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The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan (Second Book of the 20 Books of Summer 2020 Challenge) #20booksofsummer20

Hey guys!! Today I am doing a review of Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse which is the third book in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. This is another book that I read in the first week of June. I wouldn’t have done this review but the rules of the 20 Books of Summer 2020 Challenge include doing a review of the books you read this summer. So, I decided to do this thingy. Let’s jump in.

Before anything else, I would like to say, or in this case, write that this is my reread of the PJO series. It was last year that I first read these books and this year I randomly decided to read them again. For fun. The first two books I would give 5/5 stars. I read this book within 24 hours which I think is a big achievement. I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back (*pats back*). It was almost as if I was reading this book at the speed of Blackjack. LOL. That wasn’t even funny. I’ll do the review.

I don’t even know if I should give a description of this book or the first book since it’s a non spoiler review as you might be spoiled by the description of this book for the entire series if you haven’t read the first two books yet but you won’t be spoiled for this book if you have read the first two books, but just in case you haven’t read the first two books, I won’t give a description of this book coz I don’t wanna spoil anyone. Long sentence. Phew. I just wrote it to make it seem funny which absolutely didn’t work. Sorry!

Percy Jackson discovers that he is a demigod/half-blood which here means that while his mother is a mortal, his dad’s a Greek God. Percy soon learns that there is a safe haven for children like him called Camp Half Blood. He goes there and learns sword fighting, battles monsters and saves the world in almost every book. And in this book, he faces the most dangerous challenge… yet. Something valuable has been taken away from him and a goddess, Artemis herself, has suffered due to trickery. Percy and his friends must go on a dangerous quest to save the goddess and rescue the something/someone important. I tried to make it as non spoilery as I could.

I literally couldn’t put this book down. Even after reading it before, it was almost as if I was reading it for the first time. I had really appreciated this book and it was one of my favourite from this series. I liked seeing Percy’s hardships as they could’ve been so relatable if I was in his place. It was also fun to see the characters having trouble with each other. There were a lot of new characters and all the little time that we spent with them made me really appreciate them. It was cool to be back at Camp Half Blood and find that it was actually protected this time.

And don’t even get me started on the hilariousness of this book. It cracked me up so hard that my family kept asking me why I was laughing. You see, this book’s title and cover doesn’t depict just how much humor it has within. I also really liked how simply and easily Rick Riordan is able to put life into his characters. The writing style is so dang good, like the descriptions about a person’s dress and face were just enough to create a fanart in my mind.

Now for the spoiler part- I LOOOOVED reading about Percabeth. They are just the cutest couple ever. Percy being so clumsy while dancing was really cute. All I wanted to read about was them finally meeting each other in the end. I felt really frustrated at how Thalia called Percy “Seaweed Brain” as they are Annabeth’s lines, but just like that, the fury was forgotten as the two finally became good friends. I also really liked how Luke was struggling to keep up with his decision about joining Kronos. At this point he really started to feel more like a toy rather than the villain. I did not like Annabeth having feelings for him but it was totally understandable as he had been a good friend until the time that he had fallen prey for Kronos. There is also something really strange. I like a particular character a lot and I think that he is not a character whom most people would like. You’d never guess who it is- Dionysus/Mr. D. YEAH!! I know. This is crazy. I just think he’s so cool and the way he helped them at San Francisco and called Percy by his right name was…. awesome, man. I also liked Apollo but I wasn’t much of a fan of him in The Trials of Apollo series. In this book though, he was just, well, Apollo and being Apollo definitely means something.

I really wish I could get Thalia’s style, those punk clothes would look so good on just about anyone. I also liked reading about Zoe and Thalia’s arguments and in the end at Zoe’s death, which was written really well, it was pretty nice to see them bonding. I liked the characters of Bianca and Nico as well, though I still think that abandoning your little brother would not have even been on my top 100000 to-do-list. Grover was getting really funny. I don’t know why but I think that all that falling for the Hunters thing and getting an obsession with Pan was really stupid yet funny. And the ending was perfect!

So, as is clear, I am giving this book 5/5 stars for being almost pitch-perfect. In the end, all I can say is- it was dam good. LOL!

Did you get that reference?🖕

Thanks for reading. Let me know who your favorite god is. Mine would be either Dionysus or Ares. Yeah!! Weird again. I know.

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The Baby’s Revenge

Olivia was taking her usual shortcuts to the local park. She preferred this route due to its quietness and felt at ease walking here for it was always almost empty. Dusk was descending upon the world and the air grew cold as the park appeared in her visibility lines. She was still walking when her eyes fell upon something quite out of the ordinary lying on the footpath. It was a naked baby. Its face looked contorted and its body was oddly shaped, quite imperfect for a human being. Each and every feature was seemed as if it was in some sort of incurable pain. They created the feeling that not just its body, but its soul itself was suffering. Olivia had never heard or seen anything so abominable and disturbing. Its screams wrenched and pierced her heart and involuntarily she stumbled backwards. She was hardly able to breathe. She knew that the baby was asking for help, but what could she do? It seemed beyond human repair. She was scared and its sight was enough to knock the wind out of her. She started to run back home. The baby’s screams multiplied as if its only hope was leaving it and then she reached the point where she couldn’t hear them any longer. She entered her home, panting and sweating, the shrieks of the inhumanly creature still echoing in her mind.

That night she tried to calm herself down and think about good things. But it hardly worked. She wished she had never encountered that creature. The memory was still so fresh in her mind that she was afraid she would have nightmares about it. She thought about the way it had looked at her and the image of its horrible body made her shudder. How could something so scary and repulsive even exist? In the end, she succeeded to force herself to sleep, only to be visited by the alien baby in her dreams.

The next day, when she woke up, she was in an irritable mood. She was almost on the verge of tears. The entire night she had spent watching as the baby’s face appeared in place of everyone else’s in her nightmare. Suddenly, her phone rang. She picked it up and got the happiest news she had ever received. She had won the award for The Most Beautiful Teenager in town. As soon as she heard it, she jumped out of bed and went to hug her parents. Her joy knew no bounds. The big smile that appeared on her face that day only beautified her pretty self and as she told all her friends about it, they couldn’t help but marvel at her achievement. And for a few happy days, she forgot about this distressing incident that had happened in her life.

The next week Olivia was dressed in her finest clothes to receive the award during the award ceremony. But just as she started walking up the aisle, she immediately knew that something was terribly wrong. Instead of applauds, she received gasps and horrified looks from the audience. Her pace slowed and her own smile vanished as she witnessed people pointing at her with stunned expressions. She looked down at herself and saw that her… that her body looked ghastly. Her hands and feet were no longer the same. They were huge and malformed. She touched her face and was shocked to find that her features felt misshapen in her hands. Her breathing became rapid and her heart pounded with disbelief. And suddenly, out of nowhere, she felt an immense pain so big and so cruelly hurting that her entire body seemed to suffer. “AaaaaaAAAAhhhhhHHH,” she screamed, but what came out wasn’t aaahhh. What issued from her mouth was a terrible, heart wrenching shriek. Her heart sank at the familiarity of the sound and fear washed over her. For a second, she stood quite still, eyes widening with shock. Then, all of a sudden, she was alone.

She was back in the quiet street that she took when she went to the park. There was no audience, no stage, nothing. She was walking and then she stopped upon seeing a shrivelled mass on the earth. It was squirming and twisting from side to side. Then it saw her and Olivia screamed. The thing that lay upon the ground was her. It was Olivia herself, badly shaped, weeping and shrieking those piercing screams that the baby had produced not days ago, looking at the real Olivia as if asking for help. And then Olivia was back in the award ceremony, and what stood in front of her was the naked baby. It seemed to be suspended in mid air and it was no longer writhing with pain. It was glaring at Olivia and its eyes were filled with hatred. It spoke in a deep, extremely slow voice dripping with venom, “You let me suffer. Now you will.” And with that it was gone in a flash of white light and Olivia found herself back in the present.

Instant pain engulfed her body, a pain so excruciatingly unbearable, that every body part seemed to scream for help. She felt a headache so terrible that her skull seemed to crack apart. Her limbs felt like they’d been pierced with hundreds of needles. Her eyes burned as if snake poison was dripping into them. Lead seemed to weigh down her shoulders and her feet seemed unable to support her weight. Each and every body part hurt with such a severity that if eyes could issue blood instead of tears, that is what would’ve happened. Olivia tried to call out for help but no matter how hard she tried to shout, the only thing that issued from her mouth were the same horribly familiar shrieking sounds that rang in her own ears. Nobody was there to help her. Nobody wanted to come and seek for her. She was now the most disgusting thing to look at on the whole earth. She didn’t know where her parents were and if they were searching for her. And as soon as she thought of them, the baby’s voice spoke in her head, “They don’t remember you anymore. No one remembers who you are anymore.” Olivia fell to the floor and stopped shrieking. For a moment she lay quite still, weeping and trying to calm her breathing. But staying still seemed to increase her agony and she started to thrash wildly on the floor, banging her hands and feet against the cold, hard ground. She prayed for the pain to stop and all of a sudden she realised what the baby had wanted from her after all, what she could have given to it to end its pain, for she too wanted the same thing now. And as she thought it, she also realised just how well the baby had planned its revenge. She wouldn’t get what she needed for she hadn’t given it to the baby either. It had suffered wishing for one simple thing that no one ever wanted, one simple thing that could have freed it from the terrible pain forever.

You see, the only thing that could stop her suffering and misery was DEATH and DEATH would not come for no one was there to give it to her.