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A Stormy Night

The lightning struck again and the wind howled louder than usual. The children all hurried away under their umbrellas, sparing a curious glance in my direction as they passed. A car drove past me, ruthlessly splashing water to its left side, my side. I heard the voice of a mother call out to her children to come home. Thunder roared overhead and the woman’s voice rose, a sharp edge creeping into it. I kept walking.

I reached the empty park, which seemed to echo with the sounds of the playing children, who had all left now. I dared to look up at the sky, tried to defeat the rage of the rain. It hurt, it did, but I tried nonetheless. The sky was grey, no surprise at all. Clouds hung, thick and monstrous, blessing me with their wrath. The rain won and I looked down, only to look up again, and smile.

I had nowhere to go, unlike the other kids. The sky was all I had, all I will ever have, but at this moment, I had it all to myself.



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41 thoughts on “A Stormy Night

    1. Hey fantastic blogger πŸ™‹πŸ»! And no, youre anything but inept πŸ™„πŸ˜€. Your poetry is whoa 😍. But aah, thanks so much for the praise! I’ll definitely check out your poem tomorrow 😁. Ima sleep right now (which you probably are too so hehe).


  1. Thanks a lot, Zainab!! 😍
    And yes, what a good idea! I might do it too!
    Also so sorry for responding late, the comment went to spam πŸ˜…πŸ˜¨.
    Thanks a lot, though!! ❀


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