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Boy Underwater by Adam Baron Non-Spoiler Review (1st Book of the 20 Books of Summer 2020 Challenge) #20booksofsummer20

Hey Guys!! Today I am doing a non-spoiler book review of Boy Underwater by Adam Baron- a book I read in the first week of June.

In this book, Cymbeline Igloo, our main character, decides to show people that he can swim. His mother has never actually taken him swimming before so when he does enter the pool, he humiliates himself by almost drowning and being rescued by a girl. His mother has a mental breakdown and she is hospitalized, leaving Cymbeline confused and sad. With the help of his friends, he tries to figure out what actually is the reason for all this. In the end, he does figure it out, of course, but the secret changes his life and existence.

This book is pretty funny and yet sad. The funny part is Cymbeline’s narration which is so child-like and made me smile many times. The innocence with which he handles his mom’s sudden disappearance and watching her in the hospital is the sad part. I was astonished at how the author wrote the entire story through a child’s perspective and made things sad in the simplest way. Cymbeline’s perspective made us feel for him but it was also fun watching him try to discover, with his new friends, the reason why his mom had never taken him swimming in the first place.   

I think what made this book good was the fact that small children know that something is wrong yet their little brains can’t wrap their minds around the trouble. They just know that this isn’t right yet they have no idea just how deep things can be. There were little odd surprises left toward the end of the book which were kind of weird at first but made perfect sense later. I liked the character of Veronic (sorry if the spelling is wrong, I listened to the audiobook). She was a good friend and really helped Cymbeline in figuring things out about his mom. Billy Lee (again, this could be not how it is spelled) was also a character that I really liked. Bradley wasn’t that good. The way thing fell apart between him and Cymbeline made me be like- BUT YOU’RE HIS BEST FRIEND, HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT ABOUT HIM? I was really frustrated at Cymbeline’s mom for leaving his child like that and going crazy. Well, sure, I can understand how she would’ve felt but you have to move on for the sake of your child. My personal favourite was Cymbeline. That boy just touched my heart with his innocence and the hilarious way he described things.

The ending was so weird. The way Vernoic asked him about a particular thing and then they started thinking about a year later, when they are grown up (that was as close to describing it without spoiling). I mean you don’t talk that way in real life. So, overall, this book deserves a 4.25/5 stars. I may change the rating later, but for now, this feels kinda right. I am giving close to 5 stars to many books these days which means I am avoiding disappointments which means reading is going great which means for now, the review is over.

That’s it. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have read this book. I think it deserves a read by more people. So check out this book and do let me know your thoughts about it.✌🏻