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My Dad

Like the moon that shines
In the sky so bright,
In the darkest times
You give me light.

Like the stars that give
Bliss to the mind,
A power to relive
With you I find.

Like the sun that spreads
Its warmth on the world,
You lead me ahead
Saying- I am with you, my girl.

Like the clouds that rain
Upon the man wandering,
You take away my pain
And bestow upon me your blessing.

Like the trees that bear fruits
For the foolish and the wise alike,
You have sown the roots
That teach me about sacrifice.

You are the best father & that’s not an exaggeration,
When I am with you, I forget about the rest.
You have always been my biggest inspiration
And I will forever be in your debt.

Made by Nehal

Happy Father’s Day Papa

Love you Dad💝😍