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Hi, is anybody there? πŸ§

🧐 Seriously, where are you?

Not complaining or anything, but is anybody even there? WordPress feels kinda empty, come on guys, my lovely bloggers, where are you all!?

*waits patiently*


*still waiting*


*starts getting anxious*



……..*intensive feet-taping*


COME ON!!! 😀

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The Zodiac Music + Book Tag

Hey Pals!! Today, I am doing The Zodiac Music+Book Tag. I was tagged by the creator herself- Pannaga @ Just Dreamland, Rayna @ Ray’s Realm and also by Georgia @ Lost in Neverland. Btw, many many manyyyyy congrats for coming up with the tag, Panna (I know I sound late but I started writing this post long ago). I’m so proud of you 🀩. This sounds so amazing and I’m so glad to be finally doing it! Let’s begin!!

The Rules:

  • Link back to the creator, i.e, Swift Walker @Just Dreamland
  • Link back to the person who tagged you!
  • Answer all the prompts.
  • Use the original graphics and credit the creator (Pannaga).
  • Tag at least 5 bloggers and provide links to their blogs.
  • Name your Zodiac sign!!!!β™ˆβ™‰β™Šβ™‹β™Œβ™β™Žβ™β™β™‘β™’β™“??
  • Don’t forget to add #ItsAZodiacThing tag.
  • You can either do the zodiac book tag/the zodiac music tag or both them. Graphics for separate tags should be given at the end.
  • Enjoy doing the post.

So, my zodiac sign izz….PISCES!!

Did I really just use that GIF!? I need to get a grip on myself…

So anyways, let’s get started, I’m so excited πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜!!

Note: View the post through the site if YouTube videos appear as links. 

Will I ever stop gushing about this book? Apparently not 🀩.

No Body, No Crime by Taylor Swift. This song gives the chills!

Percy Jackson, of course! It nails it for the combination of witty and cheeky.

Usually, when I’m angry and don’t know who to go to, what to do, what to say, Brutal by Olivia Rodrigo is my go to song, lol.

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. This book will NOT tear families apart, lol. I really enjoyed it though, the tension between the characters due to the supposedly problematic love triangle kept me on the edge of my seat (not proud of that at all). I was spoiled from before hand about the love triangle and the actual chemistry so I just wanted them to end up together (not going to say who “them” are because of spoilerzzz).

Love Soooooooooooong by Why Don’t We!! Yes, if you can’t tell already, I love this song too much, and every single one by this band. So listen to their songs so we can remain friends πŸ™‚. Got it? πŸ™‚πŸ”ͺ

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Do I have a sensitive heart? Hm…when it comes to books, I am not sure anymore. But this book did touch me deep and is one of my favorites now!

Uh, none! πŸ™‚

My Life With The Walter Boys by Ali Novak, a guilty pleasure of mine, I just loved this book. Except of fancy dress, it has all of the above- drama, love and hope.

If We Have Each Other by Alec Benjamin. I’m not a big fan of this song but I like it, the lyrics are awesome.

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson. So y’all probably know by now that I do not like pitch-perfect endings in contemporaries. Hence I liked how this one did not end too happily, it ended with hope, and yes, it has all the above elements too.

Roar by Katy Perry. Oh yes, we all love this song now, don’t we!?

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This book was a big disappointment to me, it was not bad or anything, but it was not that great either. What actually blew me was how horribly real it all felt. It was a good insight into the lives of actors.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran. This is one of my favorite love songs!

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. And whoa, what an intense prompt, Panna! When I read this book, I was mind-blown to another level, it was terrifically awesome. Then I read some rant reviews on GoodReads and I came to know about the various flaws in it, but eh, I still love it. I don’t read thrillers usually, so this was a great start.

Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes. Is it just me or do you also like the tu tu tu TU tu tu at the start πŸ˜‚?

I chose Panna’s answer for this one (and dude, I did not know you have read this series). I have only read the first three books in The Mortal Instruments, and aah, I loved them, I later realized all the flaws and stuff, but I LOVED them to a whole new level when I first read them.

Mic Drop by BTS! This is one of my favorite songs by BTS. It’s not possible for me to not dance on it whenever it plays.

To avoid choosing the most obvious answers, I am going with Boy Underwater by Adam Baron. I vaguely remember this book being about friendship as well as other stuff too that was a little deeper.

Don’t Change by Why Don’t We! This is one of my favorite songs, it makes me feel so happy, I think everybody, especially girls, should hear this one.

I am not sure if I am the right one to go to for unique and quirky books (you don’t need unique and quirky books when you yourself are the most awesome combination of both 😎🀘🏻). But I did find The Worst Thing About my Sister by Jacqueline Wilson to be pretty quirky.

Alone, Pt 2 by Alan Walker and Ava Max. When I think of this song, it reminds of my best friend, the lyrics could just as well be for a lover, but I think they are more beautiful when you dedicate it to a friend.

Usually, I steer clear of lyrical books, I do not like beautiful, ethereal blah blah writing in stories. But The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson provided just an enough dose of lyrical for it to not be overwhelming. It also suited the atmosphere of the story really well. The second book was kinda meh, but this one was amazing!

Two Of Us by Louis Tomlinson. This is such a heartbreaking song (should I be worried that I chose a sad song for my own zodiac πŸ€”). It’s dedicated to Louis’ mother who had passed away, and it’s just heart-wrenching, and yes, it portrays unconditional love.

I Tag (you can do either of the two tags btw):

To all the people I’ve tagged, there’s no pressure in doing the tag, also if you’ve already done it, that’s cool too. And do check out these blogs, they have great content.

That’s all I had for today, this was a super interesting tag. Let me know a song that you would use when you get tongue-tied πŸ˜€.

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The Cold Wait

He knows we can’t take it anymore,
And yet, he’s still torturing us.
When he speaks again, his words cut deep into my flesh,
Sending a jolt through my heart,
As my head is snapped to attention.
A cold smile lingers on his face,
As he contemplates his next victim,
His eyes roam hungrily over us all,
Trying to locate the weakest.
I shift in my seat,
Dread seeping through every pore of my body,
I can feel the waves of collective terror,
Radiating from each of us,
As we inwardly pray,
To be spared from his wrath.
And just when it gets hard to breathe,
He says my name,
A smug look flashing across his face,
At the terror in my eyes.
I swallow hard, knowing the worst has come,
Wishing so badly for it to be a dream.
I rise slowly,
Trembling from head to foot,
As my teacher asks me to answer his next question.


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Dedicating Songs to Y’all!

Finally, the most awaited post!

Hey Pals! So a little while back, I asked you all to leave a comment on one of my posts if you wanted me to dedicate a song to you. If you missed it, here’s the link. You can still lemme know and I’ll dedicate one to you.

So, I got a good number of responses. And woohoo, here we are. Let’s do this!! πŸ˜ƒ

Note: This is in the order I received the comments. Also, if the YouTube Videos appear as links in the Reader, view the post in the site.

Also, I’m still not done being angry at all those who cheated and read the post before it was completed after I accidentally posted it πŸ˜‘. So, I’ve dedicated some really really good songs to them as revenge πŸ™‚.

To Panna @ The Tomboy’s Attic, I dedicate…

22 by Taylor Swift (yes, we are starting off with cliches). Also PannagRASI, you better thank me for changing your song πŸ”ͺπŸ™‚. Anyways, Taylor is in her full happy and fun mood, which is the same one I associate with Panna. I love that about her too, she’s always so upbeat!

To Kripaa @ Dream Diaries

Talk by Why Don’t We 🀭. Kripaa talks a lot, and by that I mean that she writes a 200 long message and then sends three more such lengthed messages and eventually, you die of reading them πŸ˜ƒ. So yes, hope you love the song, Kripot.

To Aanya @ The Sassy Slytherclaw

This is Roar by Katy Perry, the must-listen to song for all girls. I dedicate this to you, Aanya because you are a fabulous person who easily voices out their opinions in the blogging world, and also so you realize that just be fearless when it comes to who you are, and don’t be afraid, even in real life. 

Sep @ Bookishly Yours

Back to December by Taylor Swift. So basically, Sep reminds me of September, and September does not have a song for it, but December does and December is veryyy close to September….so yeah, makes sense to me πŸ™‚.

Ipsita a.k.a My Best Friend

Tera Yaar Hu Main (English translation- I am you Fraand). Whenever I listen to this song, I am reminded of Ipsita, it sort of rings a chord, and it’s such a deep song, I totally dedicate this to her. I love you loads, Ippu, never forget that. I hope one day I can play this for you on guitar.

For Akshita @ Anthology of Akshita’s Thoughts

Speechless from Aladdin. I chose this song because Akshita has a writing blog where she writes some amazing poems and stories. And they are all so motivating. It’s like she’s shouting to the world- I WON’T GO SPEECHLESS! Not really but…kinda πŸ˜‚.

To Riddhima a.k.a Ahuja 

She is a good irl friend of mine. So the song I would dedicate to her would be…

Lush Life by Zara Larrson- the hello-tune I was sick of hearing πŸ™„. This is one of her favorite songs and it suits her vibe so well! If I would use one song to describe Riddhima, this would be it.

For Akriti @ Recipe Of Life, I have…

Yes, I dedicate Look What You Made Me Do to you, Akriti πŸ˜‚. Ever since you got back from your hiatus, you’ve been a little different, much more mature. And not in a bad way. It’s like something happened that made you this version of yourself. I think you even said that once yourself. I hope you don’t have a list with people’s names in them, red underlined, if you know what I mean…..πŸ‘€

Eesh @ Bright Light Shine

Congratulations and Celebrations. Eesh is a pretty young blogger, plus he recently hit a 100 followers, so it only seems fitting to congratulate him on his acievements.

Riya @ Riya’s World

Rise by Katy Perry. This song suits Riya and her blog so well, she posts great stuff and spreads awareness, her words have power!

Isha @ Light Sleeper But Heavy Dreamer

Everything I Wanted by Billie Eillish. The song begins with “I had a dream”, and Isha’s site has the word “dreamer” in it 😬. Plus, this is one of my favorite songs by Billie Eillish and I just had to mention it!

Anushka @ Anushka Stories

Butter by BTS. I know you love BTS and I know you love this song, so I dedicated it to you 😁.

Riddhi @ Whispering Stories

For You by Why Don’t We, one of the best songs ever. So it was very hard dealing with Riddhi leaving TWC (I don’t mean any offense by the way), and with everything that happened between us, I guess I just want you know that I’m still there for you, dude, and it’s not in me to leave ya.

Roshni @ It’s The Little Things

Little Things but One Direction, not because of any other reason but that the site namereally reminds me of this song. Plus, it is such a good song! A good song for a good site.

Inaya @ The Radical Ravenclaw

This is a song named- The Periodic Table Song. Inaya’s site name has the word “radical” in it, and it instantly reminds of chemistry which, if you assume I love, you’ll be very wrong πŸ™‚. Hope the song helps you with the oh-so-lovely periodic table, Inaya πŸ™‚. 

Ananya @ Drawing My Fantasies

You used to be so active dude, where are you naaaaooo? πŸ˜—πŸ˜‚

Update- You’re back now, but when I wrote the draft, you weren’t.

Update 2- You deleted your site!? What the hell, why!???!? πŸ˜±πŸ™

Shivani @ Storytime With Shivani

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know by Selena Gomez. So, your site name implies stories, and you tell stories, so for some reason, the title of this song fits πŸ˜›.

Mokshba Di @ Happy Panda 🐼

Something Different by Why Don’t We. If I look at the main chorus, which keeps repeating- we on somethin’ different, I would say that yes, definitely suits you, di. Your content is always so unique, it is always “something different” every time, I gotta give you that 😁.

Rayna @ Ray’s Realm

Just Dance by Lady Gaga. As much as Ray worries a lot, I think she pretty much manages to have a good time, this song fits her personality really well.

Rachel @ A Bookworm’s Paradise

Lovely by Billie Eillish and Khalid. The reason I dedicated this is because I associate both Rachel and her blog with a sense of quietness, but also beauty, if that makes sense. And this song is what I call quietly beautiful, so it suits the vibe.

Naemi @ A Book Owl’s Corner πŸ¦‡

I did something bad by Taylor Swift. This honestly resonates with me too on an unhealthy level 😳. Naemi and I don’t miss any chance of reminding each other just how evil we are, so on that experience, I can proudly proclaim that she acts all sweet and innocent, but on the inside, she has fun doing bad stuff 😊.

Diamond @ Build A Bears Furever

Diamonds by Rihanna. Oh, I love this song, plus yeah, it only seemed fitting πŸ˜‚. Wish I could dedicate songs to everyone in this way 😈.

Silver Stone @ The Bored Side of the Phone

Okay, I love this song πŸ˜‚. Where Is My Phone (this is an Into The Unknown parody) by The Holderness Family. The song is weirdly hilarious, and it suits SS. Bonus point- her site name has Phone in it….

Rishika @ The Ethereal Things

The Climb by Miley Cyrus. This is one of my favorite songs by Miley, and I dedicate this to you, Rishika, because the hard work you put in your poems reminds me of these lyrics. And I love your poems a lot, plus this song is such a great motivator, I hope it helps you through bad times (if any).

Meg @ Meg’s Magical Musings

Magic in the Air by Magic System. At this point, I’m sure I don’t even need to explain why I chose this now, do I? It’s a fun song though, brings back memories from our times in school when we used to do aerobics on this daily. Fun times, I want ’em back πŸ˜•.

Tiction @ Fictionally Crazy

Tu Online Hai Main Bhi Online Hu (this translates to You are online and I am also online…yes, I’m not even kidding). Guys, pease watch this video if you haven’t already, a legit teddy bear is singing his song πŸ˜‚βœŠπŸ». This perfectly fits me and Tiction, she’s online A LOT! She’s there whenever you need her.

Khushi @ The Poetic Adventurer

Itni Si Hasi Itni Si Khushi from the film Barfi. Yeah, I’m so sorry, but I just like having fun like that 😈.

Cherelle @ A Bolt Out of the Book

Thunder by Imagine Dragons. The reason I chose this is because Cherelle’s site icon and posts are associated with thunder and rains. So when I think about her, this song comes to my mind. Though I don’t think I even remember the lyrics. Hehe.

Ahaana @ Windows to Worlds

Havana oh na na~ (starts vibing) half of my heart is in Havana oh na na. Well, Havana rhymes with Ahaana, so *ahem*, hope you like it πŸ™‚.

Poorwa @ Poorwa’s blog

Another BTS fan we have here. I dedicate Spring Day to you. Once again, I know you love this song, and so do I. So I hope you like what I chose πŸ˜€.

Ashmita @ the fictional journal

Don’t Change by Why Don’t We (Also, please listen to this song if you haven’t already!!). So Ashmita, believe me, you’re super cool the way you are, and you seriously don’t need to try to become better or anything like that. If you don’t believe me, at least you’ll believe Why Don’t We, I love them 😭. Seriously though, listen to this song, I know you’ll love it.

Definitely Moi @ Bookish Blunders

What’s My Name from Descendants 2. Hm, I’ve not watched this movie by the way, just in case you thought I have and would’ve commented to discuss its greatness with me πŸ˜—. Anyways, I think this song is my way of asking you- DUDE WHAT IS YOUR REAL NAME!?!?? πŸ˜‚ But despite that, it’s a powerful song.

Hema Di @ frameofsoul

Champion by Carrie Underwood. I’m just going to say this without hesitation, but your poems really inspire me, di 😁. This song fits you because you feel like a champion when it comes to writing, and other stuff too I’m sure.

Thanks to Rayna @ Ray’s Realm for helping me out with a few songs when I was too busy freaking out. 

So, that was all. I had loads of fun doing this! I did not want to dedicate all songs due to deep reasons or all songs for silly reasons, so I mixed ’em up. I hope y’all are happy with the songs I chose for ya 😁😈. Stay tuned for more fun posts.

Ps- What song would you dedicate to me πŸ€”?

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Sweet or Savory?

On one side is the gulab jamun,
Like the big red evening sun,
As sweet as the scent
Of rain to a pluviophile,
As warm as the hug
From my friend after the lockdown.

And on the other side sits the aloo chaat,
Whose spiciness is as sharp
As the taste of teeth
Against mouth ulcers,
Yet relieving.

And of the two mouth-waterers,
Help me, pals,
For I dare not choose

Which one to eat first 😭!?


Did you like my poem? Which one would you eat first 😁? Let me know in the comments.

Ps- For those of you who don’t know, gulab jamun is a popular Indian sweet, and aloo chat is a popular Indian spicy dish. Try ’em, they’re great 🀀.

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The Sunshine Blogger Awards πŸŒž

Hey Pals!! I am really happy to announce that I have been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by six wonderful bloggers. Merlin, how did I manage that many!? 🀩

First, I would like to thank Riddhi @ Whispering Stories for the nomination. She has bookish content ranging from tags to reviews and her site is super awesome. Another big thanks to Divya Didi @ The Mindful Homemaker by Divya for considering me worthy for this award. She talks about self help stuff and I can assure you that it’s a brilliant. Thank you so much to Tiction @ Fictionally Crazy for nominating me, the girl is on a hiatus right now πŸ˜’, and it will be an understatement to say that I miss her posts. Thanks to Lilly @ Lilly’s Little Library for nominating me too, she’s back from her hiatus, so do check out her posts out. Next up, thanks to Anushka @ Anushka Stories, she writes some really beautiful poems you should never miss out. And the latest one- Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger, her bookish content is just as cool as any other!

There’s a high chance I’ve missed somebody by mistake. It’s because of the fact that I save all the tags I get tagged for and one day, half of them got deleted when I uninstalled WordPress 😐.

And lastly, sorry if this post is way too late 😭. If it’s any consolation, I had prepared this draft way back, and I edited and updated it today. Also, if any of you ever tagged me for anything, it’s on the way, it’s just taking time. Also, to make this post not too long and bore you to death, I will be skipping the questions are repeated.

The Rules

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Answers to Riddhi’s Questions

When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging on 17 May, 2020. It was the time when quite a few of my classmates had put Whatsapp statuses of the blogs they wrote so that sparked my interest in blogging. My elder sister’s roommate, who also happens to be my first follower here: Aastha Didi @ Parinda suggested WordPress and here, out of boredom, inspiration, interest and a need to make my thoughts known to people, I posted my first blog, a short story names A Haunted Adventure in Broad Daylight. I put it in a link just in case you want to check it out.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I love making new friends here, sharing my ideas and discovering new blogs. It’s a really friendly community and I love interacting with new bloggers. I find real joy in writing my posts because it’s just way too fun and I like it when people read them, and even comment.

What is your least favorite thing about blogging?

Umm… I guess, I spend too much time blogging and that increases my screen time which is really not good for my eyes that already need spectacles.

What are your hobbies besides blogging?

Listening to songs
Chatting with friends

What would the title of your biography/biopic be?

Nehal the Apple!! πŸ˜€

Some advice for people who have just started blogging

One: Don’t ever give up… you might think no one reads your blogs, that’s not true. And if it is, go around making blogging friends, it’s a friendly community. Just don’t give up!! That’s the πŸ”‘.

Two: Make sure you utilize maximum features of WordPress, that you are passionate about blogging, that it gives you joy. If it causes pressure, there is no fun in it.

Three: Do not compare yourself with other bloggers (another thing I can’t do at times). Be happy and content with the number of followers you already have. A soul, named me, once said: Strive to be better but do not lose your good in the process.

Yeah, look at me, trying to sound all experienced, *pats herself on the back*.

Describe yourself in seven words (Cause it’s the seveth question)

A girl parrying her way through life.

Dogs or Cats?


A TV show you can binge-watch forever?

Mahabharata… Did I ever tell you that I can never ever get over the beauty of Shaheer Sheikh!!

Just look at him! Just look at him, okay? How can someone not fall in love with him!? He’s the most gorgeous, beautiful and the sweetest Bollywood celebrity of all time.

One of his pics from Mahabharata

And no, I’m not done yet, look at him again. Here:

I am really sorry, but i can’t help it, he’s just so adorable 😍😍.

A song you relate to? / A song you will never get tired of listening

A song that I totally relate to and love with all my heart is Tera Yaar Hun Main by Arijit Singh.

Who is your favorite author?

Neil Gaiman!! I just love his writing style, the way he makes me imagine stuff as if it is happening in front of my eyes. He’s a big inspiration.

Answers to Divya Didi’s Questions:

Do you like to travel? What was the last place you visited?

Oh, I indeed love traveling to new places, exploring different ideas and cultures but I haven’t been to many places actually. The last place I visited was Mukteshwar, near Nainital.

Do you spend time looking at the sky? Or do you find it boring?

I do believe that sky is a really magical thing. I don’t find it at all boring to gaze at the sky, something or the other always catches my attention. But I don’t look up at the sky that often.

Your favorite childhood memory

Though I still like to call myself a child I get the point of this question. I am really fond of playing with my BFF in school. 6th to 8th standard were the best years of my life. I had so much fun playing with my friends until these harsh times took it all away πŸ˜…. There is still hope to make good memories in the future.

What do you do when you feel bored?

What is the important morning ritual you practise to make the rest of your day happy?

I do yoga exercises lots of times though πŸ˜‚, so yeah.

Do you read books? What is your all time favorite book?

Of course I don’t, haven’t read a single one πŸ™‚.

What is your favorite color?

It was always πŸ’™ but recently I have acquired a fascination towards πŸ–€.

Do you have any interesting family ritual?

There is one…umm…πŸ˜…

Do you like to write your goals in a paper or prefer using gadgets?

If they are reading goals like monthly TBRs and stuff, I note it all down in a journal. But if it’s blog post ideas, crazy dreams I had or interesting writing prompts, I put it all in the “Notes” app.

What is one food you can eat all three times a day?

Apple, to nobody’s surprise.

What is the important lesson life has taught you?

That I am lucky and grateful for all that I have been given. Hard times come and go, all I need to know is to never give up (this is such a struggle at times).

Answers to Tiction’s Questions:

What is your spirit animal (And, no, Joey won’t work, if you know what I mean)?

So, I just asked Tiction herself what a spirit animal means. Lol! And from what I figured is that it’s an animal you relate to. I guess that would be a rabbit or a squirrel because I love them, they are so cute I get way too excited at times which I associate with these two cuties.

Do you play a musical instrument? Which one? and, if not, which one would you like to?

Well, I love playing the guitar. And right now, I don’t wanna learn any other instrument apart from drums.

What is the movie you can watch forever?

None, I’ll probably get bored pretty quick.

Describe yourself in six words.

Bookdragon, weirdo, emotional, short-tempered, lazy, hard-working.

What song makes you dance so much that people look at you weird?

Khalibali 🀭!! This is the part where people realize how very weird I can be. But believe me when I say that I practically know all the steps of this song and love to dance like a monkey when alone in a room on this song.

Also, Bala!! If you haven’t gone utterly crazy upon hearing the beats of this song, you are seriously missing out. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Indian or not, you will still love it.Last to last year, all that I did at school was dance like hell at this song (oh, fun times, I want ’em back 🀧)

What memory is the closest to your heart?

Man, where are these deep questions coming from Tiction!? Well, I was extremely happy when I got the Harry Potter series but I have now moved past that feeling. I guess all the fun me and my bestie have had in these last 4 years all combine to form a perfect memory I will treasure forever. Plus, I’ll never forget my time with TWC.

If you could change your name, what would you change it too.

Glad you asked. Here you go:

  • Eleanor
  • Anjali
  • Luna
  • Ishita
  • Caroline
  • Arushi (that’s one of my friends’ names btw. I’ll make sure that I never let her read this post)
  • Hermione
  • Shraddha
  • Cassidy
  • Aditi
  • Jenna
  • Believe me, the list goes on. But yeah, I also really love my name so wouldn’t ever change it 😌.

10: What is your favorite book? (Can be many!)

Last year I would have said Harry Potter, now I guess it’s Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman, but honestly, I can’t be sure, there are so many great books to read out there.

Lilly’s Questions:

What’s your favourite book genre?

Historical fiction! Yes, it comes as a surprise to me too, I used to hate this genre, but now I devour these books because I just love them so much.

What’s your favourite blog?

Okay, um…you did NOT just ask that, lol πŸ˜‚πŸ€¨. How do I even say anything!? I love so many blogs I follow, but if I comment a lot on any blog, that means it is one of my favourites.

What is your least favourite book?

This is a hard one. I guess any book I give 1 star rating, for instance- I thoroughly despise A Wrinkle in Time, it went from being my favourite to least favourite.

What point in time would you want to live in?

World War 2, yes, that’s how much I am crazy for historical fiction.

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


Anushka’s Questions:

What is the best thing about my blog? (Anushka Stories)

I love your poems, Anushka! The visual imagery in them is so good, I wish I could write like that too!!

Who is your favourite character in a story book and why?

Leo Valdez, Magnus Chase, Nate Macauley, Remus Lupin, Rudy Steiner.

Who do you love the most? and why?

Uh…that’s a very *ahem* thought provoking question! Will give it lots of thought and then *ahem* skip it….*runs*

Would you rather help a person or ask a person for help?

I would rather help a person, I kind of have this thing where it is hard for me to let people in to help me, and if I do ask them, I feel very bad and just not tell them what happened. I love helping people out though (and I am not bragging or anything).

Mention some weird things you usually do?

Most of the things I do are pretty weird, I chew on the back of my pen too much, I talk super fast, I laugh at the wrong situations, I use random emojis for sarcasm, lol, the list goes on.

Do you like reading in the library or would you like to read online.


Jessica’s Questions:

What is your favourite book you’ve read so far this year?

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. This is one book that I think deserves all the hype it gets and much more, I absolutely loved this book, it was so beautiful and heart-wrenching!

What is one of your guilty pleasures?

Sweets! I can’t live without sweets!!

If you could have any fictional creature as a pet, which one would you choose?

A pygmy puff! Aren’t they just so cute!?

Name a fun fact about yourself.

Hm…πŸ€” Well, I guess most of you might not know this, but I really love taking part in anything related to narration, acting and speaking.

Any authors/books you’ll never read?

I will probably never read any other book by Sarah J. Mass and John Green, not because they are bad but because I guess they are just not my type.

What is the best movie/TV show that you’ve watched this year?

I haven’t watched a single new movie this year, but I have started watching Friends and it’s actually pretty good, I don’t LOVE it like most people do, but I really enjoy it!

If you could switch spots with any character in a book/movie/TV show, who would it be and why?

I would be Annabeth Chase, that way I would have loads of adventures and get to have Percy!

What kind of music do you like listening to?

Pop and country usually.

Name your last 1 star read.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. I feel kinda confused between a 1 star and 2 star for this one, so I’ll say 1.5. This book was very disappointing.

Would you rather have the ending of every book you read spoiled or be able to read a book without being spoiled but never know the ending?

How cruel! I would rather get the end spoiled, the suspense of not knowing what happens would just kill me.

Aaaand that was it, the final edited and updated draft of my Sunshine Blogger Award, I am so so happy that this is finally out. It was about time. If you have actually read this far, I applaud you πŸ˜ƒ, and I love you, for this means a lot for I know how busy our lives are these days.

My Nominees:

These are all wonderful bloggers you should definitely check out. And there is no pressure in doing the award if you can’t for any reason, I totally understand.

Questions for my nominees:

1: What is one talent you would love to have?
2: Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
3: What do you think is the best way to deal with hardships in life?
4: What is the biggest struggle you find in blogging?
5: What would your instant response be if an ostentatiously dressed someone who appears to have authority walks up to you and announces, “You’re a wizard/witch!”
6: Leave a link to your first post.
7: Are you an introvert or extrovert?
8: What, in your opinion, is the secret to happiness in life?
9: Have you ever unfollowed someone on WordPress intentionally?
10: Have you posted a YouTube comment that got more than 1K likes?
11: Share a book recommendation that kept you engrossed.

If you have read this far, I applaud you πŸ‘. Thanks for reading my post. Let me know a big struggle that you come across when blogging.

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A Letter From Your Maths Teacher

Disclaimer: This post is meant for fun, I am in no way trying to hurt or offend any teachers out there. In my heart, I hold respect for all teachers and this post is just humour I tried my hand at, no offence intended to anyone.

Dear students……..bear with me πŸ™‚.

Considering 40 minutes with me per day take away the purpose of saying “good morning”, I wouldn’t bother doing it. It’s not like I do not know how you all wish some “creative” things to happen to me so that I’m unable to attend your class, but being the very generous person that I am, I will pretend that I do not know.

Oh, by the way, for your final exam next month, the paper is going to be super hard, despite that I will tell you otherwise. The questions that are supposedly important will not be there. And to break all stereotypes, I do not make the paper so hard because I’ve fought with my wife. The mere reason I do it is that I love torturing kids πŸ™‚.

Oh yeah, I’m not scared to admit it. You wanna know why I hate y’all so much, here’s why:

You think I don’t know how you make fun of me and my beloved subject 😀. You think I have no idea why you all giggle when I say “sec” theta in trigonometry πŸ™„. I mean, dirty minds do think alike after all, but still, it’s just a value! Get real kids, get rational (no pun intended)! Ha, see, I can joke too 😎.

Oh, by the way, do you seriously think I care about your silly “x”!? Cuz I freaking don’t. You think I’m an idiot that I refuse to answer your silly algebraic doubts by saying they are for “higher” classes, but actually, I’m just too lazy to answer them when they are so simple that I would not give them in the exam at all. In reality…


*Meanwhile in the background, the children snicker at the ignorance of the teacher who has no idea of the double meaning behind what he just said*

All I care about is teaching you the most terrifyingly hard questions and then giving those same terrifyingly hard questions multiplied 62-7+84-65-21+75-36-80+8-10 times in exams (Oh yeah, you need to do the Math here, everything won’t be given to you on a silver platter πŸ™‚), cuz I’m just doing this job to get money and I might as well gain some pleasure seeing y’all’s pretty little faces crying during exam time.

Oh, and just when you think that you have, by some miracle, got good marks in your test, this is what I will do.

See, who says I don’t have a heart πŸ˜„!?

Oh wait, that’s you, isn’t it πŸ™‚? You think I don’t have a heart, you are the ones who say I am cruel an–

Oh wait, my wife is calling me, I gotta go…

*2 minutes later*

Oh no, she seems to be in a foul mood…

*3 minutes later*

Oh no, looks like we are gonna fight!

*20 minutes later*

*To prevent the post from becoming PG-13, the editor of this post has carefully removed the subsequent amount of cursing that follows*

*An hour later*

*another curse* Ugh, I am so angry 😑. Why does she hate me so much!? I mean, the person who suggested the joke that plants grow “square roots” in Maths class was so not me, now was it πŸ™„!? Is that something to fight about? I’m oh-so angry, ugh! I need to let this anger out…what do I do, what do I do!?…

…Oh, I know just what to do 😏😈.

*The next day*

The children have been given the very pleasing news by their teacher that their Maths Paper has been made…and it is going to be as easy as…pie…

No. Pun. Intended.

Yours torturously,
Mr X,
Your Maths Teacher,
From Sincostan Land of Rational Pies.

A big thanks and credits to Akshita @ akshita1776 for the inspiration. She is a blogger with the most creative mind when it comes to irony and humour in her stories, this post is inspired by her post: A Letter from Algebra. An amazing read, you must not miss it out!!

That’s all. I hope you enjoyed this post, my little attempt at it 😁. Let me know all your thoughts and criticism. Thanks once again to Akshita for the inspiration!

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7 Mistakes You Might be Making as a New Blogger

Hey Pals!! Hope you’re doing great! Today, I’ll be sharing 7 Mistakes that I think you might be making as a new blogger.

The urge to write this post has been growing at a rapid speed so here I am, writing it instead of doing Constructor Programs in Java. Oh, fun times. Gonna fail on Sunday Test, but there are more important things to worry about now, aren’t there πŸ™‚? Let’s get started then!

Note: This might be a long post, and if you want to skim read (though I would appreciate it if you don’t do that, the full post might help you πŸ˜—), I’ve highlighted the important points from each section. Also, this is a discussion post, so feel free to share your views in the comments.

Disclaimer: I am, in no way, insulting any blogger out there. I am not an expert in blogging. What follows are personal opinions and thoughts and I do not mean to hurt anybody.

1: You post too much random stuff

Posting very random stuff like weekly check-ins, quotes, monthly life goals,Β reviews of every book you’ve read, telling the readers every little detail about why you were not active the WHOLE DAY (omg, what a big deal 😱), and other similar stuff like that, is not a good way to start a blog and expect people to follow. When you are new and not many people follow you or know you for that matter, there’s a high chance nobody would read such a post just because they wouldn’t care. Always start big, so it leaves an impression on the reader. That’s not to say you shouldn’t post quotes and the like at all, but make sure that you don’t post them so much that your blog gets overcrowded by them otherwise you will be just another blogger out there, instead of being a blogger people read blogs by.

2: You’re not confident

I don’t know why many people ignore this point but I believe that this one is very essential.

You may have the most beautiful site with the perfect theme but honestly, it will still only be worth it as long you are confident with your posts. Don’t be too scared in posting whatever you want, don’t say you agree with something if you don’t, and most importantly, be proud of your own opinions. Make sure you don’t appear self-doubtful or indecisive through your words. For instance, hosting a contest and not even having a name for it or using too many phrases depicting how you think you are doing an awful job writing your post will turn off your readers. If you don’t love your post, how can you expect others to?

Writing without confidence strips away the power of holding the readers’ attention. If you write like that, your words are merely words and they are just out there to be seen, not read. This may not seem like a big point but believe me, you can have the trashy default theme but I would still follow you if you write with passion.

3: You’re not responding to comments in the right way

If you get a comment on your post, and you have the time to respond to it when you see it, do it. Don’t just like the comment and never respond, or respond after so long that I don’t even remember commenting in the first place anymore. Nobody likes a person with an attitude. If you’re not responding well to comments, you will find that not many people would interact with you, some might even unfollow you. So, never ignore a comment.

Not to mention, please respond genuinely to comments. Do not try to sound too happy or too sweet, it will do nothing but piss off the readers. I’ve seen people responding to a simple “nice poem” with a 100-word comment in which they go on to praise the person on what a great soul they are and how they will make a change in the world blah blah blah…STOP! Who are you trying to fool? It’s the 21st century, everybody knows the difference between genuine praise and buttering.

4: You either post too less or too much

Both can be very annoying, both to the readers and gradually, to you. So, you’ve just started blogging and you are filled with ideas. On your second day, you have already managed to write 12 posts! So, what do you do? You post them every day. Wrong! This is the greatest factor that will affect your consistency.

This is wrong because a) You are new to blogging and not many people follow you right now, so you’re just letting all your good ideas go to waste, b) In the excitement to publish your post, you’ve made tons of errors, that only annoy the readers, and c) There will come a point when you would be too demotivated or busy to write anything. In such a case, having a draft ready at hand is an amazing way to stay consistent. But you’ve already posted all your drafts, so you will eventually have nothing to post.

Posting too less is just as bad. Why have a blog when you’re not giving your readers enough content to read? In my opinion, have a schedule, or at least know how many times you want to post per week. I love 3 times a week, even though I post only twice because I won’t be able to keep up with 3. You can even post daily if you want to, just make sure you have enough posts saved for later.

5: The title of your post is not appealing

Yeah, I know the GIF should say No. 5 but let’s ignore that

This is a very important point, you need to have a good title, one that makes the readers stop and open your post. The worst kind of title in my opinion will have the word “random” or any of its synonyms in it. Nobody wants to read something random, especially not when their Reader is filled with posts that sound way cooler. Even if your post does have some random stuff in it, then also never title it that way.

Hugh @ Hugh’s Views and News did an amazing post on how to title a good blog post. Check it out to get some good ideas.

There are many great ways to title a post. Just make sure it’s not like every other title out there, make sure it stands out. Make sure your title is centred around a specific topic instead of being very random. For example- a post titled- 7 Reasons Why I Love Marvel would be way better than one titled- My Love for Marvel. Prefer- 5 Amazing Books I Read This Month over Books I Read This Month. You can yourself judge which sounds more specific.

6: Your site is not properly organized

WordPress provides you with tons of features to enhance your site, and you need to make sure you’re making good use of all of them. Watch some YouTube tutorials to learn how to set up a site, what theme to choose, how to customize the theme as per your need, how to create a pingback, etc, It’s a very tiring job, believe me. I wish I had done that earlier in blogging but I had no idea then. So, I don’t want you to make the same mistake. Do not hesitate to reach out to people if you need help.

Another thing that I find essential is using lots of headings, images and graphics in your posts. Oh, and also, separators! I LOVE SEPARATORS 😍. I follow every blogger who uses them 😍. Yes, that sounds crazy, but it’s true 😍. The reason behind this is people like to have the information provided to them in small amounts. Imagine if I hadn’t divided this post by using headings and instead written it in three long, boring paragraphs, would you still have read it? Hell no. Using images, GIFs and graphics is also a great way to beautify your post and make it look more lively. But don’t use them too much either or people would be annoyed at the lack of originality.

7: You run for followers

This is the most common thing every blogger would advise you about. But it’s also really necessary. Never run for followers. If you’ve even got 1 person who reads your posts, then be happy about that. When I was new, I set a goal to reach 100 followers. And believe me, once I did, I was so content that I never set another goal. If you’re not content with the number of people who read your posts, you’re never gonna find joy in writing. So, set a goal for yourself, and when you do achieve it, be content with it. Don’t compare yourself with others.

What you should do is explore as much of the community as possible. Search for topics that interest you and follow people whose posts you like. Do comment genuine stuff on their posts. A simple “nice post” is not enough. Never say- “Lovely post, do follow my blog too.” Instead, say- “Oh same, even I think infinity war was way better than endgame, haha. I did a similar post too, do check it out if you want.” Never beg people to follow you. It will never get you any followers. It’ll only get you fake ones who couldn’t care less about anything you write.

I’m gonna be very honest, the list just goes on πŸ˜‚. There are so many more points I want to cover but the post will be too long then. So I’m stopping here. Do reach out to me if you have any doubts, questions or suggestions. Once again, I hope I did not sound too extreme as that was not the intention at all.

Also, just remember, don’t give up on blogging. Success can’t come in a day, or a week, or a month even. Keep up your consistency, have fun with blogging and don’t give up, and one day, you’ll be a successful blogger, just you wait.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what is something you wish you had known as a new blogger? And also lemme know if this post helped you in some way, it’ll make my day πŸ˜ƒ.Β  Stay tuned for more fun posts.