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An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir (Book 3 of the 20 Books of Summer 2020 Challenge) #20booksofsummer20

Hey Guys!! Today I am doing a book review of An Ember In the Ashes which is the first book in this series by Sabaa Tahir. I finished this book today itself and here are my thoughts.

Synopsis: This book follows two storylines. One of the main characters is Laia- a Scholar girl who has lived in fear her whole life and the other is Elias- one of the Empire’s soldiers. When Laia’s house is raided and her brother is taken, she goes to take help from the Resistance. But they need a favor in return. A truly dangerous favor! They want her to disguise as a slave and spy on the Commondant- the cruel overseer of the Blackcliff Academy. It is the place where Masks are trained and the very same place from where Elias is planning to escape. But it’s a hard decision for him. When both the main characters meet, they discover that their fates and destinies are intertwined.

Writing Style: The writing was just enough to make me visualize whatever was happening without overdoing the descriptions. So it was well written.

Characters: The main characters are really good. I truly liked the character of Laia. You know when the main character of a book is not prefect and they make mistakes and you feel like you can relate, that’s how I felt reading about her. I love how the Commondant was portrayed truly vicious. All the other good and bad side characters were also written really well. Keenan is my favorite. Duh!!

Narration: So, I listened to the audiobook narrated by Aysha Kala and Jack Farrar. It is available on Storytel. At first, the narration seemed to be getting on my nerves. The way Aysha pronounced the letter s, with a hissing sound, was really frustrating. But as the story progressed, I forgot all about it and just found myself completely immersed in it.

Negative Views: I do not like where the love triangle is going. I would prefer Laia to be with the other guy. I prefer him over the one she is falling more for. Do you??

Also, I found it kind of frustrating when the main characters always blamed themselves for everything even when they did right, even when they were brave!

Still, these things didn’t bother me that much as I enjoyed the story as a whole.

Final Thoughts: Overall, I would give this book 4.3/5 stars for being such a great story. I will definitely pick up the sequel and see where the story goes. And I would also recommend this book to anyone else.

Thanks for reading. I hope this review actually helped. Let me know who your favorite character is. Do like and comment if you liked my review.😊