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20 Books of Summer 2020 Challenge (I am participating)😉

#20booksofsummer20 ✌🏻✌🏻

So basically, I am supposed to read 20 books from 1st June to 1st Sep. Easy Peasy. I still have a lot of figuring out what to do about the link and all but I decided to pick out those 20 books anyway. It is hosted by Cath @ 746books. The rules are pretty simple and lenient. Just read 20 or less books within this specific time. Wish me luck. It’s open for anyone who wishes to participate. Like me!! So these are my books:

Re read
Book 1- reread

Tell me, have you read any of these books??

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School Life- Best Life

Schools were fun
Online classes, we flunk.
Teachers were stern,
Nowadays, we don’t even learn.

Maths was boring,
In class, some were found snoring.
Some would be bunking,
Others would be silently cursing.

Most of the class was united,
Some always fighted.
None of us would be guided
From the knowledge that teachers provided.

The worst was morning assembly
Or maybe it was the first lesson- history.
One thing is still a mystery
What is KK & Grover sir’s chemistry?

Teachers’ punishments were a laugh,
We never actually made our crafts.
Stressed were the members of the staff
From the mischief we did from the bottom of our hearts.

Teachers act like they actually care
Until they separate friends with a stair,
Which is so not fair,
But like I said, they just don’t care.

Chemistry’s kinda illogical,
That’s why I barely passed its final.
The one thing we don’t miss about     the school cycle
Are the “few words” of the principal.

So, here’s a request,
Let’s forget about the rest,
And say- EAST OR WEST,