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The Folklore Book Tag

Hey Pals!! Today I am doing The Folklore Book Tag. Our very own Taylor Swift released a new album to entertain us all in these harsh times which was honestly such a good thing to do. I can already see so many people just raving about it and I am so glad I have some new Taylor Swift stuff to listen to.

If you don’t know, I am, on top of being a Directioner, a big Swiftie because I freaking love her songs. They are so relatable and so well written that I hardly get bored of them. Folklore, her latest album, is another addition to all her existing hard work.

Note: I haven’t heard all the songs in this album yet because of school work and all so I won’t be commenting on any of these songs. Though, I can assure you that the ones I have heard were beyond brilliant.

The Rules:

Link to the original creator: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink.
Tag at least 3 people.
Declare the rules and list of prompts in your post.
Thank whoever tagged you and link to their post.

1: The 1: A book with an ending that left you speechless

Animal Farm by George Orwell. This book started well, but then it got a bit boring, but then came that shocking end and I was absolutely stunned. I mean, it should’ve been predictable if I think about it now, and yet the final chapter still makes me shake my head when I think about it even now.

2: Cardigan: A book that makes you feel happy and sad all at once

All books make me happy 😂.

3: The Last Great American Dynasty: A book with a fascinating, extremely well-told story

If you have heard the audiobook of Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman that is narrated by the author himself, you will instantly know why I chose this book. The author wrote about every character in the most wonderful way and his narration brought life to the book. It’s one book you will read and absolutely love ❤️.

4: Exile: A book you wish you hadn’t read

I was indeed hesitant to read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer mainly because I knew the whole story and wasn’t interested. But my friend insisted, so I gave this book a try, only to thoroughly dislike it and eventually DNF it. I know many people love it, I am just not one of them. I found it boring and I spent a good deal of time reading it before DNFing it which cost me a lot of time which I could’ve dedicated to some other book that I would’ve actually enjoyed.

5: My Tears Ricochet: A book that made you cry uncontrollably

Honestly, this whole series had a lot of moments that made me cry, especially the 5th book. There are certain character deaths that are still hard to get over.

6: Mirror Ball: A book that feels like it was written just for you

The Doldrums by Nicholas Gannon is a book that feels like it’s written just for me mainly because it made me realize, for the first time, just how much I would love to have adventures.

7: Seven: A childhood book that makes you feel nostalgic

Famous Five by Enid Blyton was one of the first books I ever read and I still read them. They always have a great plot and I honestly love these characters way too much. Five on a Treasure Island is the first in this series

8: August: A book that reminds you of summer

The titles are pretty self-explanatory. The Summer trilogy by Jenny Han has a lot of… Well, summer in it, so this is the first that comes to mind. It was a pretty nice trilogy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a cliche plot: boys finally notice the main girl, but it was very well executed.

9: This Is Me Trying: A book that deals with loneliness and sadness

Whichwood by Taherah Maffi has one of the loveliest character growths. The main character, Laylee, is a mordeshoor in this land of Whichwood meaning she washe the spirits of the dead to sort of prepare then for the Otherworld or something. This character, however, is not treated well and she has lived alone her whole life. When two children come to help her, she finds this strange and is not open towards them. As things get complicated, we see her character development and it was wonderful to read about.

10: Illicit Affairs: A book that gave you a book hangover

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I couldn’t stop thinking about this book and for 2 whole nights, I kept on thinking about it so much that I  found it hard to sleep. And this book also left a remarkable impact upon my heart, I loved it so much, so it seems like the perfect answer.

11: Invisible String: A book that came into your life at the exact right time

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck was my first Jeff Kinney novel. I have mixed feelings towards this series, I like some of these books and I dislike some of these books. But overall, I love this series because they are the perfect break after a long adventurous novel. I discovered these books pretty late in my life but I am so glad I did.

12: Mad Woman: A book with a female character you adore

Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson universe is a truly inspirational character to me. But specifically, in The Mark of Athena, I just realized how much she had to go through, how much physical and emotional struggle she had to do. And she handles everything so well, I wonder why I feel sad when things fall apart in my life while in hers, things are hardly ever together.

13: Epiphany: A book that is haunting

I don’t know but for some reason I don’t have an answer to this question. I just can’t come up with anything.

14: Betty: A book couple that fills you with yearning

Percabeth…. Need I say more 😜!

15: Peace: A book character you’d die for because you love them so much

Leo Valdez for sure. I love this guy so much 💖💖, he deserves the best always because he has gone through a lot and he never fails to make me laugh. Ahh… If I could just meet him.

16: Hoax: A book you thought you were going to love but didn’t

The hype around The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins made me go into the first book with such high expectations that I was thoroughly disappointed. I enjoyed the first book a lot but I just didn’t love it like most people do. I learned something that day: Never, ever, have high expectations 😜.

I am not tagging anyone, I don’t know many Swifties on WordPress and I also feel like I am late in doing this.

That’s it then!! Thanks for reading. Let me know what your favorite song is from this album and what book it reminds you of. Stay safe. Ciao!!

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The First Glimpse of the Real World

Three little children lived in the longing of the outside world,
A world they hadn’t ever entered, but of which they had heard.
Beautiful images of the trees and flowers they had seen,
The pleasure of touching them is what they wanted to feel.

They had been confined within their home’s four walls,
They had neither seen the spring, nor the fall.
Their parents wouldn’t let them out; the windows were sealed, curtains were hung,
They had one excuse to give: Dears, you are just too young.

They had no visitors and they visited none,                                              
All they wished was to go out in the sun.
They lived with their family yet they felt alone,
They had a lot of things, but no televisions and not even phones.

They would dream of the vast oceans and seas,
Of basking under the sun and breathing in the warm breeze.
They would fantasize about evenings spent playing on slides and swings,
While looking at the sky and pointing out the beautiful birds flapping their wings.

“You would be let out at the age of 18,” their parents then promised,
This news got them excited but the long wait brought them sadness.
So one day, they found a way to open one of the windows, a window that opened wide.
That was the day those three children got the first glimpse of the world outside.

Their smiles vanished, their breath got caught and their eyes got wide,
They were indeed seeing the world in a whole new light.
They clutched tightly on the windowsill for support,
As what they saw shocked them to the core.

As far as their little eyes could see,
Buildings stretched in a never-endless sea.
Taller they seemed than the tallest skyscraper, with their tops obscured,
By the thick brown smoke that hung in the air, the air that didn’t look colorless anymore!

The few trees that they could see seemed to be on the verge of death,
With hardly any leaves, bent too low as if they had no survival strength.
The few people they could glance at looked like astronauts in space,
So protectively dressed, so not walking, but traveling, somehow, in the haze.

All of this the children witnessed in a second,
For the smoke in the air caught in their throats and they shut the window, coughing.
The reality of the world seemed to slap them in the face,
Little did they know, that 13 years ago, World War 5 had taken place!


This poem was my way of portraying what I think the world would look like 200 years from now. It would be so utterly destroyed that children would have to be shut in their homes. The air would be so polluted that people would have to wear heavy suits before leaving their homes. It wasn’t beauty that these little children had been kept away from, it was chaos!

What are your thoughts on this? Did you like my post? What do you think the world would look like 200 years from now. Let me know in the comments.

That’s it. Thanks for reading. Stay safe. Ciao!!

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20 Books of Summer 2020 Update (Many More Books I Read)

Hey Friends! Today, I will talking about the other books that I read due to this challenge.

I wasn’t planning to do any such post but I thought there were a lot of books to do the reviews of due to the 20 Books of Summer Challenge and so I decided this would be a fine way to talk about those books.

Note: I will be short in reviews for now, full reviews may come later.

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

Synopsis: This book is basically about the events that happened in an elevator to our main protagonist in a matter of 60 seconds. Will is going out to take revenge on the guy who murdered his brother- Shawn but on his way down he has some unexpected visitors.

Thoughts: I have to confess that this book was a little boring indeed but I really like the concept of this book and the idea and the messages that the author wanted to convey. It’s written in free verse and there were no apostrophes which made me a little confused but I found this book still a good story in general. Mainly I found the execution annoying but that was also what made the story good if that makes sense. The ending was awesome and that is what makes this book feel nice to me. This book ended brilliantly, leaving the readers hanging and pondering about what would happen next.

3.5/5 stars
Divergent by Veronica Roth

Synopsis: Tris lives in a society where the world is divided into various factions. Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), Erudite (the intelligent), and Candor (the honest). We follow our main character struggling to decide whether to stay in her old faction- Abnegation or to choose a different faction. Her choice can change her whole world.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this book so much that I couldn’t put this book down, but after finishing it I realized that it had a number of flaws, ranging from the characters being unrealistic at certain situations to the characters doing things that they were previously not that capable of. TBH, I mainly found the romance interesting but I also think that this was a fun book overall.

4.5/5 stars
Magnus Chase trilogy by Rick Riordan

Synopsis: Magnus Chase is a homeless guy living on the streets of Boston when one day he is reunited with his unpleasant uncle who informs him that his father is actually a Norse God.

Thoughts: I guess you will just have to take my word for it that this trilogy has much more to it than that stupid synopsis I wrote. But I tried to avoid spoilers. It has interesting characters, a fine plot and lots and lots of humor. The only thing I did not like that much was that the book ended a little too simply without many life-changing consequences. I just mean that the challenge was supposed to be really big but the characters were easily able to defeat the antagonist.

4/5 stars
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by  Douglas Adams

Synopsis: Arthur Dent (30-year-old or something) has a friend named Ford Prefect who informs him that he is an alien minutes before the earth is destroyed. I think they are rescued and then they go into space and have a lot of (mis)adventures. Sorry, this synopsis was kind of hard to frame😅!

Thoughts: It took me a little while to actually start to enjoy this book as it was a bit confusing and at times I felt that the events were exaggerated. Though I would admit that it was a really clever book and the story got progressively better.

3.5/5 stars
The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Synopsis: Teens in America, I guess, develop powerful new abilities and people think of them as dangerous. So they are sent to concentration camps where they are given poor treatment. Then one day, our protagonist, Ruby, somehow escapes them and joins three other kids like her. They travel searching for a safe haven for themselves.

Thoughts: Another book that took me a while to like. But when I did, it got super interesting. I guess the best part was the characters and how well their personalities were written. I fell in love with them so easily. I liked seeing these characters bond and I was definitely glad there was no “I am so ugly” female drama. The ending was the best part about it and it broke my heart.

4.5/5 stars

Total Books Read So Far: 14/20

Total Reviews Done So Far: 11/20

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have read any of these books and what you thought about them. Stay safe. Ciao😀!!