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The Small Joys Tag

Hey Pals!! Today I am doing the Small Joys Book Tag. I was tagged probably more than a month ago by Aanya @ Soaring Firebolt. She is a massive Potterhead and I honestly love her posts so much. Being a big fan of the wizarding world she posts about stuff about Harry Potter that will appeal to every Potterhead. Check out her amazing site through the above link.


β€’Thank the blogger who tagged you.
β€’List 15 of your small joys.
β€’Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy.

Things That Bring Me Joy:

1: Reading novelsπŸ“š… which is a surprise to nobody 😜.

2: The satisfactory feeling of being vacant that comes at the end of exams 😌.

3: Being surprised by anyone or anything (especially on WordPress) and when I get genuine praise from someone.

4: Chatting with friends during classes and irritating my best friend by constantly using her least favorite emoji (which is this πŸ˜€)

5: Looking at my bookshelf and touching my books for apparently no reason.

6: Learning a new song on guitar 🎸.

7: Blogging.

8: Eating desserts πŸ˜‹ (I love sweets). Aren’t they just utterly delicious!?

9: Driving our activa in an empty street on a smooth road with my father watching me because I’m still learning.

10: Seeing my family members together and all of their faces lit up with smiles πŸ™‚.

11: Getting a good sleep at noon (it doesn’t happen that often anymore so when it does it feels great).

12: Seeing my hard work pay off.

13: Going to school 😁, meeting friends.

14: Eating apples, nothing compares to the feel of it in my mouth 🍎. It’s one of my absolute favorite things πŸ˜‹.

15: And lastly, the moment when I remember a line from a song 🎡 I am singing that I was never able to remember before.

I Tag: Everyone who enjoyed reading this and would love to talk about the things that bring them joy. Leave your links to me if you do this post πŸ˜€.

That’s it. Thank you so much for reading. Let me know, down in the comments, one of the silly things that bring you joy. Stay safe. AdiΓ³s!!