The Mystery Blogger Award

Hey Friends!! I am super excited to announce that I have been nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award!!

😄Balle Balle😄

First, I would like to thank dear Simran over @https://perseveroflife.wordpress.comfor nominating me. She is an awesome friend and you should definitely check out her posts. She writes encouraging stuff and is truly motivating. Thanks a gazillion again for nominating me dear Simran.

This award was created by Okoto Enigma. It’s an award for bloggers with ingenious posts who inspire and motivate, who find enjoyment in blogging, who are the best out there and deserve all the recognition they get. That’s what it says!

Here are the rules:

Put the logo of the award on your blog.                                                               •List the rules.                                             •Answer the questions asked.     •Thank the kind person who nominated you and leave a link to their wonderful blog.                                •Mention the creator of the award.        •Tell your readers 3 facts about yourself.                                                       •Nominate other 10-20 bloggers.            •Comment on your nominees’ blog to let them know that they have been nominated.                                                    •Give your nominees 5 questions to answer, with one funny question.         •Share a link to your best posts.

Three facts about me:

•I was inspired to read because of my elder sister, Sona di. She bought me my first ever novels.                                  •My best friend’s name is Ipsita who shares the same surname as mine and she is super cute and lovable.      •Ever heard of Fun Pops?? Man, I love to eat them so much.

Ipsita’s pic from our picnic in Feb

Answers to my dear nomintor’s questions:

Q: What is your dream in life?               A: I would love to be a writer or a journalist😅.

Q: What keeps you motivated in these difficult times?                                         A: The fact that they will end someday. And I keep myself busy by indulging in my hobbies, just try to be optimistic. It works!!

Q: Tell me that one quote which inspires you?                                                A: “Always be nice to people. Whatever how bad they are to you, to show them you are not like them.” I am pretty sure it was said by Louis Tomlinson, one of my favorite singers.

Q: Are you a story-teller or a story-listener?                                             A: A story listener. I love to listen to stories, be it novels or just a summary of an event or movie. It feels nice to listen to good stuff. Though, I would love to be a story teller.

Q:  Are you a tea person or a coffee person?                                                         A: I don’t drink tea, like, at all. I love cold coffee. Doesn’t even take me a minute to drain the mug😄.

One of my best posts is “It Will Hurt”. It’s pretty good, check it out, you’ll like it. You can find it here:

Here are my Nominees:

Ava Tripathy    

Aastha Kanwar  

Sonali Paikaray                    

Aahana Aggarwal.                          

Jan Paul                                                     

Bookshelf Life                                                                  Liahttp://    


Bookworm blogger 


And if it is allowed, I would like to nominate my nomintor, Simran.  

My Questions for my Nominees:

1: What inspired you to blog and how did you decide upon your content and can you recommend 3 other good bloggers (Sorry, that’s a lot in one question)?

2: What advice would you give to those bloggers who feel that they deserve more recognition?

3: What one song fits your current mood perfectly?

4: What Hogwarts House are you in (if you have ever taken any such quiz)?

5: Name a guilty pleasure (You can’t say you don’t have one).

If you have read this far, I applaud you. If you wanna be nominated, don’t feel shy and do let me know. I would love to know about more bloggers and would be more than happy to nominate you too.

Sorry if the points and all are not systematically arranged, IDK why WordPress is behaving like this.

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a great day. Ciao!!

By Nehal Jain

Welcome to my site where I talk about all things bookish and from time to time, put my writing skills to test.

38 replies on “The Mystery Blogger Award”

Hahahah. It might take me months because I kind of restrict my post to just my thoughts and what is going on with life. I have several other scheduled post right now and I blog once everymonth but I will surely find time for this.

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Dear Nehal… I feel so very very honoured by your nomination, this is the first Mystery Blogger award anyone has offered me. I love reading about you and I have just read some more of your older pieces, Wow…. you are super creative. Thank you so so much for finding my blog so I could also read yours… this award has made my morning very good-vibes indeed. I love reading your answers… I am much the same on all but the cold coffee though that one was my favourite to read hahaha. I love what you said about how to get through difficult times… very wise. Your questions are wonderful too. I will answer them here and now. hehehe

1: I was inspired to blog because I’d read a lot of blogs for too many years and all I really wanted to do was write one myself. I have several blogs now (would have been inconceivable to me back then, but that’s how it worked out, one flowed out of the other), this one was generated on a whim to combat some perceived behind-the-scenes harassment that I felt I was receiving via my other blogs. But it morphed into a place where I met wonderful blog-friends though… and now I still seem to mostly write love poetry on it and that’s because it brings me the most joy. :))

2: What advice would you give to those bloggers who feel that they deserve more recognition… I would say “be so good they can’t ignore you.” (that’s something I read somewhere don’t remember who or where). Also just be kind to others, as you say in your answers above. I am not good at social media or self-promoting or any of that… I mostly engaged with people who chose to engage with me. I’m pretty shy so I don’t reach out much but if someone reaches out to me I’m all over them lol!! 😜

3: What one song fits your current mood perfectly? This is going to sound all pretentious but in this exact moment it’s Débussy spring sonata (even though it’s summer here now) because there are birds chirping in the eaves of the roof and a breeze is blowing and it’s just magical being here on your blog. :))

4: What Hogwarts House are you in (if you have ever taken any such quiz)? Definitely Gryffindor!! No! I just did a quizz! They gave me Hufflepuff!!! Dang it. I still want Gryffindor. 😂

5: Name a guilty pleasure (You can’t say you don’t have one). It’s writing and reading poetry on WordPress. That’s the truth. :))

Thanks for this amazing fun. I’m awful about posting awards and rather than stresssing about it and not getting it done, this is the first time I decide to answer this way, I hope you enjoyed. 😁😁 I truly appreciate your gift of this award, and your time in reading my blog. Congrats to you as well, and Hugs!!! 🤗🎉🤗🎉🙌💕

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Hey Lia, firstly your reply melted my heart. I should tell you that your poetry is really deep and I feel like I need some of your good talent. You write some really amazing stuff and of course, you totally deserve this award.
Secondly, thanks a ton for replying and being so grateful. I am glad to make you so happy.
Man, your answers are great.
Your advice just touched my heart. Be so good that no one can ignore you! I Totally need to work on that.
Hufflepuff isn’t bad but that comment made me laugh so hard.
Be content with what you have, we all say that, none of us can actually do that.
And you are literally saying that reading poems on WordPress is your guilty pleasure!! Why?!
Why don’t you put your great answers in a post?
Thanks for answering. Love your answers. I will look forward to talking more with you.
Take Care, stay safe💖💖💖

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Awwww these words are so wonderful to hear, about my poetry… you have all that talent for sure, I believe you’re a lifetime or two younger than me as well… I appreciate your kind words so much. I don’t know about that quote I gave, it just came to mind when I read your question. It is no good to try to be “so good” if the trying prevents the doing of anything at all, that can happen too and did for me for years, I’m a recovering perfectionist haha. Main thing I guess is just write for fun, truly, very few will make money at this gig and if they do it shortly becomes work, so enjoy the fun stage… all that kind of stuff. Omg about hufflepuff, so cheesed on that hahah hopefully someone from Gryffindor will pull me over. 😆😆 I gave hedgehog as my spirit animal since it was the only vegetarian option maybe that screwed everthing up for me haha. And yes guilty pleasure well good question I guess because it’s my favourite thing to do and yet it earns no money or anything else useful to the family, not useful on the surface anyway. Of course the fact that it brings me pleasure benefits the family since I’m in a better mood though. Lol, just the usual artist’s struggle stuff. ;))) Good question why don’t I put it in a post I guess because I think doing it this way brings me more joy, that’s the simple version at least. Thank you once again, you take care too… and remember to take creative risks, especially ones that involve personal truths. :)) 😜😜🎉🎉🙌💋

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Hey, thanks a lot for those kind words. And yeah, not that you mention it, finding fun in such stuff is the most important, but that quote will still stick with me for while now. Glad to know you are vegetarian, so am I😄
And I guess you should be happy about writing here, if something that is not money can give you joy, that means it’s something really great. (Yeah, I am now pretending to be a poet and stuff🤣)

Why don’t you take quizzes on other websites, I guess you mightve taken a buzz feed quiz whose results aren’t accurate. If you still don’t get Gryffindor, remember was Harry said: The Sorting Hat takes your wish into consideration.
Personal truth could be kinda hard, thanks for the advice.
I am not a deep poet to be honest
Leave it I am not a poet at all
I just write sometimes what comes to mind and like most writers, words don’t flow out of me.
But I guess, I still sometimes do pretty fine.
Thanks for your meaningful comments, though. 😍😘

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Ah very cool to know all of that… and haha you were right it was buzzfeed, I just grabbed the top hit in my quick quizz search! Right on about what Harry said. Let’s go by that instead. And yes for sure, you do amazingly fine. 😍😍👌👌🙌

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Try some pottermore quizzes that actually have meaningful questions
Man, buzzfeed is the stupidest yet I find myself going back to it a lot. 🤣
Tell me what you get in other quizzes and maybe we will both be in the same house.
But I am kind of a Gryffindor with a sprinkle of Slytherin 😉


Hearty Congratulations on the award dear.
Sorry I got late to comment.I apologise.
Thank you so much for describing my blog in such an amazing manner.A Big Thank You to you for the love and support.
You have done fanatastic job.
You answered all the questions so nicely.
The quote that you shared is so amazing and inspiring.
You framed amazing questions.Good job.
Have a nice day.😊

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