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A Haunted Adventure in Broad Daylight

Hey Guys!! This is Nehal. This is my very first blog. It’s a short story. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know your opinion about it and do share it with your friends☺☺.

That incident sends shivers down my spine when i think about it even now. It’s a miracle that a child should witness such a thing and live to tell the tale. Here is how it all happened. 

The day started normal enough. I was strolling down the street, making my way to my friend’s house to play. Yesterday she had come to my house so naturally, today was my turn to go. I was carrying a brand new deck of cards as she didn’t have any. Suddenly, I got distracted! My first mistake! I started to chase a beautiful butterfly and went completely in the wrong direction. It was very strange of me to lose my sense of direction like that but it was no ordinary butterfly. It was not just beautiful. It was inevitable! Beautiful in an unnatural, somewhat sinister yet fascinating way. Its sight made me lose my mind. I forgot where I was supposed to go and started to follow it, as if in a trance, all thought and reason vanishing from my brain. When I finally came back to my senses I found myself in a different place altogether!

I was standing outside a park located in a place I had never seen before. I peered inside, not a soul was there. I had no idea how much time I had spent chasing the butterfly, it was nowhere to be seen. I went inside the park looking for it, wanting to ask why it had brought me there. The idea seems crazy right now but then the butterfly wasn’t ordinary either. And then, I did the biggest mistake of my life- I stepped on the grass! The moment my shoe made contact with it, a loud, blood curdling, ear splitting sound rang painfully in my ears. I tried to drown it by covering my ears but it only got worse. Soon it was replaced by the sound of deadly laughter. The hair on the back of my neck prickled- it was coming from right behind me. Swallowing hard, I spun around and almost blacked out!

The person, if you could call that a person, was a woman with long, black swirling hair dressed not in clothes but what appeared to be black darkness swishing all around her. Hands raised in the air and feet above the ground, hollows instead of eyes and a thin line for lips, she radiated deadly power and all of a sudden I felt cold despite the heat of the day. I couldn’t take in what I was looking at. It wasn’t normal. It was terrifying!

The deck of cards fell from my hand and crashed into the ground. I started gasping for air. Fear and horror seemed to root me to the spot and my throat started to issue strange, scared noises of its own accord. Now, I would love to say that it was all just a bad dream and soon I woke up, but sadly it was not. I was afraid that soon the woman would surround me and death would soon be upon me, but the woman just stood there paralyzing me with her ghostly aura. Finally, she whispered, her voice cold, “LEAVE!” And that’s when I understood. This was her territory! I had invaded upon her land, I was a trespasser here. That one syllable had given me just enough power to think about escape. The door to the park stood right behind her. The longer I stayed there, waiting, the more dangerous the woman grew. I shut my eyes tight in deep concentration. And then, finally, I looked up at the mass of darkness in front of me. I ran straight into it!

As my body made contact with the woman’s, I felt a deep darkness pressing into me, revolving my entire body until I could move no more. I was a part of her now! I wanted to go away. I wanted to meet my parents and be greeted by their warm hugs. Instead, a cold, unearthly power was pushing into me, choking me. I wanted it to be over. And then, I took one step forward, stumbled and found myself back into the real world.

I was standing where I had first seen the butterfly. The park was gone! Miraculously, I somehow had the cards in my hand- a souvenir to remind me that it had been real, that… that incident. I wheeled around and fast as lightning, I sprinted back home, still gasping and thinking only how that terrible woman would now haunt my dreams forever.




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7 thoughts on “A Haunted Adventure in Broad Daylight

  1. Some amazing story abilities getting unravelled here! More power to you, little one. You are going to give writers a run for their money!

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