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It Will Hurt!!

I can feel my face contort even before she is behind me. My breathing becomes loud and rapid. She is ruthless when it comes to that. I know she’ll be fast when she does it so as to end it soon. But it’s one of those times when being slow would be a hundred times better.

I wail silently as she sits behind me. “Please don’t,” I plead.
“Oh come on! It’s not like I’m biting you,” she snarls.

It’s about to happen! She’s going to do it! I stop breathing momentarily and close my eyes. It will hurt exceptionally badly! All I can do is pray for it to be over soon.

She pushes my head down with one hand. I can feel her other hand rising, coming into position. I bite my lip, stifling a scream as my mother brings the comb down mercilessly on my tangled hair.

I was right. It hurt, like a lot!!