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Like everything is normal…

Liking posts, commenting, reading blogs,
Trying to distract myself
Like everything’s normal.
Using laughing emojis and exclamations,
Like everything’s normal.
Publishing fun, happy posts written long ago,
Like everything’s normal.
Chatting with friends between classes,
Like everything’s normal.
Giving a small, empty smile
At the thought of about-to-be-500 followers,
Like everything’s normal.
Attending all tuitions, trying to cope with homework,
Like everything’s normal…

‘Cause that’s what it is, isn’t it?
Everything is…normal.
Everything’s just sooooo freaking normal!

Never knew so much could happen in someone’s life and nobody could ever have the faintest clue.

But everything’s normal,
Isn’t it?
I’m not hurting.
Everything is….normal.