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Light me up

I was the butterfly that you trapped,
I was the hope that you shattered,
I was the light that could not be quenched,
I was the dream that always mattered.

But you broke me down,
And ripped out my heart.
Now with this burning rage,
I’ll tear you apart.

With hate as my servant,
Pain will thrive.
With misery as my weapon,
My wrath will come alive.

I’m the nightmare you never had,
I’m the darkness you never faced,
I’m the despair you never felt,
And I’m the agony that cannot be chased.

I’ll be the poison in your throat,
The water in your eyes,
I’ll be the blood in your wounds,
I’ll be your fear to survive.

So strike a match,
Light me on fire.
Watch me burn,
For it’s you that I come to devour.



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