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Tell me what your ideal crush would be like and I’ll react!!

Hey Pals!! Today, I have a very fun thing planned for y’all. I think I haven’t posted something interactive in a long while…excluding the book discussions. So I decided it’s time I awaken the weird, non-sensical, yet interesting part of my brain to spice things up a little.

*whispers in subdued tones* Brain, wake up.

*does some anlom vilom (a yoga exercise) to waken up her brain* 🧘🏻

*after much ado, the brain awakens*

Good, I was starting to wonder how long you would take. If it had been any longer I would’ve had to call my ghost…and we all know how well that goes.

So anyways, I want you all to comment down below two things:

  1. Tell me what your ideal crush would look like. The clothes they would wear, the style of their hair, the curve of their jawline, etc etc….hehehe
  2. Tell me what your ideal crush would be like. Their personality, their hobbies. Would they be the bad guys/gals or would they have a heart softer than sponge. Tell me their quirks…yeah, specifically tell me their quirks because we need something weird too, like their habit of biting nails or tapping their feet when nervous. How about maybe they are all charming and sweet in the afternoon but in the middle of the night, they grow two-inches long fangs and come out to devour mankind 😲…okay, let’s scratch that…or not.

So, that’s it! Once you do that, I’ll politely thank you and later react to all of your responses in a post 😁.

I hope you participate because we want to have some fun here 😈. And make sure you submit both the person’s looks as well as their personality. Also let me know what you think of this idea!