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5 Things I Find Highly Overrated

Hey Pals!! I hope you’re doing good. So today, I’ll be sharing 5 Things that I find Highly Overrated.

So these are not going to be very specific (except for one), like a particular shade of the colour pink or something similar. Plus not all of them are going to be bookish. These are going to be general stuff like…you’ll see. And I don’t know what else to say in the intro, so *ahem*, let’s just get started. Hope you have fun seeing me rant.

Disclaimer– What follows are personal opinions and preferences and I do not mean to insult anyone’s opinions. Also, this is a discussion post so feel free to share your views down in the comments.

1: Happy Endings in Contemporary Stories

Underline contemporary stories because honestly, I am sick of happy endings, especially in YA novels. That is the major reason I am avoiding romances these days, I am so done with everything ending happily. For one, the author writes an engrossing plot where nothing seems to be working out for the main character and then when things finally start falling into place, much to nobody’s surprise, they break apart. And that’s the point where things get interesting, because who does not love drama? But then, the author just ruins it by ending the book on the happiest note possible, and I am like…what!?

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with happy endings, not many people would read heartbreaking stuff. But I have just had an overdose of it. It just depends on how you write it. For instance, the book can still end on a happy note, but things just shouldn’t go from I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS to WOW MY LIFE JUST GOT PERFECT in the span of three chapters ’cause that’s highly unrealistic. You’re telling me the character’s mother had serious mental health problems until the last chapter and the next day, everything is okay and the two are having a happy meal at McDonald’s, which reminds me that I haven’t had a McPuff since ages 🤧, but that’s beside the point-

I am sick of things ending way too perfect for the characters. All of a sudden, all their worries are gone!? One author in whose books I have seen happy endings is Kasie West (and don’t kill me, I still love her). I have read five books by this author and each one of them was great until that end just wrapped everything up oh-so-perfectly and ruined it all. How about you end the book on a hopeful note instead, the beginning of something better for the characters, instead of writing pitch-perfect endings?

2: Quotes

Hands down, quotes are the most overrated things out there. I have gotten to this point where I don’t even think most motivating quotes do anything but demotivate us. And the thing is, quotes are so much out there. Everywhere you look is a quote. You just saw a quote on somebody’s Whatsapp status, you just saw a quote on somebody’s blog, you just saw a quote in somebody’s bio, you just saw a quote walking down the street. I mean, just give it a rest people! I don’t need to know your stupid life lessons, my mother gives me an *ahem* more-than-enough dose of that daily ☺.

But that’s not to say that quotes are bad, I mean there are some quotes that have helped me a lot, but some are just utter garbage. Like this-

Aspire to inspire before we expire.

Don’t tell me you did not have to read this at least twice to understand what it means 🙄. And honestly, this is utterly useless. Like how is this supposed to help me? If you think I can make a change in the world, oh well you’re highly wrong, for I know my capabilities, and instead of letting me accept that, you’re trying to make me feel guilty about it. Thank you, next.

3: Bookish Memes

I know this might come as a surprise but seriously, I don’t think bookish memes are all that great. Most of them are just variations of the same thing and I cannot even remember the last time one made me laugh or think- “Now this is what a meme is supposed to be like.” Not to mention, I find them very exaggerated. Like yeah, I am a reader too, so I can relate to most of the things that they are trying to imply, but whoa, some of them are just ludicrous. Take this one, for instance:

I am telling you, one more time somebody tells me that they don’t like people who dog-ear their pages, they are out of my good books before they can say dog-ear 😤. I would just like to make a point here that I do not do that if you’re wondering due to my sudden outburst. But even if I did, I would not think it a bad thing, because it honestly is not. Seriously, people can do whatever they want to with their books, stop making such a big deal about it. Moving on, here is another one I don’t like-

Ugh, this one is so overused! Also, I am done ranting.

I guess I am not…

Is this supposed to be funny!? 😵 I mean, give it a rest, bookish memes are so hyped (for me).

Moving on to a little serious topic, I have…

4: Death~

By this, I do not mean losing someone due to them dying. That is anything but overrated because it is like an irreplaceable loss. By death being overrated I mean this concept of death that either scares people or wants them to give up on life because both of them are just so not good for our health. Do you know how people say without thinking that they want to die and they mean it as a joke, or how some people get suicidal thoughts, thinking death is better? That, I think, is the most overrated thing out there. There is this big talk about death, death death. It is just highly overrated. If people stop making such a big deal about death, they could live their lives so much better. And I am not saying this as an expert because I have my thoughts regarding death, and the thing is, life is so much better without thinking of death, and yet everybody, even me, thinks about it at some point. That just makes it way too hyped, and not in a good way.

And last, I have the thing that is more specific than the others, and that is….

5: This “🙂” Emoji

So here’s a meme I found-

I swear every time someone uses this emoji to show hate, anger, sass or anything, I want to go and puke. I have legit had my more-than-fair share of this emoji and I just hate it. This is me officially declaring that I absolutely despise this emoji 😭. For one, why in the name of Merlin’s hair does it look so bald 🤯!? Like I know all emojis are bald, but this one just looks so ughingly (is that a word?) bald that I just wanna go and puke. You know what, I’ll go and puke. Meanwhile, my very reliable ghost will continue the post-

*Nehal’s ghost has replaced her* Um, I– I uh… I don’t know what to say—

*Nehal has kicked the ghost out* Can’t do one job properly now, can you (Here I cringe because this was not at all funny)!? Uff anyways, I didn’t puke, by the way.

So anyway, look at it. Just freaking look at it and tell me if you don’t hate it already. It’s like the most obnoxious and scary thing out there.

So yeah, I just hate this emoji. Not to mention my friends love it so much that now they use it in irrelevant ways and it just makes me want to…yes, puke. Like they will be like- I have a class in 5 *the emoji*. I mean just stop the sarcasm please 😭. And this is highly ironic coming from me because I happen to be the one because of whom most of my friends use this emoji in the first place, but I just hate it, ugh! 🤧

So, that was all I had. I hope you enjoyed this very long post though I didn’t intend to make it this long. Do let me know something that you find very overrated, down in the comments 😀.

Ps- Does my site’s font look too small?