school test, but I um…um…I might’ve failed a…er…a tuition test 😢, um yeah…but hey…

4. You are probably cautious when it comes to trusting people so it takes you a lot of time to trust somebody (and people find it weird)– Not exactly cautious, but I don’t let people in easily. People think I don’t tell them stuff, which is annoying as it isn’t true, I do tell them stuff, but I’m not always in the mood, and people find it weird. They make me think like I’m obligated to tell them everything which isn’t true. I just don’t like sharing all the time.

5. You are an introvert at most times but sometimes you switch to extrovert when it comes to some people- No, ambivert at most times, and switch to extrovert with some people.

So, that’s all for today! I hope you had fun reading these, I sure as hell had fun reacting! Let me know what you thought down in the comments, and stay tuned for part 2 πŸ˜€.

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Save One Drop One Book Edition

Hey Pals!! Today, I will be doing the Save One Drop One Book Edition.

Once again, I expect some applauding at the ginormous length of this intro πŸ™‚.

It’s not over yet, so I expect some applauding for real. ‘Coz it honestly doesn’t feel the same sitting alone at home and applauding yourself at a totally inappreciable thing you did (yes, I have done that).

So, Save One Drop One basically involves me having to choose between two books- which one would I save and which one would I drop. Easy peasy, except…it can get hard! But it’s the first time I am doing it so I hope it goes good. This is a pretty trending video idea on Booktube, which was why I thought to do it too! I asked Riddhi @ Whispering Stories to browse my GoodReads and suggest me some books to choose from, so thanks to her! Now without further ado, let’s get started!!

1: Six Of Crows vs Crooked Kingdom

This one is actually not that hard. I have read Six Of Crows twice because the first time that I read it the politics and stuff flew over the top of my head. So I reread it after reading Shadow and Bone, and boy was it good! The second book was an amazing sequel, but I still prefer the first one because it kind of feels more like home somehow, plus the second one is a bit too long. So, Save Six Of Crows and Drop Crooked Kingdom.

2: The Upside of Falling vs If I’m Being Honest

Another easy one. I found The Upside of Falling to be pretty meh. It had fake dating, and that’s not usually a trope I like, but apart from that, it was good, but definitely not as good as If I’m Being Honest. The latter had a lot more drama that felt refreshing instead of…well, the usual. And I liked the characters more too, it just felt a little more realistic. So yeah, Save If I’m Being Honest and Drop The Upside of Falling.

3: The Cousins vs One Of Us Is Lying

If you knew how much I love One Of Us Is Lying 🀩! The Cousins was an awesome book too, though. It was the first book by Karen M. Mcmanus that I read, but it does not have the same charm and allure and swoon (NATE MACAULEY, GUYS!) as One Of Us is Lying. So, I am saving that!

4: The Lightning Thief vs The Lost Hero

Hmm…I do really love the way Rick Riordan began The Heroes of Olympus series, unliked by most people. Even though The Lost Hero did not have Percy in it, I enjoyed it a lot because of all the drama that Leo, Jason and Piper had to face, it was super fun. But then again, The Lightning Thief is just so precious to me for introducing me to the world of Percy Jackson, and it was super intriguing! So, Save The Lightning Thief and Drop The Lost Hero. Sorry Leo, you know I still love you though, right? 😘

5: Fangirl vs The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Funnily enough, these books are very different from each other, and yet I have had similar reading experiences with both of them. I had high expectations for both of them, I was fairly disappointed by both of them, and at the same time I could not put them down, and both of them got 3.5 stars from me. I appreciated them and have fond memories of reading them, but apart from that, these are the kind of books I wouldn’t want to reread unless I don’t remember what happened. So, this is a little hard. I guess, that for now, I will just go ahead and Save The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Drop Fangirl…I don’t even know why I am doing this. Maybe because if not for this book, I would never have won the inter-house debate (long story), so I kinda owe it. It was also a lot more inspiring to me than Fangirl.

6: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban vs Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Okay wow, this is so cruel! I mean, this is just so freaking cruel, Riddhi, how could you do this to me!? You just had to choose two of the funniest Harry Potter books now, didn’t you? Couldn’t have chosen Deathly Hallows or Philosopher’s Stone or something now?! This is so unfair!

CAN I SAVE BOTH!??!??!????? PRETTY PLEASEEEEEEEE *insert puupy eyes as my phone doesn’t support it*

Ugh. Okay, so…I choose…um…

Ugh. I can’t do this 😭. *dies*

*Nehal’s ghost has entered the chat*

Okay, stop it, Nehal. Just choose one of them, it’s not a big deal, you still have the box set. And wrong timing to die too, bruh, I really have to pee, catch you later~

*Nehal has kicked the ghost out*

Won’t ever stop being useless, will you? Anyways, you’re right, I do still have the box set, heh. So, I will Save The Prisoner of Azkaban and Drop The Half-Blood Prince. And you know, I actually never liked The Prisoner of Azakaban that much, it was like one of my least favourites, not for any reason but that I did not have any strong feelings for it. The Half-Blood Prince, however, was one of my favourites, but I recently reread the third book and it made me laugh so hard and made me remember all the reasons why I still love Harry Potter, plus I won’t have to go through the pain of seeing someone die, so there’s that.

7: The Silent Patient or All the Light We Cannot See

I know what you did there! I know it, thou cruel, bood-thirsty, nauseating devil (that was me attempting a Shakespeare reference)!

Both of these were my second and third 5-star reads of the year respectively. I loved them both, and also both were gifted by my best friend (coincidence!). And both are so different!! I would love to save both, this is hard.

But If I do have to pick one, I will choose All The Light We Cannot See over The Silent Patient. I just can’t get over the beauty of that book. While the latter was mysterious and creepy, the former was just so achingly beautiful. Historical fiction is like a comfort genre for me, this book was very heartwarming, and I love the character of Warner too much to drop it.

So, that was it for me! I had loads of fun doing this. Now, I want you to find out which were the last two books you gave five stars to, then I want you to decide which one you want to save and which one you will d.r.o.p. Let me know in the comments πŸ˜€.

Ps– If this post turns out to be well-received by y’all I might do another edition of Save One Drop One. Do you want me to?

Ps 2- Also, I’ve got my Maths exam tomorrow, so if I don’t respond to your comments for the next two days, feel free to assume that I died giving the paper πŸ˜ƒ.

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Dear Idiot…

You’re the idiot,
The idiot who made me believe in love because of that post you wrote,
The idiot who made me feel less scared of the word “pagal”,
Because you used to call me that and I never minded anymore,
The idiot who pranked about your freaking death,
And now I’m forever scarred because I still think you’ve only got an year left.

You’re the idiot who managed to raise my self-esteem about what I write,
By praising everything I wrote, be it horrible.
You’re the idiot who made me lose one and a half hours of precious time before an exam,
‘Coz I was too busy freaking out about your body apparently rejecting a “bone marrow transplant”,
And yeah, I would never believe you if you say you’re dying again.

You’re the idiot who is my most annoying friend,
‘Coz you keep saying sorry when you’re unable to talk.
You’re the idiot whom I hate,
‘Coz you never picked up my calls just ‘coz you thought it’ll be weird.
You’re the idiot, the only one whose ever written a poem for me,
Do you know I’ve read it so many times now that I’ve practically got it memorized?

You’re one of those friends of mine that I am proud of,
For being able to get out of her negative thoughts last year,
The one person who still manages to see the good in the world.
Whatever’s bothering you, you’ll get out of it, you know it too.
I mean, you can’t stay sad for too long when you’ve got me now, can you?

So whatever this is, between us, I hope it’s forever.
I know I once wrote I’m scared about being tied to people,
But I’m not scared to imagine good things for our friendship.
We were each other’s support when our other friend once went away,
Now that she’s back, we’ve got lots more memories to make. The three of us.
And just so you know, you can’t be more pleased than I am,
For being the first one to write you a poem.

But if you prank your own death again,
Dude, I will make sure you are dead before the “one year” you’ve got left πŸ™‚.

Dedicated to an idiot friend of mine, who apparently thinks it’s funny to pretend they have bone marrow disease and will die in an year πŸ˜‘. I’m never forgiving her for that. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the poem. And she did too. I’m cringing so bad right now even though I’m the one who wrote this.

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Just hold on…

I know it hurts right now,
I know that you feel like you’re in a desert,
Full of winds,
That blow without any direction,
I know yesterday was hard,
And today is harder.
And I’m not even saying that
Everything will be a-okay, tomorrow.

Because life is hard,
And I know that I’ll never know what you’re going through,
Even though I’m here for you always, I know you feel alone.
And I am not saying it is worth living,
All I’m saying is that whatever it is you’re going through,
It’s not worth giving up.

Don’t you remember the time when you shed that tear
For Brendan and Cameron’s first kiss?
Remember the time your day got better,
When your favorite band released their latest song?
Remember the time you had late night talks with her,
And she made you laugh like nobody did?
Remember the time you first got nominated for a blogger award,
And you nominated like a gazillion people to share the joy?
Remember the time when you got a hundred followers?
When you created your own weekly tag?
When I told you your poems inspire me?
When you held a certificate in your hand when your poem got published?
Remember all that?

Remember the times you cherished the smell of a new book,
The feel of it in your hands,
The inward sigh you released when you turned the last page?
Don’t you want to feel it again?
These are precious moments,
Cherish them the same way you despise the bad ones,
And just hold on.
I know it’s hard, and I know you hate me for making you do this,
But just hold on a little while longer,
Just hold on, okay?

So wait a little longer, friend,
To see life become colorful again.
To see plants outside your window,
Bloom again.
Wait a little longer,
And you’ll be better. Soon.
And if not, I’m always here,
To make your life a little more intolerable,
With my weird emojis, and sad poems.
I know I’m miles away,
But I’m also just one call away.

So hold on a little longer,
For me, for you.
I’m here,
I’ll try to make it easier,
I know it doesn’t feel okay right now,
But it’ll be okay.
Till then, hold on.

Dedicated to a friend. And to anyone who is having a bad day.

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Shh, don’t say it…

Don’t tell me how much you love me,
Don’t tell me how much you care
Don’t tell me about the tears you shed,
Or how lonely you felt when I wasn’t there.

Don’t tell me any of this
For I know that I can hurt you,
Know that there is a chance one of us might walk away,
And know deep down it will be who.

Don’t tell me any of this,
For I will try every second to live up to your love,
I will try every second to believe,
In something I know you don’t deserve.

Don’t tell me any of this,
For I’ll overthink every moment of us,
And even though I know I love you too,
I will worry that I might never be enough.

Don’t tell me any of this,
For I am scared that I will shatter you,
I am scared of commitment,
And I am scared of what this fear of mine might lead to.

Don’t tell me any of this at all,
Not now, and not ever,
For I am just trying to live in the moment,
When you are having dreams of forever.

So don’t tell me how much you love me,
And don’t ever tell me how much you care,
For I am too much of a coward,
And I’ll just end up walking away.


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Six Word Story #12

Hey Pals!! So, I’m back with another six word story. The prompt is- Secret. Here is my attempt at it. Hope you like it.

I think I like him. Shh.

Written in response to the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt, hosted by Shweta Di @ My Random Ramblings. I know I am late, but the roundup post isn’t out yet so I thought I might as well give it a shot.

Let me know what you thought of it down in the comments. And don’t forget to leave your own six word story replies πŸ˜€.

Ps– Just in case you get your weird eyes out, this is fiction πŸ˜‚, and not inspired by real stuff.

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A Question for You (Yes, YOU)

To whoever reads this, you must give an answer to my question down below in the comments. This is meant for anyone who comes across this article.

Here is my question: If, by some miracle, each and every person in the entire world has been stripped off of whatever bothers them, whatever makes them sad, every single feeling that causes them pain has been taken away from them, leaving them happy and grief-free, every person except you, would you feel happy for them or sad for yourself??

Think about it and be honest when you let me know your answer. We are humans. We can’t always act selflessly. The courage lies in bravely accepting what you feel and not being afraid to express it. I, for one, am sure I will happy to see my friends and family so happy, but there would be this hollow ache too that would make me feel envious of them.

Waiting for your replies…

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7 Words I Don’t Like At All

Tip: Do NOT use these words when I am in a foul mood, or I’ll end up drowning in the puddle of exasperation. 

Hey Pals!! Today, I’ll be sharing with you my most hated words, because apparently, I have way too much time on my hands what with pre-boards coming and my sister’s wedding next week πŸ™‚. I’m starting to realize my intros are very weird~

So anyways, no need to say anything else then, let’s get started!!

1: Aww

Don’t you just hate it when people aww you?! Because I sure as hell do. It feels like the kind of word elders would use on little kids to condescend them or something. Here I’ll be ranting about how I haven’t read a book in 20 days, and people would be all- Awwwwwww, and I’m like- dood vot da hel πŸ™‚.

2: Eh/meh/bleh

These words are fine but sometimes, they come across as straight-up rude. When I ask somebody how’s life and they say “eh”, it’s fine a few times, I get it. But when they do it every single time I ask them, that drives me crazy. If you don’t wanna talk just tell me, no need be so bland 😭.

3: Maths πŸ™‚

This word. Scares. The hell. Out of me. This, and when combined with physics, chemistry and biology, are enough to give me an existential crisis. It’s not even that I’m bad at Maths, but I’m just so scared of it that I would not be able to do half of the exam just because I would be too busy freaking out about the fact that it’s a Maths exam. #lifeishard #butmathsisharder. I still get fine marks though.

4: Beautiful

I have nothing against this word except for the fact that I find it boring. I mean, “you look beautiful”, sounds so bland. And the word in itself is just so big and it doesn’t even feel nice when you pronounce it, it is a very boring word for something with a nice meaning. It is so one-dimensional. I mean there are better words! Nice, pretty, lovely, charming, etc etc. Anything is better than beautiful! πŸ™„

5: Chill

First off, people need to learn that someone can’t “chill” just because you tell them to “chill” πŸ™‚.

This is such a nice word 😞. But Leigh Bardugo has ruined it for me. This and the phrase- a chill ran down her spine, I cannot stand them anymore. She legit used this phrase like 8 times in Shadow and Bone 🀯 (yes, I counted!) and now I can’t stand this word. Neither can I stand shudders, shivers or tremors passing through someone’s spine when they are scared. They are so overused and they feel like a very obvious and common way for the author to show that a character is scared. 

6: Nerd

It’s fine if you call a nerd a nerd. It’s not fine when you call a totally non-nerd and aWeSoMe, aMaZiNg, cOoL, sMaRt and fAnTaStIc pErSoN such as ME a nerd! Hmph.

7: Baby/Sweetie

These two words are kinda similar in meaning when you think of them from the romantic point-of-view. Baby is actually kinda cute but it sounds so senseless, it kinda makes me cringe! I mean, babe for instance sounds cool, but bay-bee sounds so backward. As for sweetie, that word is just ridiculous. Try saying it in the Indian accent, emphasize on the “t” in sweetie. It sounds so weird. In American accent, I have to say this word sounds kinda nice, but I’m Indian, so…heh.

Those are for me. I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know down below in the comments a word that you find annoying πŸ˜€.